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Like 1991 all over again

It’s been five years since the Braves have been to the postseason. Provided that they take care of their own business this weekend against a Phillies team expected to rest some of their starters, Atlanta will be back in the postseason as the wild card with a NLDS matchup against the Giants being a good possibility.

Many of us at TGT have fond memories of when the Braves’ run began in 1991. Back then, with the Braves playing in the NL West, it wasn’t unusual to be on pins and needles seeing if the Braves could pull out a win and then anxiously awaiting the results of the Dodgers’ game out on the west coast. There were many a dreary eye the next day as many stayed up late hoping for a Dodger loss.

We’ve seen the exact same thing this week. The Braves are now 1 1/2 games in the wild card lead following a sweep of the Marlins and the Padres losing 2 of 3 games to the Cubs. Each night after the Braves win, many fans either stayed up to cheer for a Padres loss or have done like me and check the Padres game result on their phone when I wake up each morning.

Isn’t pennant fever great?

Lugnut Dawg


I must admit, I am not a Tyler Perry fan.  I don’t find him funny, and anyone who has a new movie coming out every year must run out of humorous material (see-the Seth MacFarlane block on Fox). 

But on a day where the Dallas Cowbys showed the gluttonous nature of rich celebrities, Tyler Perry did something truly humble.  A DeKalb Cub Scout Pack had their camping gear stolen from a church parking lot. 

Tyler Perry gave the Pack a check for $10,000…the cost to replace the gear was only $4,000.   Organizations like the Cub Scouts and 4-H do a great job of teaching youth hard work and values. 

I tip my hat to you, sir.  Well done. 


UGA Is On The Cusp Of Greatness Once Again-Thanks To George Lucas

Ask, and you shall recieve. 

Back on July 13, I  stated that UGA’s success dependes on George Lucas.   In review, 5/7 times that a Star Wars movie has been released in the theaters, Georgia has had a very good to even great year.   See the link for proof.

It was announced today that George Lucas will re-release the Star Wars movies, beginning with the prequels and then the original trilogy.  The Phantom Menace will be relased in 2012, and a new movie will follow each year. 

Patience, Dawg fans…starting in 2012 we will get ours.


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday: Women’s Shoes

I saw an article  yesterday about women racing in stilettos (yes I had to look up how to spell it), then saw the following Lewis column today.  I’m sure Lewis would have something to say about racing in high heels. 

Women in Running Shoes Brought To Heel

WASHINGTON – My ride was late, so as I waited on the sidewalk in downtown Washington I people-watched. 

I had seen the phenomenon I’m about to discuss in other large cities, but here in Washington there seemed to be even more instances of it. 

I’m speaking of the fact that when females in the workplace are out of their offices, many are now walking around in their otherwise attractive outfits in running shoes. 

I am told that women wear these shoes to lunch and to and from work, but once they are in their offices they put on regular shoes, ones with heels that are more suited to the rest of their clothing. 

I asked a female colleague about this once and she explained, “We do it for comfort. You just can’t imagine how doing a lot of walking in heels can absolutely kill your feet.” 

I can understand that. I’ve never personally done a lot of walking (or any walking for that matter) in a pair of heels, but I can imagine how one’s feet would feel afterward. 

Still, I’ve got to say this: 

Comfort or no comfort, wearing a pair of running shoes with a dress does to t he attractiveness of a woman what a large tattoo does to a man. 

It’s downright displeasing to the eye. In a word – ugly. 

And I hate to use the “T” word, but I feel compelled. 

It’s Tacky. 

At a gathering later in the evening, I asked a Washington woman, who had had the good sense not to show up at a cocktail party wearing a pair of Reeboks, why this practice seemed so prevalent in Washington. 

“I don’t think it has anything to do with politics,” she said. “Maybe Washington women just have to walk more than women in other cities. Why do you ask?” 

Diplomacy has never been my strong suit. I looked at her square in her eyes and said, “Because it’s tacky.” 

She threw a sausage ball at me and then huffed away in disgust. 

But that didn’t change my opinion. I don’t think I have any sort of foot fetish, but women in sexy shoes have always caught my eye. 

I recall the first time I saw Kathy Sue Loudermilk in a pair of high heels. It was at the annual Moreland Fourth of July barbecue. She was also wearing her tight pink sweater (the one they retired in the trophy case when she graduated from high school), a pair of short shorts and 8- inch spike heels. 

When the Baptist preacher, who was helping make the coleslaw, saw her, he said, “Lord, thy do make some lovely things.” 

I don’t think he was talking about the onions he was putting in the coleslaw. 

Said my boyhood friend and idol, Weyman C. Wannamaker Jr., a great American, when he saw Kathy Sue, “You put something besides them heels on that body and you done put retreads on a Rolls Royce.” 

And here I stand on a downtown sidewalk in our nation’s capital and eight out of 10 women I see look like they went to the Sears tire store to shop for shoes. 

The Lord does, indeed, make some lovely things, and I’m certain the almighty had no intention they walk around in what amounts to glorified, overpriced, rubber-soled clodhoppers. 

Your feet hurt, ladies? See Dr. Scholl. 

Tacky. Tacky. Tacky. 

I think I have made myself abundantly clear.

Tuesday Leans

Kensingtondawg (8-3-1)

Va Tech (-4) at NC State-Everyone is high on NC State right now, but I’m still a little skeptical. GT has no defense, and Russell Wilson will be tested big time Saturday against Bud Foster.  Look for a big statement game from the Hokies, and they’ll cover the number.  Hokies Cover

ECU at North Carolina (-11)-I believe North Carolina is on their way back and salvage the season.  They got a big win on the road at Rutgers which should have given them a lot of confidence.  I look for a big game out of the Heels on Saturday, and they will roll ECU.  Lay the 11 and take North Carolina

Texas A &M (+3.5) at Oklahoma State-Oklahoma State is overrated football team.  They had to squeak by Troy at home, and this program is decimated on defense.  Aggies need a big win to keep Mike Sherman off the hot seat.  They will get it Thursday night.  I like the Aggies.

Barndawg (6-6)

Kentucky (-2.5) at Ole Miss The Masoli experiment has failed so far in Oxford. Kentucky doubles the spread.

Ga Tech at Wake Forest (-10) Paul Johnson on this week’s game: “We need to go to Winston Salem and play like our hair’s on fire.” I’m sure the girl that twirls the fire batons for the Redcoats could serve that duty for us. Jackets cover.

Texas A&M at Oklahoma State (-3.0) Vegas must not like the ‘Boys, but I won’t complain–they’ve helped my pitiful against the spread record. They only lead the nation in total yards and points score per game. Oklahoma State wins.

Ucheedawg (4-6-2)

Virginia Tech (-4) @ NC State  Va Tech reminds me of Clemson a few years ago; highly touted with no offensive line or defense. I like NC State to cover.

Texas Tech (-7) @ Iowa State  Iowa State is still terrible, and Texas Tech will cover easily against the Cyclones.

Kentucky @ Ole Miss (-2.5) Calling for the upset here, as Kentucky goes to the Grove and comes home with a win.

Corbindawg (3-8-1)

UGA (-4) at Colorado-The Dawgs can’t lose this game, right? Right? Right.  Despite my limited true football IQ, I know what a playmaker and the best WR in UGA history will make difference for an offense that is struggling-and struggling is kind.  The reemergence of a threat in the passing game should help the running game.  Look for the Dawgs to finally cover. 

Temple (-4.5) at Army- The good ol’ bank of Temple.  Temple has made huge strides with head coach Al Golden.  The Owls cover.

Florida State (-7) at Virginia-I like Florida State.

Granite (3-9)

tech (+10) @ wake
byu (+5.5) @ utah state
UGA (+4) at Colorado just because I enjoy pain and losing
Florida State (+7) at Virginia
Tenn (-16) @ LSU
Texas Tech (+7) @ Iowa State

Since I can’t get three right I’ll lean towards six

Confidence Vs. Faith

“Right or wrong, black or white, Cross the line you’re gonna pay

In the dawn before the light, Live and die by shades of gray”

 -Robert Earl Keen, Shades of Gray

 I agree Kennsingtondawg, which is something I don’t usually do.

I am just sad. 

I am staunch believer in Mark Richt-without a doubt his biggest supporter on The Grit Tree.

I can live with losses to Arkansas and South Carolina, because they are clearly good teams this year.  But what happened in Starkville Saturday night was just plain terrible.  I can’t begin to describe how bad it was-and I won’t, because you all saw it for yourselves.

There is a difference between “confidence” and “faith”.   If you are confident in something, you have facts to back you up.  There are clear cut reasons for being confident.  Faith, to me, is believing in something that you don’t really have proof in, but you still know it is there. 

I have always had confidence in Mark Richt.  I have had confidence that he can fix the problems this team has been plagued with starting  in 2008.  Mark Richt elevated UGA ( that was a mediocre program for nearly 20 years) into one where expectations of championship are not only expected, but are realistic.  This confidence was reaffirmed when he fired Willie Martinez and brought in Todd Grantham. 

Saturday night I lost my confidence in Mark Richt.  To paraphrase from Lyndon Johnson, “If you’ve lost Corbindawg, you have lost the Bulldog Nation.”

I am not calling for Mark Richt to lose his job.  There are things I want to see this season.  We have a long way to go, but a short time to get there.  I want to see the players still buying in. 

As I said earlier, when faced with adversity, Richt coached teams have prevailed.  Richt said so himself on Sunday, this is the most adversity he has faced on any level of football. 

This is a difficult situation we are faced with in Athens.  To say “Fire Richt” is not an easy thing to say, and anyone who thinks it is easy is being disingenuous.   Mark Richt is a victim of his own success.  You can’t constantly rely on what he has done in the past, but you can’t ignore it either.  If this were, say Jim Donnan, the decision to fire him would be easy.  But Richt has done A LOT for this program.  To just be willing to kick him to the curb is not easy.

Yes, the program has hit a new low, a low we haven’t hit in nearly 20 years.  The last 3 seasons have been very disappointing.  But don’t forget the 3 SEC Championship game appearances in 4 years.  The finishes of #2 and #3.  He has a proven track record and is a proven winner on high levels.  This is not a bad coach we are dealing with here.  This is one of the most successful coaches in the country who is struggling right now. 

There are shades of gray with him…it is not as clear cut as people want to think. 

What I am left with is faith…blind faith perhaps.  After seeing what happened in Starkville Saturday night, I don’t have confidence anymore.

I need proof again.  I need something for my faith to build on to become confidence.  And it is more than just wins and losses.  I need to see more soon, or even I will no longer be a believer. 


Tennessee kickoff announced

The Tennessee game will kickoff at 12:21 and be televised on the SEC Network.

Get ready for another serving of brunch at your tailgates.


I won’t say much, largely because I don’t have much time. I do want to address something that has been driving me crazy though. A lot of people have said/are saying that had we had AJ these past 3 games, the outcome would have been different.

That is simply not true. Yes, AJ is our best player and is one of the elite players in America. But he DOES NOT make our offense. SEC defenses are good enough to limit individuals. It would have been nice to have had him, but it wouldn’t have resulted in any wins. One wide receiver can’t do that. And defenses can stop one guy.

I have talked to over a dozen football coaches the last 2 weeks about this, each of whom played college ball. Every one of them said the same thing- that AJ would not have changed the result of any game so far this season. One could argue that against SC he may have had a slight difference, but the point is that their D would have alienated AJ and left him worthless since all they have to worry about is that one guy.

Sorry, don’t have time to expand more, but I just had to get that off my chest. If you think I’m wrong, ask anybody with a true football IQ and they will quickly correct you. Not having AJ is not one of our main problems. Not having anybody else as a threat is.


An Overly Simple Suggestion To Improve the Offense

Ahhh, where can we begin?  Perhaps I am over simplifying this, but I think with all the problems this offense has, from inept play calling to inept play on the field, I have solution that would make things better.

Adjust the running back rotation.

Washaun Ealey, dating back to last season, has fumbled 3 times on the goal line in the past 7 games. 

Kentucky, it was the tying score.

South Carolina, essentially the tying score.

Mississippi State, a TD in the first quarter would have been nice.

Here’s a simple solution:  Make Ealey your back “between 20s”. 


Just Sad

People who read this blog have probably come to know me, as one reader put it, a “Downer Dawg”.    I typically sees things with a glass half empty.  I am always worried and pessimistic when it comes to my teams.  Can you blame me?  I pull for the Dawgs (no national title since 1980), the Braves (14 consecutive division titlesbut just 1 World Series), and the Falcons (we got our first back to back winning seasons just last year).  My teams are just known for finding ways to just screw it up.

Since last season, starting with the Kentucky game, I have railed about the bigger issues related to this program.  Sure we had problems with “in over their head” coaches such as Willie Martinez and Mike Bobo.  But the problems I felt were always bigger than that.  The team has and still lacks discipline, focus, and truly a lack of appreciation among some of the players of “What it Means to be a Bulldog.”

I continued this criticism after the South Carolina game and again after last week’s loss to Arkansas.  I opined that I hoped that new Athletic Director Greg McGarity would have what it took to make the BIG decision at the end of 2010,  if the season did not turn around dramatically.

Well, here we are we.  Embarrassed on the road by a Mississippi State,  a club that will probably finish 9th or 10th overall in the league.  Georgia is now 2-7 in their last 9 SEC games.  So I’m sure many of you expect me to write another article ripping everyone from the head coach, to the assistant coaches, to the trainers.  You won’t find that today.  As often as I have ripped the goings on with the University of Georgia football program the last couple of years, I always hope that I am wrong.  Deep down I always have a slight glimmer of hope that  Mark Richt will turn it around and lead us back to the promised land.  Last night as I sat there and watched what was taking place in Starkville, a cold dose of reality set it in like a fist to the gut.  Richt will not bring this team back.  He looks defeated and out of answers.  And to top it all off, Demetrius Baker was arrested for DUI at 4:30 this morning.  I’m glad he was taking the loss as hard as I was.   I am no longer angry or upset.  I’m  just….well….sad.