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Coach Richt Has a Funny Bone

Dan LeBatard is a doofus, but his interview show had Mark Richt as a guest.  This is a very softball interview, but it was neat to see a lighter side of Coach Richt.  I think he spends most of the time laughing.  We’ve heard the Jim Kelly and John Elway stories before, but it is still funny.  The story at the end of the interview about how he proposed is good stuff.


Pour One Out For Peaches Fine Foods

I was alerted yesterday that my favorite Soul Food place in Athens, Peaches, will close its doors for the last time on Friday. 

Weaver D’s has tradition.  Food for the Soul was an all-you-can-eat buffet.  5 Star Day was not all that great to me.  But Peaches had the quality.  It was the best.

Fridays were the best days to eat at Peaches.  They had “Seafood Friday”, and the Cajun fried shrimp was a great treat.

I don’t live in Athens anymore, but if I did, I would eat at Peaches today or tomorrow, one last time.  If you live in Athens, I urge you to go by there and enjoy a fried pork chop or the fried shrimp and mac and cheese for me.  Take a little longer lunch break if necessary. 

Because it is worth it.



43 years ago today….

Allow Me to Say This On Recruiting

Jeff Schultz does it again.  This little gem from his most recent column is just baffling:

The problem now is that too many of the players Georgia is recruiting should be red-lined. The line of risk needs to be pulled back.

The problem is, if Richt hadn’t gone out and signed Crowell, there likely would have been riots outside his house last season afters starting 0-2.  NSD in 2011 was a joyous day for the Bulldog Nation.  Can you imganie, if fresh off the Liberty Bowl loss to UCF, if Georgia had whiffed on Crowell and he had gone to Alabama.    Then, followed that up with two losses to begin the season? 

You never know how college will change someone.  In high school, I was a straight A student who never skirted the rules.  I never partied, was not one of the “cool” kids.  In college, I discovered I liked the taste of cheap, cold beer.   Especially Natural Light.   

So you know, you have to recruit the kids that the gurus out there say you have to.  And if you are not recruiting them, then there will be hell to pay.

When addressing the discipline problem at UGA, you can write columns about how Coach Richt’s message isn’t getting through, and how after so long people stop listening to the same thing.  You can write about how Georgia has stricter rules and a more open policy for reporting infractions.  You can talk about the over zealous UGA PD and the clown Jimmy Williamson.  You can write about how the active nightlife in Athens can help turn someone from a dweeb to Frank the Tank.   

But please spare me on how Coach Richt isn’t a strict enough disciplinarian, or how Georgia needs to recruit different players.  Both of those are just dumb things to say.


If You Are Going To Bring It Up Again, So Will We

I know Steve Spurrier likes to talk a lot.  He especially likes to talk when he knows he has a good team.  And judging by the amount of BS coming from Spurrier, you can tell he likes his team in Colombia.

Spurrier’s biggest gripe this offseason has been scheduling.  Coach Spurrier is not an idiot.  He knows that it will probably be a two team race in the SEC East-Georgia and South Carolina.  He knows he has a good team, probably a more complete team than Georgia.  He also knows that South Carolina’s schedule is more difficult than Georgia’s in 2012. 

Georgia got fortunate of the addition of Missouri and now doesn’t have to play Alabama on the road this season.  We get to finish our home and home with Ole Miss but only draw Auburn and Ole Miss from the West. Georgia’s slate is very manageable.

South Carolina, on the other hand, has to play LSU.  Here is their 5 game stretch beginning October 6:  Georgia, at LSU, at Florida, Tennessee and Arkansas.  They have to play 3 teams that will probably start the season in the top 10, a decent Florida team and a Tennessee team that is going to better than the experts think.

I know this has been covered before, but since Spurrier is hell-bent on bringing it up constantly to whoever will listen, let’s cover it again.

Back in 2008, Georgia was preseason #1 in the Country.  Georgia had to play Alabama and Florida-both of whom went through the regular season undefeated.  Georgia also had to travel across the country and play Arizona State the week before playing Alabama.  And though LSU was down, Georgia had to make a trip to Baton Rouge and play the defending National Champions.  You certainly don’t hear many Georgia fans complaining about the difficult schedule in 2008 as a reason why we didn’t live up to lofty goals. 

That season, when each Eastern team played 3 teams from the West, South Carolina had to play Arkansas.  And Arkansas was not near as good then as it is now, with Bobby Petrino in his first season as head coach.  Yes, South Carolina did host LSU, and lost to a mediocre LSU team 24-17.  Guess who else South Carolina played that season?  Ole Miss.

The 2008 season also saw Spurrier’s team lose to Vanderbilt, and they limped to a 7-6 record.

Where was Spurrier at in 2008 complaining that Georgia had it worse than the Gamecocks?  He was busy eating his humble pie. 

Also, why can’t Spurrier explain why his team lost to a medicore Auburn team at home last season, only scoring 13 points against a team that Georgia defeated 45-7?  If South Carolina had taken care of business against Auburn and not pulled a Georgia and wet the bed, they would have gotten the chance to get destroyed by LSU in Atlanta. 

So while Spurrier will cry to reporters that his team has it unfair this season, it is absolutely, 100% sour grapes. 


Now Will The Big 10 Change Their Division Names?

There is nothing in all of sports as pompus, arrogant and condescending as the Big 10’s two division names, “Legends” and “Leaders”. 

Ohio State and Penn State are in the Leaders Division (much like the ACC’s Divisions, I couldn’t remember and had to look it up).

Wood Hayes at Ohio State was fired after punching a Clemson player in the throat during a game! 

Now the Freeh Report proves some very damning evidence against Paterno. 

Can we just rename the Divisions to East and West and be done with this facade?


Steve Spurrier and Bear Bryant: The SEC’s two Best Ever

I am a sucker for some numbers, charts and statistics. And I am not really a Math or Science guy, so I find it a bit odd that my love for numbers only applies to sports. This is a big reason why I love the Phil Steele magazine.

So, when ESPN put a chart up featuring each college football team and their record minus their winningest coach’s record, I was intrigued. If you like numbers and haven’t seen it, I suggest you take a look. Make sure and read the Ivan Maisel piece that explains the chart.

Bear Bryant is the best coach in the history of college football. I don’t think there is much debate about that; perhaps someone from up north might try and tell you Woody Hayes, but that is laughable. The Bear is the best.

A testament to Bryant’s greatness? He won at Kentucky. He is Kentucky’s all time winning coach.

The same now can be said by Spurrier. Spurrier needs just 10 more wins to be the all-time winningest coach in South Carolina history. A program whose only league championship was the 1969 ACC Championship, what he has done at South Carolina is remarkable. Just think about Florida football before we went there. Plus, Spurrier won at Duke.

Saban might have won three National Titles at two different schools. Urban Meyber might have won two National titles in 3 years while at Florida. Spurrier does have one crystal ball. But I have said time and time again, you absolutely cannot judge a coach soley on the national titles they have won. If you did that, then Gene Chizik would be an equal coach to Tom Osborne and Vince Dooley, and would be better than Bo Schembechler.

From Duke to Florida to Carolina, Spurrier has won at three programs that have had little history of success. That is pretty amazing.

As much as it pains me to say it, of all the great coaches in the history of the SEC, I’d place Spurrier behind the Bear.