The question has come up “Why do you call your blog The Grit Tree?”

The answer is simple, yet complex. When we were first tossing out the idea of creating a blog, we knew that one of our first obstacles would be to come up with a name. We knew we wanted a southern theme, and our collective thoughts immediately turned to a true Southern idol, Lewis Grizzard. So we started brainstorming from there.

As we talked, our disdain for yankees came up several times. The silly questions yankees ask, like “do peanuts grow on trees?” and other absurdities truly provide entertaining moments for those of  us lucky enough to be born and bred in the great South.

We narrowed our selection of names down to several, but the one we liked the best was The Grit Tree. It’s obviously derived from Lewis’ “Don’t Sit Under the Grits Tree with Anyone But Me” and fits with our theme of UGA football, BBQ, and all other things southern. We talked, then unanimously decided upon the new name.

That is how our blog, The Grit Tree, came to be.

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