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Hartman Fund Changes

Today is the final day to purchase your tickets for the 2011 and the powers at be over at the Athletic Association have decided to shut down their website.  So if you are like me and forgot until today to renew your tickets you may be surprised when you try and go to and the site has been removed.  The new official sports site is  Hell of a day to make a switch but the IT department never asked my opinion.

From Hot Girls to Nuclear Reactors-Random Musings on a Rainy Day

I am stuck in a long boring meeting.  I wanted to share some random thoughts:

-A girl doesn’t have to be “pretty” in the classic sense to be “hot”.   Being hot is not as much about looks as it attitude.  Brittney Spears is hot.  She was hot in the early 2000s.  It when she in her trashy stage and hitting photographers with an umbrella and a buzz cut, she wasn’t hot.   You can be pretty and you can be hot, but you can be hot and not pretty.  Likewise a pretty girl doesn’t have to be hot.

-UGA football is nothing like NCST basketball.  SVP should know better than that. 

-I was a big NBA fan in the mid to late 1990s.  I was obviously a big Michael Jordan and Bulls fan.  But my second favorite team was the Jazz.  I loved when they tangled in the 97 and 98 Finals.   Big fan of Malone and Stockton.  Karl Malone was on Mike and Mike and I got to thinking.  Why was Malone called “The Mailman”? I know “he delivered” the ball to the basket, but I always thought that Stockton shoulbe the Mailman.  He is the all time leader in assists and he delivered the ball to Malone.  Just saying.

-I think both UGA football and the the Braves could be really good this year.  We’ll get to UGA football more later, but the Braves could be something special.  The pitching is there.  We finally have a power bat in Uggla.  Heyward, Prado, McCann are solid bats.  Chipper seems to be rehabbing nicely and Freddy Freeman should come along as well.  Call me nuts but I think the wild card is going to be Nate McLouth.  If Nate can get past his struggles, the one two punch of him and Prado at the top of the order will give you two good baserunners on for Chipper, Uggla, McCann and Heyward.  The closer we get to tomorrow, the more I like this ball club. 

-And finally, I heard on the radio that some of the radioactive material from Japan made it Alabama.  Don’t worry, some nuclear residue might actually be good for them.  Turn them back to normal…

That’s all, need to pay attention now.


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday

Mom and sis are heading to New York City for a few days. I’ve never been, really don’t have a desire to go unless the Braves play the Yankees in the World Series and someone gives me tickets and a plane. But the women of my family enjoy a trip to the Big Apple from time to time, and that’s good for them. I hope their upcoming visit is as nice as one of Lewis’ trips to the city.

A Funny Thing Happened In New York 

A funny thing happened to me in New York during my recent visit. Everybody was nice to me. 

I told a friend back home. 

“That’s impossible,” he said. “You might occasionally meet somebody who is nice to you when you visit New York, but not everybody.” 

Most people who don’t live in New York think of it as the home office for obnoxious behavior. 

“Never forget one time when I was in New York,” a guy told me. “Went up to this fellow selling papers and asked if he could give me directions to the St. Regis Hotel. 

“He looked at me and said, `Outta here. I don’t know nuttin’ about nuttin.’ ” 

But perhaps New York is changing. Perhaps the Big Apple, or the people who live and work there, are reaching out to us now, saying they are sorry for treating us so badly before. Even the cabbies are nice 

I probably took six cab rides during my visit. Not a single driver refused to speak nor grunted in disgust at the size of his tip. 

I even had a driver to indulge in a bit of pleasant conversation. He said, “Cold enough for you?” 

I replied, “It’s cold as a witch’s . . . ” 

Well, my reply was quite cordial and when I told the driver to keep the change after I handed him three ones for a $2.20 fare, he actually said, “Thanks a lot, and have a nice day.” 

These are the mean streets of New York? 

I went into a restaurant for lunch. I ordered a beer. I expressly told the waiter not to pour my beer into a glass. I prefer my beer out of the bottle or can. 

The waiter forgot and poured my beer into a glass anyway. 

“I didn’t want the beer in a glass,” I said. 

“I’m sorry, sir,” said the waiter. “I forgot. Allow me to bring you another beer, and you will not have to pay for the first one. It was my fault.” 

You sure you’re not in another city, I asked myself? Didn’t sneer at my clothes 

I was looking for a restaurant in which to have dinner. The cabbie couldn’t find the restaurant. 

I got out of the cab and asked a pedestrian if he knew where the restaurant was. 

He politely told me where the restaurant was located and, recognizing I was a visitor, said, “Have a nice stay in the city.” 

This couldn’t be happening. 

I went into the restaurant. The coat check lady smiled when I checked my coat. The maitre d’ was very pleasant in showing me tomy table, and didn’t sneer at my clothes. 

The waiter served dinner with a smile. 

I finished my meal, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out the appropriate cash to pay the check. 

As I stood outside the restaurant trying to hail another cab, the waiter tapped me on the shoulder. 

“Sir,” he said, ” I think you dropped this out of your pocket when you were paying your check.” 

It was a five-dollar bill. I was shocked. I told him to keep the five to go with his tip. He refused. 

I thanked the waiter and got into my cab and went back to my hotel room. Somebody had turned my bed down and there was a piece of chocolate candy on the pillow. 

For the first time ever, I slept with the lights off in New York.

Lewis Grizzard

A Fair Comparison?

Listening to the SVP show, the question was asked “Is NC State basketball comparable to UGA football?” First thought was ouch. But then again….

What say you?

Dukes of Hazzard Meets Mayberry Meets Twiggs County

I really didn’t have a good title for this post. And I really have nothing to add. You’ll just have to read it yourself. Good work, Twiggers. Don’t mess with rural cops, lawyers or judges. You’ll always “be had” in the end.


One Good Pick

March means madness, and this year’s tourney has been one for the ages. Everyone fills out brackets and talks as if they know what on earth they’re talking about. Then, after the first weekend, everyone who tries to sound smart ends up looking foolish. After the second weekend, 99% of Americans are left to just enjoy basketball, having their brackets blown to the heavens. Your humble author is in the 1% eagerly awaiting the Final 4 anticipating a big pay day.

I want to use this space to air some grievances temporarily, while rubbing some salt in the wounds of you silly Duke fans who persistently think this overrated squad will win the tourney each and every year.

First, the thing that drove me crazier than any other comment in late February and early March was the constant “fact” that UConn would be tired from their Big East tourney run. For all of you who said this, COME ON! Think back to when you were 18-20. You were never tired. Now that we’re all old and washed up, we get tired just watching a game. But when you’re a bright-eyed youthful athlete you don’t get tired. Adrenaline fuels you, excitement pushes you, and you just go with it. I could do things at 20 that I couldn’t dream of now. Thus, I picked UConn and my man Kemba Walker to win it all, fully confident that they would, in fact, make it all the way. This One Good Pick has rocketed me to the top of the leaderboard in every pool I have entered. While everyone else picked Kansas, Duke, Ohio State and Pitt to meet in an all-chalk Final Four, yours truly knew that this wouldn’t happen. Sure, I picked Kansas to join them, and I didn’t foresee Pitt making the early exit they made, but I never once bought in to UConn being tired and not being able to play basketball for three more weekends in March.

I will admit, UConn is my only Final 4 team left. But that doesn’t matter, because March Madness is all about relativity, and my single Final 4 pick is relatively better than your o-fer.

To you Dukies out there-yes, you Royal Dawg, I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. Did you really think that Duke would make enough 3 pointers to get past the Sweet 16? Duke gets all the love, all the time, and perennially let the “crazies” down. I only wish my boys from Connecticut had gotten the chance to beat them, but the conservatives from Arizona handled the task nicely. Kansas let me down…I thought they had the makings to go all the way to Texas, and they almost did. I wasn’t surprised when Ohio State lost (I picked UK correctly there.) I actually had Pitt and Florida playing, with Florida winning that match. I was one of the many who underestimated Butler again, but I don’t mind losing a few points in a bracket to watch Florida lose to a Bulldog. Too bad it’s another breed of Bulldogs who can beat them. I can’t say enough good things about VCU. I was one of the 68 team haters, and I was wrong. VCU played poorly down the stretch, but have gotten white-hot in March and thoroughly deserve to be where they are today. To knock off KU the way they did is awesome. I can’t wait to watch the Butler-VCU game.

We have, in my opinion, a great Final 4. Two traditional powerhouses and two “Cinderella’s” facing each other for a chance to cut down the nets. That’s what makes March so great.

So, after all the rambling, I get back to my initial point. One Good Pick can make all the difference in the world during March Madness. Brackets are as bad as I can remember, with all the chalk losing so early. I stuck with my heart with UConn, and with a victory over UK this weekend I am in line for a big payday simply because I picked one team correctly. My bracket as a whole is nothing to be proud of, but compared to yours it smells like money.

Have a great rainy Monday.


p.s. I fully expect UConn to let me down now that I am in a position to win it all. But I’ll bask in the limelight for a week anyway while I still have a dog in the hunt next weekend.

Ralph Nader, You Are A Fool

We are visiting my in-laws in SOWEGA this weekend, and are soon to eat lunch at Blackbeards on Slappey. A condition of this free lunch was to get drug to furniture shop with my wife and mother-in-law. It was that or a PB&J sandwich and dealing with my father-in-law’s goats. I hate goats, so needless to say I have found a comfy couch in the back of the store.

I meant to do something on this yesterday, but ran out of time. The Senator touched on this,also. Ralph Nader wants to abolish athletic scholarships (can’t get the link).

Nader thinks that these schools and agents are taking advantage of these kids during their recruitment and playing days. I can’t recall the article verbatim, but that is the general gist.

That is so dumb. There are seedy cases like Cam Newton and Tyrell Pyror. But by and large, athletic scholarships give kids an opportunity to improve their lives.

I would say there are a lot of guys on D-I Football who wouldn’t get an opportunity at higher education if it wasn’t for the athletic scholarship. These guys might not have the financial or academic means to attend college if it were not for their athletic ability. Why would an uber liberal like Nader not want to see young men get the best opportunity to make themselves better?

Some folks, like an Odell Thurman, can’t be helped. But there are some who can, at the very least, become college graduates.

And we tend to have a lot of attention to men’s football and basketball, but is Nader considering the Olympic sports?

Yes, there are seedy participants in college athletics. From corrupt coaches (Tressell), to corrupt parents (Newton) to seedy agents, there are legitimate problems. These problems are magnified when the governing body charged with the oversight-the NCAA-has inconsistent penalties and ambigous rules.

I don’t know how many athletic scholarships in D-I, D-II, D-III, NAIA or Junior College are given out. But it seems like quite a knee jerk reaction want to punish thousands of kids and prevent them from possibly having an opportunity to better themselves just because there are a few seedy situations.

Ralph Nader needs to shut up.


Say Goodbye to the Sweater Vest

I just can’t foresee this ending well for Corbin’s favorite coach, Jim “Sweater Vest” Tressel. As the lies build up, the picture gets bleaker for The Ohio State University.

For the first time in years the most overrated team in America won’t open up as favorites to make the MNC game. I hate to find happiness in others misery, but I just can’t help myself.

Have a wonderful, pollinated weekend.


North Campus tailgating restrictions eased up

If you tailgate on North Campus, here is a bit of good news, as North Campus tailgating restrictions have been eased back.

In short, you can now on North Campus bring tables up to six feet long, bring tents and tailgate up to five hours before kickoff.

We’ll have more on this later in the day…

It Is Not That Big Of A Deal

Admittedly, I am a Mark Richt guy.  He is a helluva ball coach, and I think he deserves some chances to turn around the program that he helped bring back to prominence.  If he can’t he will be dealt with accordingly.   I am certainly the most consistent Richt supporter on The Grit Tree, and though at times my paitence has been tested this past season, I still deep down want Coach Richt to lead us to the promise land of college football.

 And we all know that he is genuine, good human being.  That is widely known.   So it was no surprise to people that follow Georgia football closely to hear that Coach Richt went above and beyond to make sure the UGA Pro Day wasn’t a complete failure. 

That is good.  But so what?  Not trying to be snarky here, but what else would he do?  He has media, scouts and former NFL bound players all around.  Do you really think he would put them out in the proverbial cold?  A stone cold jerk like Nick Saban, or a scum bag like Urban Meyer, or a lunatic like Les Miles, or a lying cheater like Jim Tressell would do the exact same thing. 

It would be a PR nightmare if Coach Richt just said, “Sorry A.J., Kris.  But you are on your own-especially you A.J.  You wouldn’t be in this dadgum mess if you stayed another year.  You seem to be good on Facebook, why don’t you just talk to the scouts via Facebook message.  And Kris, we both know you are going to coach middle school football one day…don’t bother wasting everyones time.  They are just here to see A.J.  So, I am going to go in my new $40 million office to play Free Cell, and watch the Auburn Blackout game highlights on Youtube all afternoon.  Richt out, holla back at your boy. ”    No, he wouldn’t say that.  No one would. 

So, it is great Coach Richt came to save the day, but unless I am missing something,  this is not something extraordinary.  Anyone would have done it.