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Bulldog Tour Notes: Evil Richt Came To Macon

I  attended the Macon Bulldog Club meeting yesterday evening and got to hear the Marks talk about their respective programs.  

It was at the beautiful Walnut Creek Shooting Preserve in Jones County.  Great weather, plenty of folks decked out in their Red and Black, a couple of cold beers and some BBQ made it feel like the fall and the Dawgs were about to tee it up Between the Hedges!

Good crowd...but not as full as last year.

Last year when I went, highlights from the 2008 season were playing, because as Coach Richt said, “There weren’t too many highlights to show from this previous season (2009).”  Funny guy.  So, since 2010 was worse than 2009, I wondered what would be playing.  Well, we were treated to watching some of Munson’s greatest calls, and one game’s highlights that came up was the 2004 LSU game.  Ah, those were the days. 

It was a fun time.   If you read the blog yesterday, I said how boring Coach Richt is.  He doesn’t offer too many zingers.  Well I was wrong.

First, Coach Fox spoke for just a few minutes.  He didn’t offer up anything really insightful, but when someone asked him if we were still recruiting someone whose name escapes me, he said that if you were 6’11” and weren’t signed, odds are UGA was going to recruit you.   He told a funny joke and went back to his Fincher’s BBQ. 

Coach Richt was next, and received a surprising standing ovation.  He spoke about the Dream Team and how excited he was about the competition in the spring.  He specifically praised Kwame Geathers. 

All black...Evil Richt in da house!

Then it got interesting.

Coach Richt took questions from the crowd, and the first one was the only hostile question.  I couldn’t hear it well, but the guy was talking about the poor offensive play calling in the redzone, asked why couldn’t we run the ball better, and something to the effect of why isn’t Robert Edwards coaching the running backs.

Now, Coach Richt took all this in stride and tried to respond.  But they guy kept interrupting and ranting.  We got it.  He had some valid points, but was being a jerk about it.   He kept going on, and on and on and on (just like that!).  Finally, Coach Richt snapped.  I am paraphrasing, but he said something like this: 

I have been coaching football for 25 years and I know what the hell I am doing.  I haven’t forgotten how to coach…When we had Knowshon, we were pretty successful running the ball then, right?  Bryan McClendon is a hell of a coach and a hell of a recruiter and I am  glad we have him.”

The crowd erupted in applause. 

Wow.  Not only did he snap, but he said the “h” word 3 times.  He wasn’t done.  He kind of rambled when addressing another question and went back to this topic:

“When we were at Florida State, we ran out of the shotgun and ran no huddle.  Opposing defenses said we were soft as hell, but we scored some points.  There are lots of different ways to score.”

Dern, coach.  Now, I wrestled with some journalism integrity.  Coach Richt later apologized to the guy and thanked him for his passion.  He said he didn’t mean to say “h-e-double hockey sticks” (yes, he really spelled it out).  He asked the media members not to report that, to do him a favor and report that he said “heck”.  He said he didn’t want to catch grief from his Sunday School class.  He then said that he probably doesn’t know what the heck he is doing sometimes.

But I am not a journalist, just some anonymous internet hack blogger, and I thought it was funny as h-e-double hockey sticks.  I wanted to share.

A couple of other notes:

*He was asked who he thought was UGA’s biggest Rival:  He said in terms of historical significance, and in state implications, he would say Georgia Tech.  But he doesn’t much care for Florida, Auburn or South Carolina.  In fact, he said he doesn’t like any of them.  But I gathered he thinks Tech is the biggest rival.  Interesting. 

* A kid asked him what position gave him the most concern.  After some thought, he said running backs.   I was surprised, but he later said that he was frustrated with the running backs because they have been here a while and have not yet to separate themselves.  Interesting comments. 

 All in all, a GREAT night that just made me wish September 3rd would get here sooner.  Go Dawgs!



Coach Richt Channeling His Inner Ole Ball Coach

One thing  you have to love about Coach Spurrier, he always lets you know what is on his mind. 

 He is an ass, knows it, and enjoys it. 

Some of the best comments that Spurrier has had recently are aimed to his often maligned quarterback, Stephen Garcia.  My favorite, and I can’t find the exact quote, had to do with some quarterbacks work hard in the summer and some drink beer.  Great stuff. 

Normally, Mark Richt is very stoic.  I went to the Bulldog Club meeting last year in Macon, and am going tonight, to hear Coaches Richt and Fox speak.  Coach Richt was boring.  I love him, want him to be the coach here forever, but he was boring.  He doesn’t give zingers or one liners like Spurrier.  In a lot of ways, that is a good thing.  But in some ways, you get tired of the “dadgum, gee golly willickers” all the time.

But for a coach who could probably write for Lassie to get out of character and send candid, brutally honest barbs to himself and Washaun Ealey tell me a few things:

1.  Washaun Ealey is really pissing Coach Richt off.

2.  The last few seasons have pissed Coach Richt off.

3.  Coach Richt knows the fans are pissed off,  is no longer giving them “coachspeak”, but rather telling it like it is.   

4.  I am more and more convinced Ealey has played his last (signifigant) down at the University of Georgia.

5.  If this public shame doesn’t motivate Ealey (and the rest of the team), there is nothing else that can.  


Sending our thoughts

It’s easy to get caught up in stuff like defensive schemes and offensive playcalling at times.

But right now, we at TGT would like to offer our most sincere thoughts and prayers for those who sustained damage or lost loved ones in yesterday/last night’s tornadoes.

We may disagree on college football here in the south, but if there is a good to come out of this, it’s that all of us, whether we’re a Bulldog, Yellow Jacket, Crimson Tide or Tiger, pull together to help one another in times of damage and adversity.

At Least They Have The Bulls

I noticed something right off the bat when I read this story in anticipation for the NFL Draft.  No, it isn’t how dumb the Panters are if they draft Cam Newton. 

The top 4 contenders to be picked #1 overall are all from the SEC.  In your face Jim Tressell and all you holier than thou Big 10 people. 


The Ginja Ninja Strikes At Night-Part II

During the 2009 football season, Joe Cox seemed to always play better in the night games rather than the day games.   4/5 of Georgia’s losses were Day Games-Oklahoma State, Tennessee, LSU and Florida.  The only night game that UGA lost was the Kentucky game.   Joe Cox was erratic, at times making beautiful throws, while at other times being a turnover machine-and having a -11 turnover margin in 2009 was a major reason why the team went 8-5.  But something about playing at night seemed to make Joe play better.

It must be a Ginger thing, beause there is another red head that does better at night.  Tommy Hanson.

In Hanson’s 5 appearnces this season, he is 2-3.  In his 3 afternoon starts, Hanson is 0-3 with a 5.78 ERA and 12 Ks.  In his 2 night starts, he is 2-0 with a 0.688 ERA and 12 Ks.  During the day, opponents are batting .315 compared to .149 at night. 

Hanson is the Braves’ starting pitcher this afternoon in San Deigo.  Hang on, it could be a bumpy ride for the Ginger.  We’ll see if he can reverse his trend today.


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday: Airplane Safety

Just like we’ve fallen asleep here on the blog, many air traffic controllers across the country have been getting in trouble for taking naps.  Lewis hated flying and all this talk about napping controllers probably would not have sat too well with him.

Excuse Me, I Have A Plane To Catch

As soon as I finish writing this, I have to catch an evening flight to the West Coast. It’s a Delta flight. 

I probably wouldn’t go if I didn’t have to. The chances of another accident involving Delta two days after that awful crash at Dallas-Fort Worth are slim, indeed, but if you read the gory details of Friday’s mishap you can understand why I’m nervous about the flight. 

We’ve all been there before. The plane is landing in rain and thunder and lightning and it is bouncing all over the skies, but we remind ourselves if flying wasn’t safe, the people in the cockpit wouldn’t do it as a full-time job. But something can go wrong and something does go wrong occasionally and when an airplane crashes, when there are explosions and fire, when there are charred bodies and dismembered bodies, the horror is magnified a thousandfold. 

I will always remember a picture I saw on a private pilot’s wall once. It was a picture of an airplane in a tree. The airplane had crashed headlong into the tree. 

FAA needs new rule 

Under the picture were these words: 

“Aviation itself is inherently safe, but in many ways it can be less forgiving of human error than the sea.” 

Human error did cause the crash in Dallas-Fort Worth. It was human error that somebody hasn’t determined how to detect wind shear around an airport. 

My God, we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t find a way to detect wind shear, which has caused countless air tragedies? 

It was human error that the plane was landing in the violent thunderstorms in the first place. I know we have all that sophisticated radar and that computers do most of the flying these days anyway, but why doesn’t the FAA make a rule that says, thou shalt not try to land or take off in weather that has the potential to cause a plane to crash. 

So my plane takes off late. So my plane is diverted to another airport to land. I can handle it. I can handle it. The usual reference to the “charred bodies” after an air disaster allows me to accept the aforementioned inconveniences. 

Not safe enough 

I don’t believe in that “if it’s your time to go, there’s nothing you can do about it” nonsense. 

You can buckle your seat belt when you ride in a car. That’s controlling your destiny. You can refrain from driving when you are drunk or riding with a drunk who is driving. 

You can put fire alarms in your house. You can get checkups for cancer. You can go to the hospital and doctors will insert a catheter into your heart to find out whether or not you are a likely candidate for a heart attack. 

And you can say to the government and to the airlines you are well aware of the brilliant safety record of American passenger carriers, but that won’t comfort the friends and relatives of those who died in the Air Florida plunge into the icy Potomac because of snow on the wings, who died in the Pan Am crash in New Orleans because of wind shear, and those who perished in Friday’s Delta crash again because of wind shear. 

Air travel is safe, but I want it safer. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have a plane to catch.

Congratulations to Mrs. Corbindawg

I would like use this space to give a shout out to my wife.  She found out yesterday that the was voted as “Teacher of the Year” at her school.  I am VERY proud of her and this honor.  Teachers are under paid and have to put up with a lot of crap from all different directions.  I know it is great vindication to get such an honor that shows that other people recognized your hard work.

Way to go!