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Gators in Meltdown!

Saturday December 26-Florida coach Urban Meyer resigns due to health problems.

Sunday December 27-Urban Meyer sighting a “change of heart” after being with the team will take a “leave of absence” and not resign.

Thursday December 30-Urban Meyer’s 911 call is released.  Meyer misled the media in saying he “checked himself” into the hospital after the SEC title game when in fact his wife Shelley called 911.   Meyer was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Friday December 31-Five star prospect Matt Elam switches his committment from Florida to Florida State.

Ah, the gifts just keep on coming!!!!!!


Chavis will remain at LSU.

According to Mike Scarbourgh with, John Chavis has turned down overtures from UGA and will remain at LSU.  It appears that UGA is now being used for leverage for salary increases.


Mike Leach Tribute

We here at TGT are big fans of the Good Doctor, Mike Leach.  He got jobbed by Texas Tech.  This “controversy” popped up at the right time, as I feel they were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him.  He is the school’s winningest coach (and has beat Oklahoma 2 out of 3 years!)  The Senator put it best when it comes to the new found morality of the university administration. 

But regardless of how you feel about this situation, you can agree that Mike Leach was one entertaining character.  To close out 2009 with all the other “Best Of” List, we present to you the Best of Mike Leach.

I wonder if Adam James had a fat little girlfriend also…

The Good Doctor Update

The WWL is reporting that Texas Tech has fired Coach Mike Leach today. This comes 1 day shy of Leach recieving $800,000 from TT if he was the coach on December 31.

Honestly, this is busch league to me and smells mighty bad. I’m disappointed in how this has been handled by Texas Tech. I wish Coach Leach the best. You’re probably better off coach.

Richt Prepared to Offer Chavis

According to ESPN’s Chris Low, UGA head coach Mark Richt is prepared to make a run at John Chavis with a substantial sum to boot.  Richt is willing to offer a 3 year deal at $600,000 annually.  Don’t know if UGA will land Chavis or not, but Chavis would be a status quo hire of a program in dire need of some edge.


The Good Doctor

As I told corbindawg last night, if there’s one positive that has emerged from this Mike Leach soap opera, it’s that the World Wide Leader has given the Urban Meyer story a rest. That said….

Mike Leach has been one of my favorite characters in America for quite some time. Because of this crazy guy, I follow Texas Tech football as closely as any program outside the SEC. This guy is more interesting than the Dos Equis fella. From pirates to law, he’s interested in it all. How can you not like him?

This story has spelled trouble for Leach since it broke. First of all, his relationship with TT has been rocky since last year, so it’s not like it was Pete Carroll doing something like this. The biggest misfortune for Leach here is that it involves the son of an ESPN analyst.

Let me preface by saying this: It is the duty of a college football coach to take care of his players. He essentially has to play the role of a father to these kids. CMR and CRG do it best. These kids are away from home and feeling their way through college. Yes, Leach is a different character than my dad (and probably yours) so the way he handles things is “odd” sometimes. But he does have the responsibility of making sure that each of his players is well taken care of, goes to class, and is given every opportunity to succeed.

That being said, I think there is some undue pressure being put on Leach here. Honestly, to me it sounds like Daddy James is trying to get Coach fired. I may be way off base, but it’s no small secret that Adam and Daddy have had their feelings hurt a couple of times by Leach and the coaching staff. Now, I know that Craig James has played football on every level and knows what it’s like to be treated with “tough love.” But I also think that he may be over-stepping his boundaries a little here. Keep in mind, I don’t know the full story as to what happened, all I know is that Adam was put inside a dark shed for a few hours because he had a concussion. Not saying that I’d want my kid to do that either, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.

I didn’t play football after high school. Wasn’t quite big enough, a little way too slow, and frankly I wanted to go to UGA instead of some small school where I MAY could have sat on the sidelines as a backup long-snapper or something. (Truth be told, I didn’t even work hard enough to do that. Football was a 4 year thing for me.) I was an undersized offensive lineman on a team that went something like 15-26 while I was there. College football wasn’t really ever on my radar. Ok, it was never on my radar. However, I do know a little about “tough love” on the football field.

On to my point…Stuff happens on a football field and in a locker room that soccer moms would freak out about. Boys are yelled at and talked down to, nasty words are often said, and you’re tested to the limits of your physicality. I remember one time I had pulled a muscle in my lower back because I played “too high” against a guy that was a lot bigger and stronger than me. It was summer workouts and HOT. Mid-morning and already 95 degrees. If you’ve ever had a pulled back muscle, you know how bad it hurts to run, much less play football. But I toughed it out. At the end of workouts the following day we had to run gassers. The first time through I made it in just under the clock. The next time, I didn’t. So we ran them again. Same result 2 more times. I was fighting back tears by this point because I hurt so bad. My fellow linemen knew I was hurting and trying, but Coach was trying to teach us a lesson I guess. So, my name gets called to step out and run one by myself. If I don’t come in under the clock, the whole team gets to run some more. By an act of God, I made the run. At this point I am crying, the only time in my life I can remember crying due to pain. But I made it. Still don’t know how, but I did.

I never even told my dad about that experience. Didn’t think anything of it. It’s football, and that’s what you have to do sometimes. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s life. Same thing pledging a fraternity or joining a society. You have to do things you may not otherwise do, but the end is worth the means. To me, Adam James is being a little brat. I don’t think there was any physical harm done to him; he just had to do something he didn’t think he needed to do so he ran to tell Daddy. So Daddy gets on his TV station and talks about being a dad and his top priority is to protect his son and make sure they don’t have to do some things that Coach may feel necessary.

Here’s the thing: This isn’t new for Mike Leach. It wasn’t new for Kansas Coach Mangino when he yelled at players and said mean stuff to them. It wasn’t new when Erk grabbed a player by the face mask and head-butted him. It happens. When Texas Tech was #2 in the country Mike Leach was the Evil Genius. Now that they’ve come back down to reality, he’s just evil.

Many of you have been put in situations before as a young man that your parents would freak out about. But being a man, you didn’t tell them. You took your medicine and went on. If you didn’t like it, you quit whatever it was, whether it was a football team or a fraternity or whatever. You’ve got that choice. Adam Jones could have simply said “I’m not doing this.” He played 3 seasons under Leach already and hasn’t had a problem. All of a sudden he gets his feelings hurt and makes a mountain out of a molehill. Again, I’m not trying to belittle his injury. I’ve had a concussion before and spent the night in the hospital, but I played the next game. It’s not like he had a broken leg and was made to run 40’s up and down the field.

I could be way off, and if I am, I will publicly renounce my stance on this. I don’t mind doing that. But I just really feel like Coach Leach is being victimized here and that Adam Jones needs to man up.


Lady Dogs Hold Off Clemson

You won’t see much Lady Dogs coverage on TGT.  I would like to give kudos to the gals.  Ashley Houts, Angel Robinson and Porsha Phillips had fine evenings last night leading the 9th ranked Lady Dogs to a 59-47 victory of Clemson (take that LBG!) to go 12-0 to start of the 2009-2010 campaign.   

I am not going to make myself sound like “that guy” who follows every single UGA Olympic Sport as closely as football (because I don’t); nor will I be self righteous and criticize you for not knowing  the horses’ names on the Equestrian team. 

When I was a student, I enjoyed catching a Lady Dawgs’ game or two on the radio.  For all the criticisms of Jeff Dantzler, the guy does a heck of a job doing play by play.  Hall of Fame Coach Andy Landers needs to win a NCAA Tournament  to put an exclamation point on a stellar career. 

I know its women’s basketball, and sometimes it can be as much fun as watching paint dry (or the first half of the 2009 AdvoCare Independence Bowl).  The Lady Dawgs could be poised to have a special season. 

Go Dawgs!


So I Guess I Missed That

In my earlier post, I said that the Defense was the best it’s looked since LSU. I seriously thought it did. Maybe it was the 2 interceptions that threw me off, but I didn’t realize that we gave up 471 yards to the Fightin’ Texas Aggies. Not sure what I was watching…

Maybe we did execute the “bend-but-don’t-break” philosophy to perfection. However, I still hate that. I’m a bigger fan of the “don’t-bend” philosophy used by Alabama.

But, and maybe I’m way off base here, it still didn’t seem like our D played 471 yards bad last night. Maybe I was lulled to sleep during that dreadfully boring 1st half. I guess only giving up 14 real points is pretty stinkin’ good. How do you only score 20 points total while gaining 471 yards anyway?


He’s A Fightin’ Texas Aggie

“But after fumbles and interceptions
He takes his girlfriend’s hand
But the game don’t mean a thing to her
She’s just there to see the band”

I’m A Fighting Texas Aggie, REK (performed here by his buddy Roger Creager)

Well how about that? In a game where Texas A & M ran 92 plays, held the ball for more than four minutes longer than us, and had 9 more first downs than the good guys, the Dawgs thoroughly whipped the Fightin’ Texas Aggies.

The first half was long, slow, and ultimately pretty boring. We played classic bend-but-don’t-break defense and never got anything going on O. Joe didn’t have his best game and Bobo continued to show that they have little faith in him, and for good reason, by sticking to the little out routes that he was still unable to get a feel for. But, he wasn’t helped by his receivers a lot either there in the first half. Oh, and did I mention that we forgot how to run block?

However, a kick return TD before the half and a little bit of Powerade in the locker room must have provided a spark because the Dawgs came out and just smoked the Aggies in the second half. We ran the ball better and actually caused/forced some turnovers on D! The Senator mentions his thoughts on how we would have played had Willie been here. I guess I agree, although while watching I felt like this was the best performance out of our guys since LSU and that Willie may have been more of a burden than a blessing to our D, if for nothing else than the guys just had a different aura about themselves last night.

All in all this was a very good win for UGA. We closed out the season with 8 wins, which just feels better than 7. CMR has reached 90 career wins in 10 years, which reminds me to ask the question: Why do some fans want him on the hot seat? Oh well, different story for a different day. Anyway, we will have a much sweeter taste in our mouth for the next 9 months after a lopsided win like that against a Big XII school. And it’s always easier to do what you have to do in the offseason after a win.

Congratulations to the Seniors, we wish you well. It’s been fun. For the rest of us, only a little over 9 months to kickoff! Go Dawgs!


Mixed signals

Here at TGT, many of us grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show, on which Deputy Fife aptly described Ernest T Bass with a simple observation: “He’s a nut.”

If there is anything we’ve learned from this ridiculous Urban Meyer saga, it’s that Meyer may be certifiably crazy.
One day, he says he is resigning from coaching for health reasons and releases a statement extolling the importance of his health and family.

All of a sudden, the wheels starting turning – questions over who his replacement would be and how the Florida program would fare were hot topics. ESPN, which has shown a blatant love affair for the Gators and Jeanshorts Jesus himself, Tim Tebow, scheduled a tribute of sorts for Sunday afternoon – the sort of thing they do when an athlete dies.

Then it all changed again with Meyer decided Sunday that he was not retiring after all. Instead, he will take a leave of absence.

So let’s get this straight – one day Meyer is talking about the importance of faith, family and health. Less than 24 hours later, all of that goes out the window, for the most part.

It’s progressed to a point now that no one knows who the real Urban Meyer is. He has now given a Christmas present to any school recruiting against Florida. If I am in that boat, I play up the fact that Meyer has shown that he may or may not be the coach at Florida in the near future. And even if Meyer says one thing, one now must wonder if he’s going to change his mind again the next day.

One day, Meyer was a family man, one realizing that the glitz and trophies mean nothing without your health and family. A day later, he comes across as the exact opposite.

Yes, college football has itself a certifiable nut.

Lugnut Dawg