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Gamecocks Win the CWS

South Carolina swept UCLA on Tuesday night to win its first major baseball title in the program’s history. Whit Merriman hit a one out single in the bottom of the 11th to score Scott Wingo as the Gamecocks swept UCLA in the last game played at historic Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha.

Wingo drew a leadoff walk and advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch. He moved to 2nd on a sacrifice bunt by Evan Marzilli. With a runner at third and one out UCLA surprisingly refused to walk Merrifield and cleanup hitter Jackie Bradley Jr. in order to set up the force at every base. Nevertheless, the Gamecocks earned this national title after losing their first game to Oklahoma. South Carolina then won six straight including knocked off instate rival Clemson along the way.

South Carolina’s win continues the domination of the SEC in intercollegiate athletics.  However, it does leave UGA in some bad company.  UGA now joins the Vanderbilt Commodores as the only team in the SEC East not to win a national title in the big 3 sports since the conference expanded.


5 Questions with 960 the Ref Chris Brame

The Grit Tree: David Hale had a photo-tour of the new Butts-Mehre renovations. What kind of affect will training in the temporary  “dungeon” have on strength and conditioning this summer?

Chris Brame:  I like it.  It makes me think of when Rocky trained for his fight with Ivan Drago.  He sawed wood, lifted boulders, pulled Paulie on that sled, then chopped down that big tree.  It looks like how a gym should look.  Not a country club.  It will toughen them up a little more.  Like Brandon Boykin said, “weights are weights….there’s not much difference.”

TGT:  Speaking of David Hale, we were sad to hear his announcement he was leaving to cover the Phillies. His blog was obviously a must read. Other than The Grit Tree, what are some of your daily “must read” websites, UGA sports related and otherwise?

CB:  The one website I go to everyday is  They do a pretty meticulous job of linking to stories from all over the conference.  Lots of information there

TGT: Over/under 5.5 wins for Colorado this year, and will Dan Hawkins be roaming the sidelines when the Buffaloes are in the Pac-10?

CB:  Since the most they’ve won in a season under Dan Hawkins is 6, I’ll go under.  They didn’t exactly schedule light in the non-conference.  Along with, of course, Georgia, they play Colorado State (a game they’ve lost 3 times in the last 5 years), @ Cal, and Hawaii.  I think 5-7 is the best they do.  The Dan Hawkins question is interesting.  From what i’ve read, the athletic department is broke and basically can’t afford to fire him.  Maybe when they start cashing those lucrative Pac-10 paychecks they’ll pull the trigger.

TGT: They were discussing on Baseball Tonight last night whether or not Steven Strasburg should play in the All-Star game, since it’s not a meaningless game anymore. Should Strasburg play in the mid-summer classic?

CB: Not only do I think he should play in the game, I think he should start.  People want to see this guy pitch.  Look at the attendance at the Braves game Monday night.  I want to see him face A-Rod and Ichiro and Justin Morneau. I don’t care what he does against the Indians and Royals representatives later in the game. Baseball needs to market this guy and stop living so much in the past.  The All-Star game is still an exhibition and Strasburg would bring a lot of eyes to TV screens.

TGT: Ok, Chris, Mickey Mouse just called and made you Director of Programming for ESPN.  What stupid sport would you say is no longer going to be aired?

CB:  This one’s easy.  College Softball.  Every at bat is either a strike out or a home run.  That’s all that happens in those games.  It’s such a bastardizing of baseball.  Players can leave the game and re-enter and they only play like 5 innings.  Though, I suppose I could consider that a blessing.

Lewis Grizzard Wednesday:: The Clicker

In the Corbindawg household, who has the clicker, and where said clicker is located, is a big deal.  

Get Control of the Clicker

My friend Rigsby, the lover, is planning to get married. He asked my advice concerning a prenuptial agreement. 

I happen to be an expert on such matters because I learned the hard way. I’ve had three wives, but no agreements. If my ex-wives and I formed a musical group, we’d be Po’ Boy and the Alimonyettes. 

I informed Rigsby he most certainly should have a prenuptial arrangement and that he not forget one very important item. 

“Make certain you get control of the clicker,” I told him. 

“That what?” 

“The clicker,” I went on. “The little remote control deal that changes the channels on the TV.” 

“Why is that so important?” Rigsby asked me. 

“Without the clicker,” I said, “a man is nothing. He has no power.” 

“Explain,” said Rigsby. 

“In every household,” I began, “somebody must be designated – even if it is necessary to use brute force – to be in control of the clicker or else there would be anarchy. 

“One person might say, `I want to watch “Wheel of Fortune,” ‘ and another might say, `I want to watch a cable movie,’ and another, `I want to watch the wrestling matches.’ 

“So everybody would go for the clicker, and domestic violence would erupt.” 

“You mean they might hurt each other?” Rigsby asked. 

“There was a story in the papers last week about a family in Tumblewood, Oklahoma,” I told him. 

“A man and his wife and their two children sat down to watch an evening’s television. All four wanted to see a different program, and nobody had official control of the clicker. They all dived at it at once. 

“The man suffered severe scratches fromhis wife’s fingernails, and she was bit ten on the ankles by one of the children, who got poked in the eye during the melee. The other child got the clicker and ran outside as he was being chased by the rest of the family and was hit head-on by a jogger. All five were treated and released at a local hospital.” 

“I never realized something like that could happen,” Rigsby said. 

“It’s like this, my friend,” I continued. “Your wife wants to watch `The Newlywed Game,’ and you want to see three basketball games, a golf tournament and the last thrilling moments of a Charles Bronson movie on HBO where he blows away a small city. 

“If you have the clicker, you can switch back and forth and keep up with everything you want to see. If your wife has control, you’ll have to sit there and watch while some woman tries to remember what color undershorts her husband wore on their wedding night.” 

“I see your point,” said Rigsby. 

It must be wonderful to have a friend like me.

Perno Hires Osborne

Head baseball coach David Perno hired former UGA assistant Alan Osborne as its hitting coach.  Osborne has had some great success in his roles at UGA, as well as East Carolina, and as a head coach at Wingate University.  The Bulldogs of Wingate captured the 2010 South Atlantic Title this year.


Vote For Georgia Peanuts

Folks, support Georgia and Georgia peanuts!

 Georgia is in a close race with Virginia to see which state has the best peanuts!  Voting is over at 5 PM on Tuesday, June 29, and the winner will receive a trophy at the Annual Congressional Baseball Game on that day.  Vote at

BBQ Review:: Memphis Ribs

Ucheedawg and I had the pleasure (?) of driving 12 hours together, through the state of Arkansas last week. 

I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Alabama. 

Then we entered Arkansas. 

I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Arkansas.

Then we entered Missouri. 

But, believe it or not, the bright light in the whole trip was the city of Memphis.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Memphis was the best part of the trip.

We ate BBQ passing through Memphis.  Good gawd almighty.  It was delicious.  We will recap our experience at the BBQ Shop at a later date, but today’s BBQ Review is on A&R BBQ.

Google led us to the “10 Best BBQ Places in Memphis.”  Payne’s BBQ, listed at #2, was both affordable and on the way.  So we decided to eat there.  However, being the Sabbath, Payne’s was closed.  We turned to the handy GPS, and found A&R’s was half a mile away. 

These restaurants were on Elvis Presley Boulevard.  Elvis Presley Boulevard isn’t a place I would want to end up after dark. 

There were two vacant lots beside the resturant.

But those types of places always serve the best BBQ.  We decided on RIBS.  All their ribs were moist.  He got a half rack with slaw.  I got a half rack with potato salad.  Each meal came with white bread.


I got the feel when I walked in like I was at Peach’s in Athens.  At some places like that, they have a very precise way of ordering.  If you don’t follow the rules, the cashier can get nasty with you.  This wasn’t the case.  The young lady was very accommodating to our questions, and even checked on a souvenir T-Shirt for us (none in our size-we aren’t to a XXL yet, so we declined). 

I will go ahead and get to the lone negative:  the sweet tea was AWFUL.  It was like Peach flavored sweet tea.  It was so nasty.  It had an orange hue mixed with the brown.  I could barely get down my initial gulp.  Luckily, we were saved-this place offered Coke products instead of that Yankee bullcrap Pepsi.  Once again, Coca-Cola saved the day.

Now, onto the meat.  I have never had, nor will ever have, ribs that were this good.

They were a tad messy, but delicious.  They were fall off the bone tender.  While the sauce was not a traditional Memphis dry rub, the sauce wasn’t over powering.  It wasn’t too hot or sweet; it had had a nice basic flavor.  The sauce wasn’t too over powering, either.  You could still taste the pork through the sauce.  It had a delicious, tender, smokey taste.

After the meal, the white bread came in nice and handy.  Why waste a paper towel and moist towelette when you have good ol’ white bread to clean your hands and face with?

The potato salad and slaw were good, too.  But the meal was made by the ribs.  I have had my fair share of ribs and these stack up with any I’ve ever tasted before.

I will say it again:  I have never had, nor will ever have, ribs that were this good.



On the return trip home, we ate at The BBQ Shop, the #1 BBQ in Memphis according to the site linked above.  It was delicious as well.  A full review is forthcoming…

Mark Twain’s Feelings About Isner’s Wimbeldon Victory

The Lewis Grizzard of his generation, Mark Twain, has a famous quote regarding France, that I felt appropriate as I watched John Isner finally put Frenchy out of his misery:

France has neither winter, nor summer, nor morals. France is miserable because it is filled with Frenchmen, and Frenchmen are miserable because they live in France.



Hunter Long is #13

UGA received committment #13 late last night from Briarcrest Christian School’s (Memphis TN)  Hunter Long. 

Hunter is the younger brother of current Bulldog redshirt freshman Austin Long.  It was speculated by some recruiting analyst that UGA may not  have been able to offer Hunter Long, because the Bulldogs already have a committment from Wesleyan High Guard David Andrews.  However, Long’s ability was too much to pass up. 

Georgia now has 13 committments for 2011 recruiting class in what should easily be a top 10 class nationally for the Dawgs.



Great performance by John Isner.  We should all be proud.

Go Dawgs! Go America!

John Isner Making History

I always like to watch Wimbeldon around the 4th of July.  

Former UGA great John Isner is currnetly in a historic match with France’s Nicolas Mahut.  This marathon match has lasted 9 and half hours!  If you are looking for something to get you by the last hour of work, check it out at

John Isner has had a successful pro tennis career so far.  He is getting some great spotlight on the grandest tennis stage of them all! 

UPDATE:: The match was suspended due to its almost bed time.  Play will be resumed tomorrow, tied up at 59-59.

Let’s hope he can fare better than this guy against the French…

Let’s show that thin pancake loving pansy how us Americans play tennis!

 Go Dawgs!