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Need To Beat Spurrier

If you read the tea leaves and think like I do, Steve Spurrier is on borrowed time at South Carolina.  Much has been made of his age.  He is quite sensitive to it, as Mark Bradley well knows.

Combined with his age and the downturn of success at South Carolina, I think he only has a a year-maybe two-left there.  They have lost to Kentucky back to back seasons, and if Georgia takes care of business Saturday, they should start off 0-2 in SEC play.

The rest of their schedule plays out like this :  at Georgia (they should lose); Central Florida (not a gimmie game by any means); LSU (loss); Vanderbilt (Win); at Texas A&M (should lose); at Tennessee (should lose); Florida (toss up); Citadel (Win); Clemson (loss).

South Carolina could very easily have a losing record this season.

I am not going to question Spurrier’s ability to coach.  He is best coach in school history at two SEC programs-only Bear Bryant can claim that-and could arguably be considered the best coach in the history of Duke football also.  He took South Carolina to unprecedented heights from 2010-2013.

But remember, Spurrier left Florida because they weren’t appreciative anymore.

Even if he does stick around after 2015, I doubt he will be back to Athens in 2017.  So Saturday probably marks the last time Spurrier visits Sanford Stadium.

We all know that Steve Spurrier has been a thorn in our side forever.  He revels in beating Georgia.  He loves it more than golf and Arby’s.

Due to the neutral site Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, Spurrier hasn’t been to Athens too many times.

1995:  Famously wanted to hang “half a hundred” for the first time in Sanford Stadium

2005:  Second game at South Carolina, lost in a close one 17-15.

2007:  Painful game that helped keep Georgia out of the BCS Championship.

2009:  Close win for Georgia in an exciting game we had no business winning.

2011:  Close loss for Georgia in an exciting game we had no business losing.

2013:  Big win for Georgia, 41-30 with a stout goal line stand and a 8 1/2 minute drive to close out the game.

So, for those keeping score at home, Spurrier has been to Athens 6 times.  He has a 3-3 record Between the Hedges.

If this is in fact his last visit here, he doesn’t need to have a winning record in Athens.  Spurrier is a petty man.  He will remember that, and be damn sure he will remind you of his winning record here.

SEC Championship race be damned.  Playoff aspirations be damned.

Sometimes, pure hate is the most important motivating factor.

We need to send Coach Spurrier home a loser Between the Hedges.

Go Dawgs!


Why The Angst?

Judging from Twitter and private conversations, there is considerable angst out in the Dawgnation.


I have realized I have become schizophrenic when it comes to my UGA Fandom.  I have the two Corbindawgs on my shoulder.  One is the positive, upbeat one that you’ve come to know and love.  On the other shoulder is a bitter, salty, negative Corbindawg.

Think to the episode of Seinfeld with the two, um, “Jerrys” playing chess.

Allow me to explain my frustration, and hopefully this is true of you, reader.

First off, let’s get this out of the way.

We won Saturday.

Winning is the most important thing.  An ugly win sure as hell beats a close, dare I say it, “good” loss.  Would you had rather won on Saturday, or came up just short like Oregon or Mississippi State?

I am grateful for a win.  Especially in a place that has been a shop of horrors.  This team can win everywhere in the SEC.  Columbia, SC has been difficult, and so is Nashville.  But  Baton Rouge?  Check.  Tuscaloosa?  Been there, done that in back to back trips.  Auburn?  Knoxville?   No worries.

But up in Nashville, weird things happen.  So I am glad we won.  The national pollsters didn’t penalize Georgia for the poor showing, either.

Georgia is 2-0 and in the top 10.  Would you rather trade places with Mississippi State, Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, South Carolina, or even LSU right now?  On LUS-at least our quarterback throws the ball.  LSU almost lost to Mississippi State because they went Ted Cruz conservative Saturday night.

Georgia has a blemish at quarterback, but seems to be the least blemished of many other teams in the SEC.

Winning ugly beats losing pretty.  I am glad that social media wasn’t around in 2003 after beating UAB 16-13.  I am glad that it wasn’t around during the magical run in 2002 when every game seemed to be an ugly, ugly game.  Ugly games that Georgia won.

And I’ll go a step forward and say this kind of game was probably a game Georgia would lose a few years ago.

So Georgia won.  Why the angst?

Because it is just the same old, same old.

The general angst today is similar to the angst after the Tennessee game last season.  Remember that one?  We won.  We beat Tennessee.  Tennessee was a team that dominated Georgia for an entire decade prior to Mark Richt’s arrival.  With the victory against the Volunteers last season, Mark Richt moved to 10-4 against Tennessee, and won 5 consecutive games.  Shouldn’t that had been cause for celebration?

It wasn’t.  Because the devil is in the details.  I was at a low point after the Tennessee game.  Georgia had just lost to South Carolina and narrowly squeaked by Tennessee.  Then, some 12 days later, the Todd Gurley news broke.

I was near despondent.  The season felt like it was going in the crapper, and we’d be a 7-5 team.  If you say you didn’t feel that way,  you are lying.

Things turned around, and Georgia ended up having an OK season.  Sure, the annual bed wetting occurred against Florida and that hurt, and the sting of the Tech loss is still felt.  But the Georgia team that ran out on the field against Missouri, Arkansas and Auburn wasn’t the same team that needed a fumbled recovery TD to ice the game against Tennessee.

Maybe Georgia beats South Carolina.  Maybe, just maybe, they beat Alabama.  But what is so frustrating is the shit we saw on Saturday is the same shit we’ve seen before.  It is the same problems we’ve seen game after game, year after year.

Georgia beat Vanderbilt by 17 points.  It needed three interceptions, one of which was in the end zone and another that was run back for a score, to do so.  It needed a punt return for a touchdown.  It needed Jordan Jenkins and Leonard Floyd to play out of their minds.

The devil is in the details. 

Does anyone on the team know how to competently field a pooch kick?  How many times have we seen that similar situation play out?   Just off the top of my head, I remember doing the same thing against Kentucky (twice, if not mistaken) and once against Tech.


How many times have we seen other mistakes?

This team can be great.  This team should be great.  Is it too much to ask for them to be great all the time?

That is where I get back to.  The angst out in the Bulldog Nation is this is same story we’ve seen over and over and over again.

We won this time. Will we win again?

Paul Westerdawg used an analogy of a pregnant women looking for cupcakes to describe the quarterback situation.

I feel like Georgia is that pretty girl you knew in high school (or to prove I’m not a sexist, that good looking guy).  They got by because they were pretty, and they let the smart kids do the work for them.  They simply just got by for no other reason than they were able to and no one challenged them.

When it comes time for them to do it themselves, how do they do?  They usually fail.

You’re on Facebook.   You know the folks I’m talking about.  How many people did you go to high school with that seemingly had it all-the looks, the popularity, the cool car, the cool parents that let them do whatever they wanted?  I bet a lot of these same folks in your friend list are probably not doing much these days.  When they were tested in life, and had to get by on something other than superficial talents, they stumbled.  I had my 10 year reunion a couple of years ago, and many of these “cool kids” hadn’t grown up or developed into productive adults.

Screwing around against Vanderbilt won’t cause you to face any consequences because you have Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins.

When the Ole Ball Coach and Alabama come to town, you better be ready.

Am I despondent like I was last season?  No, not yet.

Am I frustrated?  Yeah, I am.  Why?

Because I’ve seen this story before.

I hope this one has a different ending.


Vanderbilt Game Review

Quick recap of the details…then big picture stuff to come later.


My biggest qualm was not with Grayson Lambert’s performance, although that was still something to be concerned about.  Sure, he went 0-7 to start the game.  He did have a fumble and pass that should’ve been picked off.  But in the second half, he went 13-15.

The biggest qualm was the approach to the game.  Vanderbilt was sold out to stop the run, and we couldn’t open the passing game up to ease pressure.  Chubb got his, but it wasn’t enough.

My wife had to work most of the game, and I was chasing my 2 year old around, so admittedly didn’t watch the first half as close as I normally would.  I didn’t see any screen passes, short passes to the tail backs, etc.  to help open it up.  It seemed the offense was more vanilla against Vanderbilt than Louisiana-Monroe.

My biggest complaint on offense was player utilization.  Again.  I understand Chubb shouldn’t carry it 30 times a game, especially against Vanderbilt.  I also understand, and adamantly believe, that Sony Michel is a special player.  When you get the ball back at midfield to try and put the game away, Chubb wasn’t there.  When we were backed up inside the 10 yard line, and everyone knew you were going to run it, Chubb wasn’t there.


Yes, I know it was just Vanderbilt.  But this defense is something amazing, and will only get better.  Considering that the officials were trying their damnedest to get Vandy in it, I think that this would have been a lot closer had the defense not carried the load for us.

Special Teams

Yes, McKenzie’s touchdown is a valuable weapon, especially with an offense that is struggling.





Final thoughts

I said the Vanderbilt game will be very telling to what kind of season we are going to have.  I said that if we go in and stream roll them, as we should, then we could have a chance at being a pretty special team.  If we go in and struggle, it would be hard to imagine anything other than a Florida New Year’s Day Bowl game.

I believe the exact quote was “If we want to consider Georgia an elite team, they should handle Vanderbilt with the ease of a hot knife going through butter.”

We got a great defensive performance, a struggling offense, and a mixed bag on special teams.  And poor coaching.  It wasn’t a complete disaster to the level where you are ready to fire every coach on the staff, but it surely wasn’t a performance that inspires confidence either.

So I guess we’ll see what happens Saturday.


Vanderbilt Game Preview

I wrote this a last month, but in summary my thoughts on the Vanderbilt game are this:

For whatever reason, Georgia teams usually struggle in Nashville.  Even good or great teams.

If we want to consider Georgia an elite team, or a team that can contend for anything other than a Bowl Game on New Year’s Day in Florida, they should handle Vanderbilt with the ease of a hot knife going through butter.


Man In The Red Bandana

If you’ve seen this before, it is worth watching again.  If you haven’t seen it, get the tissue.




Lukewarm Takes From Saturday

A little late to the game on this, so I’m sure you’ve read all you want to about this past Saturday’s season opening game against the overmatched War Hawks.

But there are a few points that I have been ruminating on the past couple of days, and spending about 8 hours behind the wheel yesterday, I’ve had time to think through some points.


Obviously, the main thing I was looking at how the offense would look under Brian Schottenheimer. It didn’t look a whole lot different. I must say, and I echo Ucheedawg’s sentiments, that I was hoping that Mike Bobo would take the draw out of the shotgun with him to Colorado. It stayed behind…so that must just be a Mark Richt thing.

I thought it was interesting to see how the Bulldogs ran the hurry-up offense. The Bulldogs have been doing the HUNH offense in recent seasons, although it isn’t as up-tempo like Oregon and Baylor do it. The Bulldogs would rush up to the line of scrimmage, then look back to the sidelines.

I noticed many times Georgia would run up to the line and not sub, therefore not allowing the defense to sub, but then huddle up.   Not really sure what this means, but it is a different approach that was noticeable to me.

One question I had about Schotty’s offense was how they would incorporate Sony Michel. Michel may be the #2 back on the depth chart, but I think he is explosive and has a special “it” factor. He has become one of my favorite players on the team, and whenever he touches the ball, something special is liable to happen.

But I’ve had concern about how Schotty’s NFL mind would use a player like Michel, because those kind of players aren’t really utilized in the NFL. I was very happy to see Michel lined up at receiver, and be a factor in the passing game.

I think the general consensus out there is that the offense was very vanilla. Well, if in the vanilla offense Michel’s talents are used to the level where he is the team’s leading receiver, then I think we can expect big things from #1 this season.

As far as Lambert goes, he looked very good. Completing 66% of his passes, with two of the incompletions being throwaways, is exactly what is needed from him (or whoever is playing quarterback) this season. The first touchdown pass to Blazevich is something I hope we see more of.

Lastly, the best moment of the day was seeing Keith Marshall come in. The warm ovation he received was much deserved. From a football standpoint, if he can be healthy and a major contributor, that is something great. From a human being standpoint, it was just touching.


 Not sure what more to say here. They were fast. They were aggressive. But they weren’t stupid, either. I said they played with disciplined aggression. No late hits, no hits out of bounds. The two brain fart drives gave Coach Pruitt just enough to be angry about and coach up, but there are special playmakers all over that side of the ball, and I will look forward to watching them play with this disciplined aggression. For the first time in a long time, I am not worried about what will happen on 3rd and long. I am excited about the hell that is about to be unleashed.

Special Teams

 Everything I’ve said can be qualified with “It was just Louisiana at Monroe, but…”

But with that said, when was the last time that Georgia blocked two punts in one game? When was the last time Georgia blocked a punt, period? I am not sure.

Remember way back to the early days of Richt’s tenure when Special Teams was a valuable weapon? Then remember when it became viewed upon as a necessary function, nothing more and nothing less. Then the pendulum swung the other way and it became a liability that hurt the team? I hope we are going back to the days when it was a weapon. Blocked kicks, electric returns, and tight coverage can help turn a close game into a blowout win.

Final Thoughts

 A good win to start the season. It wasn’t perfect, but the areas that weren’t perfect gave the coaches something to look at to correct. I left Sanford Stadium pleased with what I saw, and I hope you did to.

I was disappointed that the weather issues caused some of the heralded freshmen like Michael Chigbu, Roquan Smith and Trenton Thompson not to get as much playing time as we had hoped to see, but I think the Vanderbilt game will be another glorified scrimmage. We can hopefully see a steady dose of them Saturday.

If this team can play up to its ability and give the same sort of effort we saw on Saturday, this will be a fun season.

How many times have we all said that before?


If You Are Going To Take Shots, Be Accurate

If you didn’t think so before, you can now be assured that ESPN is all-in on TCU:

Kill was a member of Patterson’s wedding party, and the two coaches have said they weren’t entirely pleased about the match up, with both preferring the Kansas State-style non-conference schedule filled with cream puffs and pushovers. (emphasis added)

Since 2010, Kansas State played Eastern Kentucky, Kent State, Missouri State, North Texas, North Dakota State, LA-Lafayette, LA Tech, UTSA and South Dakota out of conference.

But Kansas State has scheduled Auburn, Miami (twice), UCLA, and UCF.

I’m a big fan of Minnesota and Coach Jerry Kill.  I thought the Golden Gophers would cover the spread last night, and they did.  But Minnesota isn’t exactly scheduling Alabama.

The best and worst of college football.




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