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Where Is the Best Brunswick Stew in Atlanta?

The AJC asks its readers:  where is the best Brunswick Stew in Atlanta?

So readers:  where is your favorite stew?  For my money, it is hard to pass up what Fresh Air has.


Congratulations to Coach Fox

Corbin has been away for the past couple of days and after the Dawgs win Saturday I think it’s fitting to move his last post a few inches down the page.  Great job guys.















Should Mark Fox Be Fired After 2013?

Yesterday’s loss to Vanderbilt put Georgia’s overall record to 12-14 (3-9).All of the momentum that the Hoop Dawgs had after last season’s campaign has vanished, and the Dawgs are left in serious rebuilding mode, especially next season that Dustin Ware and Gerald Robinson will be moving on. 

I told Kensington Dawg before the season that it would be a rough campaign in 2011-2012 if the Dawgs couldn’t hit the 3 point shot.   A team that has no legitimate big man down low has to be able and hit the 3 to survive.  Guess what?  The Dawgs haven’t hit the 3.

Kensington, of course, thinks that Mark Fox is not a good coach and should be fired if the Dawgs don’t make the Tournament next season.  And since he thinks that the Dawgs are going to be worst next season, he wants to know why we should delay the inevitable and keep a lame duck around? 

I think that Fox is a good coach and should given more time to get some recruits in here.   He has got to recruit the Atlanta area better.  But do we want to, after Year 3 or Year 4, throw him out and start over from scratch?  Fox is a good coach, he should be given a chance to rebuild this program. 

So what say you?  I told Kensington he was being crazy and that most fans were overall pleased with Fox and not ready to see him go.  I can’t speak for other fans, so I want to ask you to leave your opinion in the comment section. 


Martinez Hire Good For Auburn

A lot of Georgia fans like to make cracks about Willie Martinez, but for as big of a failure of a DC as Martinez was, he was that great of a position coach.  I am sure people in Norman won’t agree with that, but the Big 12 doesn’t play defense anyway. 

Sean Jones, Thomas Davis, Greg Blue, Demario Minter, Tim Jennings, Paul Oliver, Asher Allen, Reshad Jones, Brandon Boykin.  Those are talents that Martinez either coached or recruited.  Those are some good players.

I still don’t know if bringing in Van Gorder was a smart long term hire.  If he coaches in Auburn beyond 2013 I will be surprised.  But if getting the old band back together for the reunion tour makes their defense anything close to what Georgia’s was from 2001-2004, then it won’t be long before Auburn has something to say about Arkansas, Alabama and LSU’s stranglehold on the SEC West dominance.

Pluse, when (not if) Brian Van Gorder bolts for greener pastures, Auburn has another DC candidate right there on staff…


If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck…

To our regular readers, you might have noticed a void of posts lately.  Work and personal responsibilities have been incredibly busy; this has been the busiest February that I have had in my job.  On top of the increased workload, I am going to be gone for a week next week.  Work is taking me out to California.  Specifically, the Anaheim/Orange County area.   So the already busy, short month of February is even shorter with one week removed right off the top. 

I have work responsibilities the first two and a half days of my trip, then I am taking the next day and a half to do some sightseeing while I am out there.  If anyone has any suggestions for places to see or do, I am all ears.  I am excited about my trip out there.  Unfortunately my wife can’t go, so I am flying solo.  The furthest west I have been is San Antonio.  The longest I have been on airplane is just over 2 hours.   I am excited about going out there.  I haven’t really planned anything set in stone; I am trying to be care free and easy going.  It’s like, totally, L.A., so like, just go with the flow.

My original plan of seeing the Lakers or Clippers fell through since neither are going to be in town.  So I decided to see Conan O’Brien.  I signed up for tickets but never heard back.  As a back up plan, I signed up for tickets to see The Tonight Show.  I got those tickets.

Now, I am not a fan of Leno.  I prefer Letterman anytime.  But it is free, and it is The Tonight Show, and it is still going to be cool.

I logged on the computer last night to see who the guests would be.   I am going on Thursday (that is important).   Friday night Jay Leno has Jennifer Anniston.  Wednesday Conan has Anniston.  Conan’s guest on Thursday is awful; I didn’t even know who he was.  On Thursday, Jay Leno is going to be having Meredith Vieira on his show.  Thursday, Jennifer Anniston decides to take a break from late night talk to be a guest  with Ellen Degeneres.

Even if I were to get Conan tickets, I would still miss out on Anniston.  Either way, I am going to be within 24 hours of seeing Jennifer Anniston, to be in the same room with her.  Now, I am stuck with a washed up daytime TV host who couldn’t hostWho Wants to Be A Millionaireas good as Regis.

That is the way it goes.


William Sherman Strikes Again

William Tecumseh Sherman’s ghost struck again.

Also, sorry for lack of posts recently.  Things have been too busy to post too much.  Hope to get back on it next week.  Go Dawgs!