Cognitive Dissonance At Ole Miss

The Senator had a post yesterday about Hugh Freeze not wanting to be disposed in Laremy Tunsil’s domestic violence civil case (note:  allegedly for an issue with his stepfather), for fear of any testimony being used against him in the NCAA.

For those of you needing a refresher, and I know I did, this case stemmed from an altercation with his stepfather last summer, where the stepfather said it started with a disagreement over Tunsil “riding around with agents.”

I know this is not the same sort of case as the disgusting Ray Rice video that surfaced, but the buzzword is “domestic violence.”  A prominent SEC coach does not want to participate in a lawsuit for fear of repercussions to his program.

At best, this looks like Hugh Freeze is wanting to hide something.

At worst, it appears he is being complicit in not helping the justice system take action.

What is so disingenuous about this whole thing is the entire sports world has now taken a stance against domestic violence.  You can argue if it is strong enough or if the various sports leagues are doing enough, but whatever.  From Ray Rice to Jose Reyes, sports leagues of all levels are stepping up to punish players for these sort of issues.

When the entire sports industry is now all about doing something about domestic violence, Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss have chosen to do nothing.


For fear of wrongdoings being exposed to the NCAA.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…




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