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It’s Too Early On A Monday For This

I have been out of pocket for over a week, and have let a few things slip by.  One story this morning riled me up, and I haven’t had any coffee yet. 

Greg McGarity apologized to the Rocky Guy. 

Tom Fell is a UGA student who dresses like the Rocky and runs to the top of Stegeman Coliseum. 


The controversy came up at the UGA Athletic Board meeting Thursday, when student representative Trey Sinyard reported to the board: “I can say that this has been a big issue on campus. . . . The pulse on that is students feel the athletics association is over-commercialized.”

Yes, Greg McGarity, Director of Athletics apologized to Tom Fell, douchebag who likes to parade around Stegemen wearing short shorts.

Two quotes in the story that are troubling:

1.  “We have had internal discussions on that and have assured students that there are some things that are sacred in our basketball games, and that’s one of those things,” McGarity said. (emphasis added)

2.  The controversy came up at the UGA Athletic Board meeting Thursday, when student representative Trey Sinyard reported to the board: “I can say that this has been a big issue on campus. . . . The pulse on that is students feel the athletics association is over-commercialized.”

Let’s address these in order, becuase they are the order in which I have the most heart burn. 

1.    I know we aren’t a basketball school.  But to call the Rocky guy a sacred fixture is a bit far.  On the “Traditions” page at, I don’t see “Shirtless Rocky Guy Running up the Stairs”.   Seriously, Greg McGarity has way more important things to bother himself with…the feelings of the Rocky guy are not one of them. 

2.  I would hope the majority of students feel the same way I do.  But let’s assume for a minute the majority of students do in fact love the Rock y thing. I don’t get it, but whatever.  Mr. Sinyard-you have a seat at the table at the Atheltic Association:  don’t waste their time and yours by bringing up such asinine topics.  Why don’t you mention real concerns, like why doest the A.A. pony up more dough for campus cleanup so the administration doesn’t bring the hammer down on tailgating restrictions?  Or, why don’t your bring up issues like the difficulty new alumni have in procuring season tickets due to the high donations?  Nah, let’s make sure the final two home games the Rocky guy gets to dance around.  It is a sacred tradition, afterall.

That is another thing.  You think the Assocation has become too comercialized?  Well, you have to pay, what $2 per ticket for basketball games?  Is it still $8 per ticket for football?  Baseball, gymnastics and all other sports are free for students?  Ever been to any other sporting events?  Sponsorhsips make the world go round?   

Students should spend more time going to the games and cheering and being loud all the time rather than complaining about a corporate sponsorship…and when a student gets a seat at an important table, don’t waste everyone’s time with something so incredible silly.

It always seems that someone wearing red panties is filling up the time of the UGA AD.


Happy Birthday To Ric Flair

As I take a look at my Rolex watch, I see it is Ric Flair’s 62nd birthday!  Wooo!

We are big fans of the Nature Boy on the Grit Tree.  Happy Birthday Nature Boy. 

Here is a tribute to Ric Flair.  Hope the Nature Boy still has it in him, and can get some ladies to take a ride on Space Mountain.  Wooooooo!

The Grit Tree

BBQ Thursday- Blind Pig, near Jackson

Blind Pig  BBQ- middle of nowhere, Butts County, GA

The family outside Blind Pig BBQ

Last weekend my family gathered at Jackson Lake to do some early season fishing and spend some quality time together. We could not have been more blessed with the weather or the company in my opinion. On Saturday, after fishing that morning, dad wanted to take me to Blind Pig (he’s a bigger bbq fan than me…check out his blog here). So we loaded up and went. The atmosphere at Blind Pig bbq was really good for a ‘cue joint. It has the look and the feel, which is somewhat rare. I was eager going inside.

Once in, you order at the front counter. They had a good menu selection and are not too bad on price. As always, I got the sandwich, stew and slaw. It did seem to take a little longer than I am used to waiting, but I was informed that it normally takes no time at all to get the food out, so I’ll chalk that up as an exception. They have peanuts on the table here, which I assume would please most folks.

First things first, the sweet tea was very good. Just sweet enough, I couldn’t find a flaw in it. I needed a second glass before I even got started due to their hurting hot bbq sauce. If you like hot you’ll like this. It was HOT! Their traditional hot sauce had heat as well. I liked the regular sauce (I’m a wimp I guess). It was a little sweet, but pretty good.

So, on to the bbq.

The sandwich, in my humble opinion, was good, but not great. Honestly it was just a little on the dry side. Adding some sauce to it made it better. There simply wasn’t anything overwhelming about it though, so it gets a 3.5 out of 5 on my personal point scale. I was expecting a little more from it.

The stew is a different story and was the best part of the meal. It was similar to other stews, but had a very nice consistency and taste. I proudly stand behind my 4.5 rating here.

The slaw was pretty good, but again, wasn’t really special. Like the ‘cue, it gets a 3.5.

I didn’t give much detail on the review here, because basically there wasn’t much to talk about for the normal review. The meal was good, but not great. I had higher expectations, but I wasn’t dissatisfied. I don’t want to sound negative, that’s no my intent at all. It just didn’t rank up there with the top class of bbq joints.

There are a few other items I’d like to highlight. As I mentioned, it was a family affair, so there were multiple portions ordered. Pictured below are the ribs that dad had (he has already had the traditional sandwich, stew and slaw.) According to him, the ribs get a 4 out of 5, ranking only slightly above the sandwich.

My wife is also quite the bbq fan. She actually liked the ‘cue a little more than I, which I can respect. However, she really liked their ‘taters. They were round, just like our friend MADIII cooks them. She eagerly gave them a 5!

This really was a great family outing. The company was great- any time you can get the whole family around a table is a blessing. Make it around some bbq and it’s even better! The service was fine, the food was good, and the atmosphere was outstanding.

Here’s the bottom line: I would go back to Blind Pig with a friend who has never been, but given the choice I’ll travel a few miles down the road and eat Fresh Air.


Who Will Have More?

Fantasy baseball consumes a lot of my time in the summer months. A good or bad side effect is that I am consumed by baseball statistics. Driving through beautiful Northwest Georgia as the sun was coming up this morning, I got to thinking about the Braves and some stats. I got to thinking about other stats, too, and who will have more of a certain category. This led me to ponder-Who will have more:

-wins between Tommy Hanson and Jair Jurrjens? Hanson had a good 2010, but got little run support. Jurrjens never really got on track, having to deal with nagging injuries throughout the season. Hanson has powerful stuff, but tends to get rocked a couple of games. Jurrjens has a reputation of being very steady, though he won’t blow you away with his stuff. Both of these guys will be the cornerstone of the Braves rotation for years to come, but look for J.J. to have a good rebound year.

-starts at third base, Chipper Jones or Martin Prado? If Chipper can be healthy, this is a non issue. However, at this stage in his career and coming off a major knee injury, it is fair to assume that is a pretty fair “if”. I think if Prado gets going in left field good, then I don’t see them moving him to 3rd as a short term solution. You won’t see Prado get any starts at 3rd on the Sunday home games that Chipper gets off. I think Prado will stay put at left.

-starts, Brandon Beechy or Mike Minor?I really don’t know. This will be interesting to see.

-more combined rushing yards in 2011, Isaih Crowell/Ken Malcome or Washaun Ealey/Caleb King? I like the youth movement going on at tailback. Part of me also thinks we have seen Ealey’s last game at Georgia. Ken Malcome should provide some nice “thunder” to Crowell’s “lightning”.

-more receiving yards in 2011, a wide receiver or tight end?This offense reminds me a lot of 2005. Good depth at tight end, a good quarterback that is poised and can make plays with his legs, and a bunch of receivers who aren’t really tested. In 2005, Leonard Pope was the leading reciever. I think Orson Charles (best TE since Pope) will lead the team in receiving yards in 2011.

-make more outlandish statements, Mark Bradley or the Red and Black? Hopefully the Red and Black has had enough egg on their face, and might learn something from their mistakes…their students after all. You must be young and stupid prior to being old and wise. However, Mark Bradley wears an egg beard. This one is easy.

-win more Academy Awards, The Kings Speech, Black Swan, or the Social Network? I thought, minus one glorious scene, Black Swan was complicated, disturbing and dumb. Social Network had some flow problems, and it is widley accepted Aaron Sorkin wrote a good screenplay not based on fact. The King’s Speechis one of the best movies I have seen in a while, and should take home some Oscars this weekend.


Lewis Wednesday – Soccer Edition

As a public service announcement to Aaron Murray, we’d like to ask that he please stay off the soccer field.  Lewis tells us that it is a much more dangerous sport than we image.

Soccer Is Boring

I don’t want to sound flippant about all those people getting killed in European soccer riots, but I honestly think I know part of the reason for the violence that surrounds the sport in other parts of the world.

It’s because soccer is boring to watch. If I had to watch a soccer match or a bowling match, I would take bowling every time.

At least in bowling, you always can laugh at those silly bowling shirts and shoes the bowlers wear. The only thing uglier than a bowling shoe is Gloria Vanderbilt.

Nothing ever happens in one soccer game to set it apart from another. The two teams run up and down the field for a couple of hours and then maybe – just maybe – one of the teams will score a goal.

I can give you the soccer scores for an entire season right here. They will be 0-0, 1-0 or 1-1 most of the time, and occasionally there will be a real slugfest that ends 2-1.

What happens in Europe is, all those people get together for a soccer match and they start drinking and they become bored with what’s happening on the field, so they riot.

Bet, don’t riot

Imagine a riot breaking out in the middle of a close American football game. There is too much head-knocking on the field for such a thing to take place, and since most of the people in the stands have a bet down on the game, they aren’t going to get involved in a fight because they might have a week’s salary wagered on the outcome.

I’ve never seen a soccer match in person. I avoid soccer matches with the same intensity that I avoid the dentist.

However, I did see a match on television once. I was in London and I turned on the set in my hotel room and the BBC was televising the English soccer version of the Super Bowl.

You don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to watching the telly in London, so, fool that I was, I sat there and watched the soccer match.

The crowd sang

The two teams kicked the ball up and down the field for an entire afternoon, but nobody could get the ball past the goalkeepers and the match ended 0-0.

No problem. They decided to try again in a couple of days. I found myself in front of the television in my hotel room watching the second stanza of this yawner. I had to see if anybody would ever score.

Late in the second match, somebody kicked the ball and it hit a player in the back of his head and accidentally went into the goal. Team A took the championship 1-0. I’ve seen more excitement at a K mart tire sale.

What the crowds at the two matches did most is sing. There was nothing to watch on the field, so they sang – which, of course, is better than rioting, but some of the best fights I’ve ever seen started with a bunch of drunks trying to sing at a bar.

What comes off the top of my head as a means of making soccer more exciting is to give the players baseball bats and if the match happens to end in a tie, then let the respective goalies fight it out in a bare knuckles tie-breaker.

As we have proved with many of our popular American sports, it is better to have the violence on the field than in the bleachers.

Some coaches go on mission trips during the offseason. Others…

Yes, that is the Ole Ball Coach tailgating at Daytona this past weekend.

OH SNAP! Closing the Door on Anklegate

Yesterday afternoon, for about two hours, the entire Bulldog Nation said “Oh Snap!” I received three e-mails, two text messages, one phone call (and a partridge in a pear tree) over the span of just one hour saying “Aaron Murray broke his ankle, out for spring practice.”

Three thoughts popped in my mind, in this order:

1. Boy, do Georgia fans always assume the worst or what? Even if it had been a broken foot, leg, arm or whatever, it would not preclude Murray from taking the field against Boise State September 3rd, or more importantly, against South Carolina on the 10th.

He didn’t tear an ACL, which would end his 2011 season, nor did he get arrested or sell a jersey, all of which would be really, really bad.   

Chill out.

2.  Georgia fans have every reason to assume the worst.  Let’s just do a little rundown of the current state of UGA Athletics.

 June 2008, our world was sky high:

  • The football team was about to be a near consensus preseason #1
  • The basketball team had just won the SEC Tournament
  • The baseball team was just a few outs away from winning the CWS with the a MLB first round draft pick closer coming up 
  • The Gym Dawgs had just won their 4th consecutive National Championship, and heading into Suzanne Yoculan’s final year, there was little doubt for a 5th
  • Men’s tennis had just won back to back National Championships

The football team is 23-15 since 2008.  The basketball team is struggling to win ballgames against inferior teams with 2 legitimate NBA players.  The baseball team is nowhere  near the 2008 level-or even 2009 levels.  New Gym Dawgs coach Jay Clark is 6-7.  Three dogs have died, Damon Evans and red panties.  Poor old Larry Munson has had to retire.  Michael Adams is still UGA President and Jimmy Williamson is still Chief of UGA police. 

So, things haven’t been going our way.

3.  The Internet is fascinating.  A student writer who is barely old enough to legally buy beer easily sent I would say at least 2,000 people nuts yesterday-with inaccurate information.   It seems like these Red and Black writers are always looking for the next big story to add to their portfolio.  As Senator Blutarsky pointed out yesterday, this came from the same guy who created a controversy regarding Caleb King.  Just made up a story.   It is the job of these “journalist” to report the news, not make the news up.   The rapid spread of (false)information is spectacular. 

Just a little note for Mr. Dillard:  when you start putting together your portfolio trying to get jobs after graduation, you may not want to include the Murray or King stories. 


Sources: Aaron Murray & His Ankle

UPDATE (5:15, 2/21): Via the Seth Emerson.

Aaron Murray only has a sprained ankle and “is expected to be ready for spring practice,” according to a statement by UGA. Read more:

2/21, 1:30 pm:

Via the Red and Black:

Team sources say Murray’s right ankle is broken in two places, but associate athletic director Claude Felton was not available to confirm or deny the report.

Quarterback Aaron Murray has suffered an ankle injury, one which could hold him out of all of spring practice.

Team sources say that Murray broke the ankle participating in an activity with teammates and friends on Saturday afternoon. Murray was rushed to team doctors after suffering the injury.

I suppose we’ll get to see what stuff Mason and LeMay are made of during spring practice.  A silver lining could be that Murray did return from a broken leg to win his high school state championships during his senior year. Maybe that’s all it takes.


Auburn Fans Giving Al From Dadeville Exactly What He Wants

Do you think Al from Dadeville cares he’s locked up in the slammer for applying herbicide to the trees in Toomer’s Corner?  He called into the Finebaum show to brag about it, so you would think he is proud over his actions.  Someone who is that off balanced doesn’t care about the repercussions from his actions.

Thousands of Auburn fans descending on Toomer’s Corner this weekend is giving Harvey Updike exactly what he wants.  We have all seen The Dark Knight.  It reminds me of the end of the movie when the Joker wanted the people in the ferries leaving town to blow each other up.  When introduced with a little anarchy, the Joker believed that normal citizens would act no better than him.  The people of Gotham showed they are better than the Joker.  Auburn fans, prove you are better than Harvey Updike.


Seeing thousands of fans rally at the trees is giving Updike exactly what he wants.  Auburn fans, don’t let this deranged person feel satisfaction in his actions. 


Hope Mark Richt And Dave Perno’s Teams Don’t Start Out The Same Way

I think Dave Perno has had a good run in Athens.  Perno’s team broke the trend last year of going to College World Series every other year.  Just in 2008, he had UGA all set to win the CWS and was just a few outs away until they let Fresno State back in it.   I have no real beef with Dave Perno overall. 

The consistent inconsistency that the UGA baseball team has had over his tenure is a sore spot for some fans.  Folks have pointed to Florida, where they quickly moved to get rid of Pat McMahon, and that Greg McGarity may not have much paitience for continued inconsistent play. 

Well the UGA baseball team didn’t do much the opening weekend, being swept by Stetson.  I hope the football team with its embattled head coach starts thier season better than the baseball team did with their embattled head coach.  Granted baseball is different, and there are certainly a lot of season left.  But if the football team comes out of the gate and does as poorly as the baseball team did, it will be a long (or short) season for Coach Richt and his staff.