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Mumme Poll Ballot, Championship Week Edition

Rivalry weekend proved to be shakeup weekend here in regards to our Mumme Poll Ballot. There was more discrepancy this week than any other with our Next 7. The Top 5 remains the same as it has for several weeks.

Top 5 (in alphabetical order): Alabama, Boise State, Florida, Texas, Texas Christian

Next 7: Cincy, GT, LSU, Ohio State, Nebraska, Oregon, Stanford

Nebraska and Stanford were tied with Penn State for the 11 & 12 slots. BYU and VT were also on the fringe. The top 10 were unanimious selections. A case could be made for or against any of these last 2 teams. Bottom line, there didn’t seem to be 2 teams really worthy of being the last 2 in.


UGA-Georgia Tech Photos

Thanks once again to Andy Harrison for the photos:


How Sundays Are Supposed to Feel in Georgia

Every morning I wake up and count my blessings. However, this morning was a little sweeter than most. Today, it has truly been great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

I attended church with my family this morning. At least 75% of the men were wearing UGA ties or vests, and most of the ladies were decked out in red and black as well. 3 of our ministers were wearing UGA ties. It was great.

It’s hard to put last night into words. We ran the ball hard, tackled better than we have all season, and looked like a real football team. We were mostly disciplined and seemed to play with a purpose. It was an effort we haven’t seen all year. But most importantly, we played with a passion.

It was awesome watching Reshad Jones make amends for last year. There are plenty of dawgbones to pass around, but Jones played possibly the best game of his career.

I can’t give Ealey, King and the O-Line enough credit for that gutsy performance last night. GT was incapable of stopping our rushing attack. Everything that everyone thought was going to happen to UGA was turned around and inflicted upon Tech. I mean we just stuffed it down their throat all night. They even knew it was coming. It was beautiful. And I give Bobo due credit for sticking with what was working. I’ve criticized him all year for trying to find balance in numbers, but last night he did what it took. Good job Coach.

Rennie was Rennie, recording another 15 tackles. Our entire D played as hard and as disciplined as they had all year long. Willie looked to have had a well planned attack ready to be delivered and our guys bought into it and executed. (Won’t touch Willie or rumors yet, that will all be revealed soon enough.) For now, Congrats Willie, good game last night.

Special teams continues to be both good and bad all rolled into one. I still don’t know why we try to kick it directionally, but if I haven’t figured it out yet then I guess I never will.

Great, great game Bulldogs! What a way to close out the season. This weekend provided a ton of wonderful blogging information, so we’ll talk soon about UGA being ACC Champs, how bad it must suck to  be an ACC fan, coaching rumors, how it’s always better to be a Dawg than a Dork, Championship weekend and coaching rumors. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday, spend some time with family, and Thank God you’re a Dawg.


How ’bout Them Apples!

To all the cocky Nerds and to all the ungrateful UGA fans:


What Will Happen Today?

It has been many years since I’ve heard so many UGA fans sound so dismal about an upcoming game. Even against Florida over the past several years there was still a general optimism. Not many folks are giving the Dawgs a chance today against the Nerds, and that my friends is just not the way it’s supposed to be.

So, have the Dawgs packed it up this year? Will we do what so many folks think will happen and just lay down and suffer a death by a thousand stings?

I hope not. Rather, I hope that CMR, CWM, CMB and others have had the coaching week of their life. I hope our men are ready to come out and overpower the Nerds. We have more athleticism, but (and I’m going to drop the most obvious statement of the year here) we have no discipline. That’s not good news against GT, sure, but think back. Earlier this year, The U absolutely crushed GT. Surely they are not less disciplined that us, are they? I actually liken our team to theirs alot. If we had played a similar schedule, I think we would also be 8-3. We’re athletic but don’t play smart football.

Yes, GT is now a well-oiled machine. No, they’re not the same team that got crushed by Miami. And No, I wouldn’t bet the farm (or even a cup of coffee) that UGA wins today. But I do think that there’s a chance we win this game. Heck, it’s rivalry weekend, and anything can happen. Who saw GT beating us last year?

Hold out hope, have a little faith. The greatest time of the year is drawing to a close. Maybe CMR can pull a miracle out of his hat. Or maybe Russ will bring us a little luck. Maybe we can turn The Nerd House into The Dawg House.

Be safe out there today, maybe enjoy a chili dog at the V, and bundle up.

Most importantly, Go Dawgs!!! Beat the Nerds!



Per Request

An avid reader of TGT, we’ll call him “Fruitcake Dawg”, has made mention that this link should be made available for the world to see. I’m always game for a little poking at nerds. It really is great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Enjoy, beat the nerds, and Go Dawgs!


New UGA Named For Tech Game

A source close to the Seiler family has told us that the interim dog for tomorrow’s game has been set.

It is reported that Russ will patrol the sidelines, helping will the Dawgs on past the Nerds.

Happy Thanksgiving!

As frustrating as this season has been, we at TGT have much to be thankful for.

We’re fortunate to live in a great nation and to have been born and raised in the South.

Most of all, all of us have the good fortune of being a Bulldog.

And that, is something to be thankful for.

Every Dawg Fan Should See This!

People questioned Matthew Stafford’s leadership ability at UGA.   I admit I did as well.  Well I couldn’t have been more wrong!  In a miked up video for NFL Films, Stafford led the Lions to an unprobable comeback victory Sunday afternoon, and showed he is indeed a true leader.  He has a bright future in the NFL and for the city of Detroit.

Kudos to Stafford!  You’re a damn good dawg!


Wednesday Locks

Hate to disappoint, but TGT will be on leave for the rest of the week. Thus, we will lock in our weekly winners today. Have a happy Thanksgiving and be safe out there!

granitedawg (20-13)

Short reasons again since it worked last week.

Clemson  @ South Carolina (+3)– Better team, on a roll since early losses, could slip since SC had off week last week and might be looking ahead to Tech, but still covers. Lay the points and take Clemson.

Tennessee @ Kentucky (+3)– Much better team, line would be lower if UGA hadn’t wet the bed. Take the Vols.

Utah State @ Idaho (-3) – Off the wall pick of the week and was off last week. Idaho covers the 3.

corbindawg (18-14-1)

Arizona at Arizona State (+3)- Arizona Wildcats cover. 

Arkansas at LSU (-3.5)–  Les Miles has fallen bass ackward in all kinds of lucky games the last few years.  Last week at Ole Miss, playing with fire finally burned him.   Arkansas has gotten better as the season has progressed.   I like Arkansas in this one, and LSU will fall to .500 in conference play the last two season.  Maybe LSU and Georgia could do a coach swap? 

Miami at South Florida (+5.5)-  Miami. 

kensingtondawg (17-15-1)

Alabama (-10.5) at Auburn-The most important game for Alabama is next week against Florida.  The most important game for Auburn is this week against Alabama and the Iron Bowl.  This game is dangerous for Bama and will be in doubt in the 4th quarter.  Take Auburn and the 10.5

Georgia at Georgia Tech (-7.5)-Just a horrific loss by the Dawgs last week at Kentucky.  Don’t be surprised if the Dawgs pack it in and get ready for the changes to the coaching staff.  Paul Johnson has made it a mission to prove that his team is the dominant one in the state.  This one could get ugly.  Tech covers!

Arkansas at LSU (-3.5)- No one coach in America is a bigger goat right now than Les Miles.  He’s facing and up and coming Arkansas team that will be preseason top 15 team next season.  Plus, Bobby Petrino is one of the great offensive minds in America with a future top ten draft pick running the show.  Arkansas will win this one straight up, but take the points just in case.

ucheedawg (15-18)

Clemson (-3) @ South Carolina– Clemson’s playing good ball right now and will overmatch SC in all aspects. The biggest difference will be the D, as SC won’t be able to score many against a very stingy Clemson defense. Clemson may ease up in the second half, but will still cover the 3.

UNC (-6) @ NC State– Staying in the Carolina’s with this one and going with another road team. NC State has been on a major slide and has only one win (Maryland) in their past 7 games. Look for that trend to continue as a pretty good UNC team comes to visit.

Arizona (-3) @ Arizona State– This is a sandwich game for Arizona, in between Oregon and USC, but they are a much better team and will beat their in-state rivals handily. Arizona State has been all but terrible and can not match up with the Wildcats. Lay the 3.