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So much promise, such a sad ending

And with that, the Isaiah Crowell era, one with so much promise, is over.

Crowell’s career at Georgia being over is sad – partially for UGA, but more so for Crowell. It’s not known what really happened Thursday night in Athens – Crowell has a side to the story not heard. But regardless, it’s the best for both Crowell personally and the University of Georgia that Crowell no longer be part of the program.

Georgia’s program will be just fine, largely thanks to the recruiting efforts which brought in Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley.

Think back to National Signing Day, when Crowell heaped expectations upon himself he’d likely never meet by using a Bulldog puppy as a prop to announce he’d be signing with Georgia. There was a reason so many of us were excited about Crowell was committing to Georgia – he had the makings of being something special.

During his rough and tumble freshman year, there were many highs and lows. The lows being the ‘suspensions’ and exiting from games in a manner which didn’t endear him to fans. The highs being the South Carolina loss and later in the season, Auburn game. In that second half, Crowell ran the ball hard and with a mentality that someone had pissed him off and challenged him to a fight. That was the Crowell the Bulldog Nation had hoped for on signing day.

With that much promise, it’s why Crowell’s exit is sad. Crowell had the ability. But there’s so much more to it than that in the toughest conference in college football. It’s a sad time for Crowell, who has gone from a possible first-round draft pick to facing possible prison time. And it’s a sad time for his family too, who is going through things I wouldn’t wish on any individual.

Here’s to hoping that Crowell gets things straightened out and realizes his enormous potential – hopefully against a team Georgia isn’t playing against.

Lugnut Dawg


I am sure by now, you have all heard the news that Isaiah Crowell was arressted on charges for having a concealed weapon, and felony charges of having an altered ID and a weapon in a school zone.

This is the most ridiculous thing ever.  How can he be so stupid?  I have long been an adversary of the jackass Jimmy Williamson and his inept BarneyFiffe police department.  The ACCPD isn’t much better. 

But this isn’t just boys being boys.  It is him being a thug.  Coach Richt has patience with petty, victimless crimes; he hasn’t had much patience with thuggery, and nor should he. 

Crowell lives in Clarke County, not Compton.  He lives on campus, eats in the dining halls.  It is not exactly like there is good, legitimate reason why a 19 or 20 year old who lives on campus and could be treated as king.  If he is going anywhere on where he feels the need to pack heat, then that is his dumb fault.

If he wants to play the role of gangsta rapper,  I hope Richt kicks his sorry ass off the team.  Even if he didn’t have a NFL opportunity, then he would at least have the chance to get a college degree from UGA.  Go back to Columbus, live in the hood somewhere, and carry around all the illegal concealed weapons you can. 

Is that what you want Isaiah?  Apparently so, becuase a life changing opportunity was given to you, and to quote Jimmy Buffett, you:

“…pissed it away so fast.  Never meant to last, never meant to last.”


Can’t Miss Games in October

Last week I highlighted what games I was looking forward most to in the months of August and September.  Here are the October games I am most looking forward to…



Georgia at South Carolina-This is the game in the SEC East.  While South Carolina has to face Arkansas and LSU, this game isn’t necessarily a “must win” for the Dawgs to win the East, as I think South Carolina has at least a couple of SEC losses in them just due to their schedule.  With that said, the Ole Ball coach has won two in a row over the Dawgs, and UGA can’t afford to fall in the same rut against Spurrier that he had over us while he was at Florida.  Columbia has always been a tricky place for Georgia, and South Carolina has a really good team this year.  With that said, though the standings may not dictate this is a must win game, for the physche of the Georgia fans, the team and Coach Richt, this game is absolutely 100% MUST WIN.

Nebraska at Ohio State-This is going to be another test for Meyer, and will be a good game to watch.

Texas at West Virginia-Like with the match up against Oklahoma State, this will put Texas’ stout defense up against the WVU offense.  Plus, it will be West Virginia’s introduction to the Big 12.  This will be compelling television.

Georgia Tech at Clemson-Always a close game.  These two rivals from the ACC will also make for compelling television, or at least as compelling as ACC football can get.

LSU at Florida-These two teams usually put on a good show.  If Florida is making big strides in Year 2, there is no bigger test on their schedule than against the Bayou Bengals.   Florida’s stout defense vs. LSU’s conservative offense will be fun to watch.


South Carolina at LSU-There is a sparse slate today, so if there is a weekend to catch up on the yard work or take the kids to a pumpkin patch or corn maze, this will be it.  Next week,  there will be full week.  However, make sure  you are at home at 3:30…because this will most likely be the CBS game.  A potential preview of the SECCG will be played October 13.  Last time the Gamecocks were in Baton Rouge, the Ole Ball Coach was out tricked by Lesticles and his famous fake field goal.  Should be a great SEC match up.

Oklahoma vs. Texas-Texas should be improved from a year ago, and therefore, The Red River Shootout should be another classic game.


Florida State at Miami-This storied rivalry has lost some luster in recent years as both teams has been rebuilding.  Florida State is “back” and Miami is in Year 2 of the Al Golden era.  I like Coach Golden, but he has had his deck stacked at the U coming in with all the turmoil that took place last summer.  Still, it is always fun to watch this classic rivalry as a neutral third party.

Virginia Tech at Clemson-In a rematch of the ACC Championship game last year, these two teams will put on a good show, er, well again, as good a show two ACC teams can put on.  All kidding aside, these two teams are about as close physically and culturally as two non-SEC schools can be. 

South Carolina vs. Florida-Like the Dawgs, the Ole Ball Coach has beaten his former team two years in a row.  This will be a good match up.

LSU at Texas A&M-Aggie fans are looking forward to playing LSU every year, as College Station is geographically closer to Baton Rouge than any other SEC campus.  I don’t know why the Aggies are looking forward to LSU…surely Oxford or Starkville isn’t that much further than Baton rouge.  It will be SEC defense vs. Big 12 offense here.  Let’s see if that speedy, high powered offense can keep up with the speedy SEC defense.  I don’t think so.

Alabama at Tennessee-One of the most storied, and yet in my opinion, underrated rivalries in college football.   How big is this rivalry?  So big that conference scheduling was held up just so this game could be figured out how to keep going annually.  Poor, poor Tennessee will be overmatched, however. 


Florida at Georgia-Is there another game this day?  I don’t think so.  I won’t care about any other game, anyway.  I said earlier in the post that South Carolina was must win for Georgia.  This game is MUST WIN also.  MUST WIN.  Not only are conference standings on the line, but the Dawgs are desperately in need to win two in a row over the Gators, for the first time in over 20 years. 

Georgia won in 2004, 2007, and 2011.  If the Dawgs win in 2012, it will be 4 Dawg victories in 9 seasons, and 3 out of the last 6.  If the Dawgs intend to turn this streak around, it is vitally important to win two in a row and get some momentum back in this series.  Florida fans and media pundits will still clamor that Georgia lost X out of Y.  Put I am tired of paying for the sins of Ray Goff in the 1990s when Ray Goff went up against Steve Spurrier. 

The last time Georgia had a chance to win back to back games against Florida was in 2008.  That game, Georgia had a chance to win 3/5.  Well, I was there in 2008.  I paid $300 for tickets for my wife and I.  You were probably there, and if you stayed past the beginning of the 4th Quarter you are better than I am.   If Georgia has a subpar season and falls short of their lofty preseason goals, then the only way it can be salvaged is with a victory against the Gators.   Friends often ask what it will take for Corbindawg to no longer support Coach Richt.  If Georgia can’t get back to the SEC Championship game AND losses to Florida, Corbindawg will officially be on the Fire Mark Richt Bandwagon. 

Well, no other games on the last Saturday in October really matter outside of the World’s Largest Cocktail Party, but if you do have the stomach to watch some other games, Wisconsin at Michigan State was exciting last year, it will be fun to see Notre Dame at Oklahoma and the Irish get destroyed, and TCU at Oklahoma State will be fun.


Times is tough without Corch Myers and Timmy


Yes, Florida, with such great ‘fans’ that they helped motivate the HBC to go work for Dan Snyder, is having trouble selling tickets to home football games.

If this keeps up, they may need to pull a NATS and throw in a free dinner for two at Sonny’s with football tickets.

Lugnut Dawg

What Games To Look Forward To This Season?

I busted out the Phil Steele the other night and have been giving it my initial read over, not going into too much detail but skimming the surface.  I really like looking at each team’s schedules and that gave me an idea.  I perused the different teams’ schedules and came up with a guide of games I am most looking forward to watching.  Now, it should go without saying that every Georgia game is going to be on this list, but I included some of the main Georgia games I am looking forward to seeing most.

Like most of you, I watch a lot of college football.  My wife is very cool with me sitting in the recliner all day on Saturdays.  I may not get to watch all 60 minutes of all these games, depending on what TV dictates.  And this list could change as we get in the season, as some teams may be duds.  But as we sit here, some 70 or so days away from September 1st, here is what I am looking forward to, beginning with September’s games.  Subsequent posts will feature games from October, November and December.

A few from August sneaked their way into September’s post…



South Carolina at Vanderbilt-I always enjoy watching South Carolina play the first Thursday night of the College football season.  It will be interesting to see how Spurrier coaches without the Georgia game on the horizon for the first time in his tenure at USC.    Plus we get a sneak peak into how James Franklin in Year 2 is going to be.


Tennessee vs. North Carolina State-I think Tennessee could be sneaky good this season, and folks forget that last season, Tom O’Brien managed to get the Wolfpack to 8-5 without Russell Wilson.  It will be an interesting test in a pivotal year for Lil’ Dooley.

Boise State at Michigan State-Boise State will open consecutive seasons against the 2012 Outback Bowl opponents.  I don’t think the Broncos will fare as against the winners of the bowl game as they did against the losers a year ago.  Both teams must replace their QB, and it will be interesting to see how well Boise was able to reload.



Auburn vs. Clemson-Alabama vs. Michigan doesn’t interest me.  If I wanted to watch a slaughter, I would watch a local middle school team go up against a varsity team.  This will be the 4th time since 2007 the sets of Tigers teams have played, with Auburn having a 2-1 advantage.   It will be the second time in the GA Dome (CFA Bowl).  The past 3 games have been settled by a COMBINED 12 points, and with  Auburn’s new defense and Clemson’s uncanny ability to pull a Clemson, this should be another close, hard fought game.  I wonder though:  which of these two coaches will manage to look the most confused during the game?  That is worth watching right there!


Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech-These two rivals face off in prime time on Labor Day.  This game has usually decided whatever division they are in (I  can’t tell which teams are in which ACC division.  It makes no sense!), but this game usually decides the division.


Georgia at Missouri-I think this is fairly obvious.

Florida at Texas A&M-Again, like with the Georgia game, this is first SEC game for newly added Texas A&M.  Plus, it will be interesting to see how much of a stride Florida is taking under Coach Muschamp in Year 2.   

Auburn at Mississippi State-Dan Mullen needs a good rebound season in Starkville.  Auburn, coming off a probable loss to Clemson, will be hungry for a win.  So I think this will be interesting.  This was a close game last year. 


Alabama at Arkansas-The departure of Bobby Petrino makes this game not as big, but Arkansas still has some VERY talented players.  It should be a good SEC game.

Florida at Tennessee-This game won’t be on the 3:30 slot on CBS, which I don’t particularly like.  These two teams aren’t what they used to be, but this is in my opinion one of the better rivalries in college football.  I always enjoy this game as a 3rd party.  I think this game is a mystery, covered in an enigma wrapped in a riddle.  Like I mentioned earlier, this game will be very telling to see how well Muschamp does in Year 2 vs. seeing how well Dooley can rebound after a disastrous, injury plagued 2011 campaign.

Southern Cal at Stanford-David Shaw will be Larry Coker Vol. 2.0.  Just you wait and see.  I think Southern Cal plays for the NC this season, and this will be good to see if they can avoid the bone headed mistakes that plagued them at times last season and take the next step to legit contender.


Clemson at Florida State-This game is always pretty good, and 2012 should be no exception.  Phil Steele says it might decide a player for the National Championship, and he might be right.

LSU at Auburn-These two teams usually face off in instant classics, last year notwithstanding.   Always a classic SEC slugfest.  I can just hear the SEC on CBS music right now.

Michigan at Notre Dame-This game always gets a lot of hype, not really because either of teams have been all that good recently, but just because the names on the jerseys (except these teams don’t have their names on the jerseys…).   Could be a good game.


Wisconsin at Nebraska-The Badgers are rolling right now.  If you like watching big, slow white boys hit each other as hard as they can, this is for you.  This could be a good, close game.

Ohio State at Michigan State-Two Big 10 games in one day!  Let’s see how Ohio State does against a well-coached Spartan team.  This will be Meyer’s first big test at Ohio State. 

Texas at Oklahoma State-Texas has a horrible offense and really good defense.  Oklahoma State has a great offense, but the Cowpokes are going to have to replace a lot of key players.  Big 12 supremacy and who will challenge Oklahoma will be on the line. 

Tennessee at Georgia-Again, I think Tennessee could be sneaky good.  Hopefully, the Dawgs will be unscathed from the Missouri game.  This game scares me to death.  I could see Georgia, if they trip up against Missouri, be in a very dangerous spot here.  Even if they do beat Missouri, I still think Tennessee will be better than the experts think and Lil Dooley is going to really want it in Athens.

Arkansas at Texas A&M-Surely this will be an exciting, high scoring game.

Just to clear up any confusion over who the biggest rival is…

Are there multiple teams I hate losing to? Yes.

I detest the gangly, jean shorts-wearing, mullet cutting worshippers of Jean Shorts Jesus in Gainesville, who refuse to admit college football existed before 1990.

I hate the lying, cheating hillbillies on Rocky Top, who don’t understand that no one gives a rip about how many seats are in your stadium when you cram everyone in like sardines.

I can’t stand Auburn, a school which wishes it was Georgia.

Clemson – the only thing separating it from Auburn is that Clemson fans wear shoes. Plus it has a lake.

The lame chickens – they’d be ok if it weren’t for Darth Visor.

Oh and then there’s Bama – the self annointed God’s gift to football.

The common thread between these programs? They can conduct themselves with class and dignity. Is there some good natured jabbing back and forth that may get a tad overboard at times? Sure.

And then there’s the Enginerds. I mean I can understand getting mad about football interfering with Dragon Con and Star Trek conventions losing 10 of 11. But that is no reason, whatsoever, to have a wedding cake like this that is very graphic.  

Ray Goff wasn’t much as a head coach, but he summed the Georgia Tech rivalry up nicely.

“If you don’t think Georgia Tech’s Georgia’s biggest rival, lose to them once. You’ll find out.”

To Hell With Georgia Tech

Lugnut Dawg

What is Up With Atlanta?

I posted at the beginning of June that the Braves had a tough road ahead, and needed to win some of these series against the AL East in interleague play.

That hasn’t happened, but that is not the reason for this post.

Why are the Braves so streaky?  One thing you always heard about the dominant run the Braves had in the 1990s is with the elite pitching the Braves had, with either Maddux, Glavine or Smoltz pitching every 3rd day, losing streaks of any signifigance just didn’t happen.  You have to figure a losing streak of any signifigance with this team shouldn’t happen either.

Yes, I know that Hanson, Hudson and Beachy are not anywhere close to Maddux, Glavine or Smoltz, but still.  Those are some pretty good pitchers. 

There is no reason the Braves should have an 8 game losing streak, followed by winning 7/8, then followed that by losing 6/7. 

I know that the offense has been terrible.  During the most recent skid, the Braves have scored an average of 1.7 runs per game.  4 times during the past 6 losses, the Braves have scored 2 or fewer runs, and 3 times have beeen completely shut out.  4 times in the month of June, the Braves have put up a goose egg on the scoreboard.  So yes, you have to score runs to win games. 

But with the pitching talent that the Braves have, how does this happen?


Vote For Georgia Peaches!

Each summer, there is a vote to name the best food in America, and then it will be awarded during the Congressional baseball game.  Right now, Georgia Peaches and Peach Cobbler are in a dog fight with North Carolina BBQ in this little tournament.  There is a lot of publicity and good press for the winning state’s food; Georgia peanuts won this award last year. 

Go online here and vote as many times for Georgia Peach Cobbler!  We all know NC BBQ is subpar anyway!


Will Improved Auburn Defense Stop UGA Offense In 2012?

The reunion of Brian Van Gorder and Willie Martinez in the loveliest village is going to be a good thing for Auburn and their fans.  While Martinez was a mediocre at best coordinator, he was a tremendous secondary coach. 

Auburn is going to need an improve defense after the departure of Gus Malzahn and his high powered offense.  You can win a lot of games, and be competitive in even more, if you have a good defense that gives you a chance to be successful (ahem, UGA in 2011, ahem).

While Tommy Tuberville was at Auburn, Tuberville was a great big game coach.  The hallmarks of a Tuberville team was good defense.  Tuberville himself is a defensive minded guy, and while he was at Auburn he had some good coordinators on defense-Gene Chizik and Will Muschamp.  When Auburn and Tuberville parted ways, Auburn hired Chizik and become known as a high powered offense, but the head coach was still a defensive guy.

However, Georgia has not had any problems scoring points against Auburn.  In 6/7 games against Auburn, UGA has scored 30+ points.

Coach Bobo and Murray will have a big test on November 10.  With Grantham’s defense, if Georgia can score 30+ points against Auburn for the 7th time in eight tries, then Georgia should even up the all time series with 54 victories.


Don’t be mad at Iowa Blogger Hating on Chick Fil A, becuase, well they are from Iowa and are Iowa football fans

The Good Senator linked to the University of Iowa SB Nation blog post in which the author talked negatively about Chick Fil A. 

Since I eat at Chick Fil A on average two times a week, and since I love it so, I took particular exception to this, as did Senator Blutarsky.

But then I had a change of heart, almost feeling pity for this poor soul.

He is just angry.

One, becuase he lives in Iowa.  I have never been through Iowa, but have friends who have, and it is,  of all the 50 states in the Union I have not been to, would be near the bottom of states I would like to visit. 

Every Iowa and Notre Dame game I watch on TV is sad.  The fans are bundled up in September.  It is dark, gray.  On TV, it always looks like it is cloudy with a chance of snow and/or rain.

Another reason this author is so miserable is becuase he is an Iowa Football fan.  Iowa is terrible.  They have perhaps the most overrated coach in D-I, Kirk Ferentz.  Iowa is the Clemson of the B10.  Everytime an NFL job is open, for the longest time Kerentz’s name would come up, and he would just get more money. Iowa football is a 5 or 7 loss team per season, outside the rare exceptions when they manage to squander a few close games they should win.  Of course, they proceed to win the games they are expected to lose.  This schizophrenic behavior makes it impossible to pick their games. 

I couldn’t understand how it would be to be an Iowa fan.  Constantly cold, with nothing to look at but miles and miles of corn, and a football that is more frustating that UGA or Clemson. 

So don’t be angry at the ignorance of the Iowa Hawkeye blog and the author’s disdain for the South or Chick Fil A.  Rather, take pity on this poor soul.  When we are in Athens, eating fried chicken and looking at some attractive sorority girl wearing knee high leather boots on a glorious fall Saturday, remember the poor blokes to our northwest and be ever more appreciative that you don’t live in Iowa.