It Is Not That Big Of A Deal

Admittedly, I am a Mark Richt guy.  He is a helluva ball coach, and I think he deserves some chances to turn around the program that he helped bring back to prominence.  If he can’t he will be dealt with accordingly.   I am certainly the most consistent Richt supporter on The Grit Tree, and though at times my paitence has been tested this past season, I still deep down want Coach Richt to lead us to the promise land of college football.

 And we all know that he is genuine, good human being.  That is widely known.   So it was no surprise to people that follow Georgia football closely to hear that Coach Richt went above and beyond to make sure the UGA Pro Day wasn’t a complete failure. 

That is good.  But so what?  Not trying to be snarky here, but what else would he do?  He has media, scouts and former NFL bound players all around.  Do you really think he would put them out in the proverbial cold?  A stone cold jerk like Nick Saban, or a scum bag like Urban Meyer, or a lunatic like Les Miles, or a lying cheater like Jim Tressell would do the exact same thing. 

It would be a PR nightmare if Coach Richt just said, “Sorry A.J., Kris.  But you are on your own-especially you A.J.  You wouldn’t be in this dadgum mess if you stayed another year.  You seem to be good on Facebook, why don’t you just talk to the scouts via Facebook message.  And Kris, we both know you are going to coach middle school football one day…don’t bother wasting everyones time.  They are just here to see A.J.  So, I am going to go in my new $40 million office to play Free Cell, and watch the Auburn Blackout game highlights on Youtube all afternoon.  Richt out, holla back at your boy. ”    No, he wouldn’t say that.  No one would. 

So, it is great Coach Richt came to save the day, but unless I am missing something,  this is not something extraordinary.  Anyone would have done it. 


3 Responses to “It Is Not That Big Of A Deal”

  1. 1 Granite March 24, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Since you used a “dadgum” reference I’d think Bobby Bowden would say at least part of that.

  2. 2 Bernie March 24, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    That George Whitfield guy has been around the block a few times and he seemed to think many college coaches would not have been nearly as involved. (Asked how many college coaches would devote time and energy to make such a thing a reality, Whitfield replied, “I don’t know of any – or too many, I should say.”)

    I agree that it’s not really too big of a deal. But it’s still a credit to Richt that he’s that invested in all of his kids’ success.

  3. 3 Corbindawg March 24, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Maybe I take it for granted just how good a guy Mark Richt is.

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