5 Questions with 960 the Ref Chris Brame

The Grit Tree: David Hale had a photo-tour of the new Butts-Mehre renovations. What kind of affect will training in the temporary  “dungeon” have on strength and conditioning this summer?

Chris Brame:  I like it.  It makes me think of when Rocky trained for his fight with Ivan Drago.  He sawed wood, lifted boulders, pulled Paulie on that sled, then chopped down that big tree.  It looks like how a gym should look.  Not a country club.  It will toughen them up a little more.  Like Brandon Boykin said, “weights are weights….there’s not much difference.”

TGT:  Speaking of David Hale, we were sad to hear his announcement he was leaving to cover the Phillies. His blog was obviously a must read. Other than The Grit Tree, what are some of your daily “must read” websites, UGA sports related and otherwise?

CB:  The one website I go to everyday is MRSEC.com.  They do a pretty meticulous job of linking to stories from all over the conference.  Lots of information there

TGT: Over/under 5.5 wins for Colorado this year, and will Dan Hawkins be roaming the sidelines when the Buffaloes are in the Pac-10?

CB:  Since the most they’ve won in a season under Dan Hawkins is 6, I’ll go under.  They didn’t exactly schedule light in the non-conference.  Along with, of course, Georgia, they play Colorado State (a game they’ve lost 3 times in the last 5 years), @ Cal, and Hawaii.  I think 5-7 is the best they do.  The Dan Hawkins question is interesting.  From what i’ve read, the athletic department is broke and basically can’t afford to fire him.  Maybe when they start cashing those lucrative Pac-10 paychecks they’ll pull the trigger.

TGT: They were discussing on Baseball Tonight last night whether or not Steven Strasburg should play in the All-Star game, since it’s not a meaningless game anymore. Should Strasburg play in the mid-summer classic?

CB: Not only do I think he should play in the game, I think he should start.  People want to see this guy pitch.  Look at the attendance at the Braves game Monday night.  I want to see him face A-Rod and Ichiro and Justin Morneau. I don’t care what he does against the Indians and Royals representatives later in the game. Baseball needs to market this guy and stop living so much in the past.  The All-Star game is still an exhibition and Strasburg would bring a lot of eyes to TV screens.

TGT: Ok, Chris, Mickey Mouse just called and made you Director of Programming for ESPN.  What stupid sport would you say is no longer going to be aired?

CB:  This one’s easy.  College Softball.  Every at bat is either a strike out or a home run.  That’s all that happens in those games.  It’s such a bastardizing of baseball.  Players can leave the game and re-enter and they only play like 5 innings.  Though, I suppose I could consider that a blessing.

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