Gator Bowl Preview

For the record, I think Georgia wins.  Nebraska can’t stop Todd Gurley, and I know our defense can’t stop anyone, but come on.  Nebraska ain’t exactly the Auburn Tigers on offense.

But, I am not really concerned with how the game plays out aside from one thing:  Hutson Mason getting his experience.

9 wins sounds a whole lot better than 8.  It is always better to go into the offseason with a win rather than a loss to have positive energy in recruiting and among the fanbase.

But the way this year has gone, I don’t really care about that.  I mean, I’d rather win thatn lose, any day, but winning is on the peripheral of my focus on Wednesday’s game.

2013 was just a funky year.  Lots of weird stuff happened.  A lot of it was beyond Georgia’s control; a lot of it wasn’t.  Lord have mercy, how many times did were we on the edge of our seats and going from cheering wildly to throwing our hats down and cursing?

But the most important thing about the Gator Bowl is getting everyone ready for 2014.  So if Hutson Mason throws 4 picks and we lose, but it teaches him something, fine.  If by losing the Gator Bowl, it can help in 2014, then so be it.

Winning is important, but winning in 2014 paramount.


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