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Flip The Birds

Came across this interesting website.  It suggest that the Chicken should replace the Brown Thrasher as the State Bird.  It is worth a look.

Be sure to click and read all the tabs across the top.  VERY interesting points.

This could be our guy.


The Flawed Morality Compass of ESPN

We mentioned yesterday in our links that Tony Kornheiser is serving two week suspension from PTI for his comments about Hannah Storm’s outfit.  I personally agree with Tony Kornheiser that Hannah Storm’s outfit was quite ugly, but she can wear them as well as any 47 year old.

We in the Bulldog Nation are quite familiar with notable personalities making gaffes about female clothing options on the radio. 

There is such hypocrisy here.  For one, if women want to be treated equally, then they should not be protected from comments such as these.  If Storm is going to work in an environment that is geared towards men, and is going to dress that tacky, then she needs to be prepared for the negative backlash as if she were a dude.  I am not saying that Storm is incapable at her job or that she deserves to be sexually harassed/stalked (Erin Andrews).  But if she wants to work in a man’s world, she needs to be treated like a man.  If a man said something outrageous about another man, there would be no fuss over it (Hannah Storm has to be given credit here also; she, at what I read last, had no comment.  Good for her to stay out of it).

For example, I have seen Tony Kornheiser wear some dog ugly stuff on his show.  Last week, he wore a hideous red Polo sweater-the kind with the HUGE pony.  If Cowherd or Scott Van Pelt said something mean about how tacky Kornheiser’s outfits look, and a 61 year old man needs to know better than to dress like a teenager, then I seriously doubt either one of them would have been disciplined. 

ESPN is just so full of crap.  They let some things slide, while dropping the hammer on other things.

Here are some of the most egregious examples off the top of my head of ESPN’s lack of common sense:

  • Not letting Herbstreit make his just for entertainment picks Saturday morning on the games he is going to call.  He is, however, more than able to do color on games that involve Ohio State.  Herbstreit played quarterback at Ohio State. Herbstreit lives in Columbus.   He also has a talk radio show in Columbus.  Don’t you think there would be a bigger conflict of interest in calling games that YOUR team is involved in than making stupid picks that involve your team?
  • However, during the Mike Leach controversy, ESPN had no problem letting friends/people close to the situation call the Alamo Bowl.  The ESPN ombudsman even said this was a faux pas.  
  • When Dan Patrick was working at ESPN, he hosted the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio.  He also was the anchor for Sportscenter.  In the afternoon, he gave his opinions, while in the evenings he reported the news. Wasn’t there a potential conflict of interest there?
  •  The network hired Bobby Knight to be a color analyst.  Now, I like Coach Knight.  I liked him as a coach and I like his work on TV.  But come on!  He is an abusive SOB. 

Charles Barkley has said many more inappropriate things than what Tony Kornheiser said, yet TNT doesn’t get their proverbial panties in the proverbial wad.  Why does ESPN hold some things to such a high standard but obviously doesn’t hold other things against the same measuring stick?


Go Dawgs!

New Ole Miss Mascot

Colonel Reb is crying in his Confederate Hanker-chief, alright.

Ole Miss students are creating an internet, grass roots campaign to have Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar as their new mascot. 

For those of you, like Ucheedawg, who have no idea who this is, well here he is:

He could say, “It’s a Counter Trap.”

I know this is a joke.  But dang, son. 


Go Dawgs!


I enjoy all the conference expansion/realignment talk that’s going on right now. In the end, I personally think that 2011 will look much like 2009 Conference-wise. But the talk is fun.

I’d love to see Clemson join the SEC East, UT join the West, and Arkansas go to the Big 12. It’d be great to see Nebraska join the Big 10, making that a 12 team Conference. I’m not huge on Texas going to the Pac 10. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Colorado go there and have TCU join the Big 12.

Of course, it’s all really just off-season gibberish. Too much at play.

I say that to say this: Andy Staples has a really good idea. Would it ever work? No. But it does make sense, and it would be incredibly competitive and exciting, from College Football to Women’s Softball. He gives UGA a shout out too, which is always nice.

Imagine, 4 “mega-conferences” with the 64 most well-endowed schools playing against each other every year. You’d never have to worry about the mid-majors getting BCS invites, and it would mostly satisfy those who beg for a playoff system. The Pac 16 could play the Big 16 in the Rose Bowl every year, with nobody getting their feelings hurt. SEC Championship games would get ratings in the 30’s. Less would be left to doubt about the National Champion. If you didn’t look, check out the link to see his breakdown of conferences and what he has to say.

Obviously, this is wishful thinking. The SEC is locked tight for 15 years. The Big 10 is in pretty good shape. And then there’s Notre Dame. But it’s a good argument. What say you?


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday:2-24-10

In light of the Storm-Kornheiser Controversy, here is Lewis’ take on women’s clothing.

Women Wearing Ties
  I saw a woman on an airplane the other day who was wearing a tie. I don’t think I had ever seen a woman wearing a tie before. 

I thought only men wore ties to make up for the fact we don’t have to get pregnant. 

The woman in the tie looked like one of those big-time businesswomen who owns her own condo, a BMW and a fluffy cat. 

“Excuse me,” I said to the woman, “I was just wondering why you are wearing a tie.” 

“Why not?” the woman asked me back. 

“Well,” I said, “I thought only men wore ties.” 

“You obviously are one of those Neanderthal redneck men who think women have no place in your world,” the woman, obviously irritated by my comments, said. 

“Not at all, madam,” I interrupted. “I certainly believe if a woman can do the same job as a man she deserves the opportunity to do so and she should get the same pay as a man. 

“The only thing I’m against women doing is voting and driving,” I went on, in jest, of course. 

I forgot, however, that the feminist movement is totally devoid of a sense of humor. I should have known the woman wouldn’t take my little barb in the frivolous spirit with which it was intended. 

Her eyes bugged out, her face turned red and the veins in her neck popped out in anger. She called me several unprintable names, a couple of which I had never heard before, leading me to believe women not only have equaled men in the ability to curse, but may have exceeded us. 

I thought the woman was going to have a stroke, so I suggested she loosen her tie. She did, and in a few minutes, seemed as calm as possible under the circumstances. 

Upon some quiet reflection regarding this incident, I came to the conclusion that women certainly have a right to wear a tie anywhere or anytime. 

In fact, I think it is only fair that all women be made to wear ties and allow men to stop the silly practice. 

I quit wearing ties everywhere except to funerals of close friends several years ago when I decided I had had enough of being uncomfortable. 

But I’m lucky. I don’t have a real job like most men, so I can get away with not wearing a tie. 

Ties are detrimental to men’s health. Men who have to wear ties all the time tend to be terribly highstrung and nervous because they’ve got this piece of cloth strung tightly around their necks. It’s ties, not cholesterol, that cause most heart attacks and strokes. 

Also, besides being terribly uncomfortable and unhealthy, it is a known fact that wearing a tie eventually leads to baldness. The tie hinders the circulation to the scalp and that’s why men’s hair falls out. 

You don’t see that many bald-headed women, do you? Of course not. That’s because they don’t wear ties. 

But it’s high time they did. And it’s high time men were relieved of this burden. 

Imagine if the tie tables were turned and it was women who had to wear ties to get into a fancy restaurant. You walk in with your lady and she has forgotten her tie. 

“You may enter, sir,” the maitre d’ would say, “but baldy there needs a tie.” 

What a simply delicious fantasy.

Tuesday Afternoon Links

If you’re having a hard time making it through your Tuesday, here are a few good reads to help you out. Enjoy.

John Daly is now an underwear model.  Yes, that John Daly, and yes, I said underwear. Good for you John.

Elijah Fields, COME ON MAN! I know that kids make bad decisions. I made plenty, you made plenty, we all made plenty. But there is a big difference in a bad decision and being stupid. Elijah Fields is stupid. No bones about it.

Speaking of stupid.

But this is just a bad decision. But Tony’s right. And the WWL needs to loosen up. Here’s what Tony said to get his wrist slapped.

Our friend in the corn patch  offers up his favorite Winter Olympic moments. I have a theory on the Olympics: You either love them or hate them. I don’t think there’s any middle ground here. Especially Winter Olympics. Me, I love them. I’ve watched at least some coverage every night. Everything from downhill moguls to curling, I love it. I don’t do ice dancing, but everything else is good stuff. But I have very good friends who will not watch the Olympics. And of all the folks I’ve asked, I haven’t heard a single response falling in the “middle ground” area. So, there’s my opinion of the day.

Finally, the USC saga is in waiting mode now, after 3 long days of meetings and hearings. This really is a big deal. Sometimes in the SEC, we like to look down on the rest of the programs around the nation. For the most part, in regards to football, we have a right to do so. But USC is legitimately on the top of the pack, so any news that comes from this story is big news. Were it not for Lane Kiffin being there, I’d secretly be pulling for them. But now I hope they get hit hard. Yeah, I dislike the Laner that much.

Have a good afternoon.


Wooooo! Mark Fox Channeled his inner Ric Flair (but does not get beat by wife)

I made the long trek to Athens Saturday to attend the basketball game  for my first trip to “The Pregnant Oyster” this season.  I picked a good one to go to.

I thought the Fox Hounds were going to let their inability to shoot from the Charity Stripe and their obsession with fouling Alabama and sending them to the free throw line would cost them.

However, as we all know, the Dawgs rallied.

I noticed something funny whilst watching the game live, in person.  I noticed with each timeout, CMF would stand far back away from the team in the paint and just stare them down.  With only a few seconds left in the timeout, Coach would rejoin his team to bark orders.  My friend who I was sitting with  is a home game regular and said he has never noticed this before.

I loved seeing Mark Fox get riled up.  He has the anger of a good basketball coach, but the coolness of another coach named Mark at UGA.

I was hoping that Mark Fox would get “T’d up”.  Even the old folks were standing up and cheering; if Coach Fox had gotten a technical for arguing a bad call I think the roof would have blown off.  He was really giving it to one official.

At one moment in the second half, after an obvious bad call, Coach Fox ripped his coat off and flung it in the chair and began to scream and yell.   I was expecting him to strip down and elbow drop his coat like the Nature Boy.

A  Southern Icon

Speaking of The Nature Boy, he apparently can’t win a real fight.   Good thing his wife didn’t go after the 7 iron.


Meyer to Retire

No, not that Meyer. Another Meyer for whom I have much more respect.

Don Meyer, the all-time wins leader in NCAA basketball, is retiring this year. I first heard of Don Meyer about a year ago when he was honored at the ESPY’s with the Jimmy V Perseverence Award. I’ve given to the Jimmy V Foundation for several years now and follow the organization fairly closely. Coach Meyer was a well-deserved candidate to win the award.

Coach Meyer has been battling carcinoid cancer. He also almost lost his entire left leg in an accident in 2008. Unlike the “other Meyer”, he didn’t complain about the stress of the job though. He continued to plug along at the ripe age of 65. But now he’s ready to call it quits.

I hate to use this post as a means to dig at Urban, fearful that it may diminish my respect for what Don Meyer has done over the course of his career. However, a chance to honor one man while criticizing a Gator usually seems fitting, so I am taking the opportunity. One Meyer has battled cancer and coached in a wheelchair, while the other is fatigued at 45 and is holding the college football world in limbo. Two ends of the spectrum, wouldn’t you say?

Coach Don Meyer really does have a great story. Research him sometime if you get the chance. He’s been a true hero to the sport and an inspiration to many. Happy retirement, Coach.


Coach Richt: Shake Your Moneymaker

College athletics is big business.  For most schools not named Duke, Syracuse or UConn, the major moneymaker is the football program. 

Mr. SEC said that Coach Richt shouldn’t be considered on the hotseat because of the value of the football team and the fact the program is still making money. 

When my sister and brother-in-law first got alumni season tickets and donated to the Hartman Fund, it was prior to the 2001 season and Coach Richt’s first year.  The like to say they came in with Coach Richt. 

The initial donation to get tickets when they joined was $1,000.  Now, it will probably be in the neighborhood of $4,500. 

Not only is the sustained amount impressive from one year to the next , but a 450% increase over his tenure is equally impressive.  We are in the midst of a terrible economy and a terrible product in 2009.  This shows me something. 

It shows me the ones who are screaming that Coach Richt needs to leave town probably aren’t the same ones writing a check every February. 


Go Dawgs!

Lunchtime Sportscenter Commercials

Some good ones for your lunch time viewing: