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Georgia-Georgia Tech Photos

If you’d like relive the win over Georgia Tech, check these out! Thanks to Andy Harrison for the photos.

UGA-Florida Atlantic in 2012

The UGA Athletic Association announced today that UGA and Florida Atlantic will face off in 2012.  Florida Atlantic will replace the road trip UGA had to Louisville on the 2012 schedule, and will give Georgia seven home football games.

It is also an interesting storyline for UGA and Mark Richt (assuming he’s still the head coach in 2012).  Richt will face off against Howard Schnellenberger who was Richt’s head coach at the University of Miami.


Richt outcoached by Johnson? Not So.

After Mark Bradley goes #2, he tries to clean a hole in the ground rather than his own buttocks. 

I honestly don’t know how Bradley can type a column holding Paul Johnson’s hand the whole time.

I know the Senator and others have linked to these gems from Mark Bradley. 

The first thing anyone reads in this column is a caption under the a picture of the two coaches shaking hands at midfield.  The caption reads: One guy coached a winning game. The other coach won.

Mark, listen…I know you and all the Tech fans love the video game decision at the end to let Ealey score.  I must admit, it was shrewd.  But it was a desperation move.  It was akin to throwing up Hail Marys at the end of the game.  I liked the odds of being up by 8 with just over a minute to go in the game. 

The One guy coached a winning game. The other coach won. comment is one that is just really is stupid.  Team A in its recent game had twice as many penalties for 3 times as many yards as Team B and the turnover margin was -2.  I would say Team A wasn’t very well coached.  This same team has for the year 55.6 penalty yards per game and a negative turnover margin.  Meanwhile, another team has a positive turnover margin (tied for 1st in their conference) and 42.5 penalty yards per game.  I would say “Team B” was the better coached team. 

Yes, you guessed it.  Coach Johnson is the coach of Team A.

The second article talks about how great the Tech fans feel about their coach after a loss.  That must be the difference between Georgia and Georgia Tech…moral victories still count for something in Atlanta.  Because we played Florida really close, rallied from 14 down and came up just short;  I didn’t feel good about anything Sunday coming home from the Golden Isles. 

I am not saying that Paul Johnson is not a good coach-he is.  But last year when Coach Richt’s teams were turning the ball over and getting penalties, it was his fault.  This year, Coach Johnson’s team played a less disciplined game than Coach Richt’s, and yet Bradley thinks Tech fans should be happy.

Is Bradley trying to make the point that  Tech is happy to accept a mediocre football team as long as they beat Georgia? 

We also learned yet again anything Mark Bradley writes is full of hyperbole and myth. 


Excellent Job By the PA Folks At Bryant Denny

Wait til about the 0:45 mark.

Postgame Game Thoughts from the Fat Genius

What a snide windbag!!!!

Two Words

No, not the two words that define Bulldog Nation. On this Black Friday, two different words should summarize the feelings of Bulldog Nation. Two simple words:



Turkey Week Locks

We’re nearing the end of the college football season and with it, our Friday locks.  Kensingtondawg has a commanding lead, but has still not mathematically won. But that’s why the record doesn’t count until the season’s over. This week is the in-state rivalries offers some interesting matchups.  From all of us here at The Grit Tree, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday. Our Friday Wednesday locks for Thanksgiving weekend:

Kensingtondawg (23-11-2)

Texas A &M at Texas (+3.5)


Miss St. at Ole Miss (+3)


Michigan State at Penn State (+2)

Barndawg (17-17-2)

Notre Dame at USC (PK) This doesn’t have the flair of recent games, but I think USC still has the athletes across the board to win this game. USC wins.

LSU at Arkansas (-3.5) Arkansas can throw a monkey wrench into the projected BCS matchups if they win this game.  If the win, it looks like LSU v. Boise State in the Sugar Bowl. I can’t wait for New Year’s if that is the case.  If LSU loses this game, look for a Boise vs. Ohio State matchup. Arkansas has a great offense, but I’m not betting against the Hat. LSU and the points.

Mississippi at Miss State (-2.5) Ah…the Egg Bowl. I remember a few years back when Syl Croom “upset” the Rebels for the Egg Bowl win…how times have changed.  Mullen has that spread working in Stark-vegas.  Look for the Dawgs to cover.

Granitedawg (17-19)

Ohio @ Kent State (+3.5)
Northern Illinois @ Eastern Michigan (+23.5)
Western Michigan @ Bowling Green (+6.5)

Corbindawg (16-19-1)

Auburn at Alabama (-4.5)-I wish Alabama was getting points here, but I think Nick Saban is going to have his boys ready.  Alabama has the 3rd ranked scoring defense (how about that drop off on defense?) and has only given up more than 20 points twice.  Auburn can’t stop anyone, and Alabama will score some points.  I like the Saban, Smart and the Tide’s defense.  Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer, give ’em hell, Alabama!


Kentucky at Tennessee (-3)- The next two picks are “I’ll believe them when I see it”.   I think all the pressure are on the boys in Blue.  They, like in the Georgia-Florida “rivalry” have lost a ton of games over the last two decades (25 in a row) and Tennessee has had some bad teams recently, while Kentucky has had some good teams.  Tennessee I don’t think was realistically thinking bowl game this year anyway, so if they can get a bonus win over Kentucky then the 2010 campaign has been successful.  Kentucky has squandered chances against Tennessee recently, and look for the more of the same.  Take the Vols.

Oklahoma (+2.5) at Oklahoma State-This seems like 2008 all over again.  The Cowboys for YEARS have been the “it” team and for YEARS we always hear “This is going to be Oklahoma State’s year”.  Undoubtedly, the Cowboys find a way to screw it up.  You could go with “well, it is bound to happen now.”   I’ll believe it when I see it.  Until I have concrete proof otherwise, and until someone other than Texas can win the Big 12 South, I think the Sooners win straight up-and beat Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game BTW.

Ucheedawg (15-19-2)

Washington @ Cal (-7)

Notre Dame @ USC (-4)

Auburn @ Bama (-4.5) ROLL TIDE!

Georgia Tech Orientation Video

I know, I know we ran this before.  And I know, I know, it is like shooting fish in a barrell. 

But it is too dadgum funny not to share again…


UPDATE:  Embedding of the video has been disabled, so you have to go to the actual YouTube site and watch it there.  It is must see…it never gets old!

A Sign of Armageddon

Jeff Schultz wrote a piece actually supporting Coach Richt.  Although the majority of the column was highlighting the negatives, I suppose a backahanded compliment (or support) is better than none at all.

If Bill Shanks does similar, you know that the End of Days is approaching…

Happy Birthday to a Damn Good Dawg

Probably my favorite Bulldog of all time is celebrating a birthday today.    Cleveland Browns wide reciever Mohomed Massaquoi is celebrating his 24th birthday today. 

Massaquoi was instrumental in the 2005 SEC Championship season his freshman year, and after having some sophomore struggles, came back strong in the great 2007 season and in 2008.  He provided great senior leadership to A.J. Green during A.J.’s freshman year. 

 This being the week of the Tech game, we should also note that Massaquoi had the game winning catch (and the clutch 2 pt conversion catch) in 2006; Massaquoi had the best game of his career at UGA in a gutsy performance in the losing effort in 2008.

Here are some highlights of Massaquoi:

And not a Massaquoi specific video, but in honor of Tech and the last victory over the Nerds Between the Hedges, here is the final drive of the 2006 game in which Matthew Stafford grew up before our eyes.  The Massaquoi game winning catch is included.  That was a great day!

Happy Birthday and Go Dawgs!