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Friday at the Masters

Masters week is probably my favorite week of the year. The only other week that compares is Georgia-Florida week. But I just love the Masters.

Masters Thursday was yet another incredible day. Most of the big names played well enough to still be around. You had your typical few golfers go low, setting the bar headed into the cut. In my opinion, the Masters starts getting competitive today.

Unlike Corbin, I love Phil. I have pulled for Phil for over a decade. I’ll never forget his first Green Jacket victory. How could anyone forget the embrace with Amy after his third. I’m pulling for him to become the 4th golfer to win four Green Jackets this week. My wife says I have a man crush on him (and maybe I do.)

Today will be an exceptional day for golf. I look for both Tiger and Phil to position themselves well heading into the weekend. These young superstars of the sport will all be around as well. I will do little else Saturday and Sunday than sit in my recliner and watch golf all day long.

I don’t think we’ll see the same scores today that we saw yesterday, but with nice conditions I think we’ll still see a lot of rounds in the upper-60’s.

Work is secondary today…it’s all about Masters Friday. Enjoy the greatest tournament on earth; work can wait until Monday.


More Proof on SEC Dominance

As if the run of MNC’s is not enough proof, a quick look at Mel Kiper’s and Todd McShay’s mock drafts will quickly tell you where the best players are coming from.

Kiper has kids from the SEC going 1-3, and McShay has 5 SEC players going in his top 10. This includes our own AJ Green going 4th overall to the Cincinnatti Bengals.

It seems that as each year passes, the SEC is getting stronger and stronger, pulling away from the pack. Even this year’s NC game, though close in terms of final score, showed an SEC school really dominate the entire game against a team America said was the fastest and most athletic in the country.

I know it’s a forgone conclusion at this point that we are the mecca of college football, but it’s fun to remind ourselves of the blessings we have each fall living in the South. Every single game is full of NFL talent, and simply put, they’re just fun to watch.

Go Dawgs!


Lewis Grizzard Wednesday

Ahh, the day after Election Day. Or the Wednesday after Georgia-Florida. Whichever way you prefer to look at it is fine by me. Yesterday was a big day in Georgia. It was also a very bad day to be a Democrat. Too early to tell if that’s good or bad yet. But we can all agree that it’s a good thing Rep. Pelosi will no longer be our Speaker of the House. But I digress.

Today, I wanted to share an article with you in honor of Lewis, but not written by Lewis. My favorite political blog, Peach Pundit, ran this article back in 2006. They made mention to Lewis…actually they titled it “I Miss Lewis Grizzard”. But in the post they had an article by Dick Yarbrough. It’s the closest thing to Lewis we’ve seen since he went on to bluer skies. I thought it fitting on the day after the election. Hope you enjoy.

I Miss Lewis Grizzard

Lewis Grizzard had a gift of summing up Georgian’s thoughts even when we weren’t quite sure what we were thinking.  While he is sorely missed down here on Earth, I am sure he is smiling today on Dick Yarborough who did a pretty good impression of him in this column…

Primary Results Indicate November Elections May Be Going to the Dogs

By Dick Yarbrough

(7/26/06) The state primary elections are history — with the exception of a few runoffs — and that means we get a brief respite from all the mud-slinging political ads on television. Now it’s back to screaming car dealers and commercials about medical problems that shouldn’t be mentioned in a family newspaper. Better enjoy it while you can. You know that the political strategists are loading up their slop buckets and getting ready for the November general election.

For whatever reason, only about 20 percent of us voted in the primaries. That is a shameful statistic. I was in Iraq when people got their first chance to vote in a democratic election. Some walked 20 miles for the privilege. We won’t even get our lazy rumps off the couch.

In the Republican primary for governor, incumbent Gov. Sonny Perdue easily dispatched Ray McBerry, the choice of the flaggers. Flaggers are high-fiving each other over the 50,000 votes their guy received. I hate to burst their bubble, but Sheila the Family Wonderdog could get 50,000 votes without missing her daily 22-hour nap. Perdue got 370,000 votes, or 88 percent, which qualifies in my book as a rout. Flaggers have been telling me for several years that 79 percent of Georgians have said they want a chance to vote on a state flag referendum that includes the Confederate battle flag. Maybe so, but the flag issue wasn’t a blip in the primary and won’t be in the November general election either.

Meanwhile, back in the 21st century, Gov. Perdue will face Lt. Gov. Mark (The Big Guy) Taylor in the general election. Perdue says he will run on his record, which includes spaying a couple of dogs and giving an elephant a physical. Taylor has chosen not to run on his record because he didn’t do anything worth talking about while lieutenant governor. Perhaps a good campaign strategy for Taylor would be to charge Perdue with animal cruelty because of the poor dogs that lost their manhood, their self-respect and some other stuff I’m not going to mention at the hands of the governor. (Note to Taylor’s campaign team: I’m giving you this idea free of charge.)

Replacing Taylor as lieutenant governor will be either Gainesville Republican State Sen. Casey Cagle or the Democrats’ Jim Martin of Atlanta, a former state commissioner of Human Resources, or former State Sen. Greg Hecht of Jonesboro. Martin and Hecht are in a runoff, if anybody besides their closest relatives care. Cagle beat slick-as-oil Ralph Reed, who happened to be passing through Georgia on his way to the White House. Reed was the choice of the Christian Coalition, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, and a bunch of Republican fat cats. He just wasn’t the choice of the voters. Reed claimed to be an anti-gambling advocate at the same time he was helping disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff protect the gambling interests of some Indian tribes. I guess he thought we were too dumb to notice the irony of that.

In Georgia’s 4th Congressional District, Ambassador to Outer Space Cynthia McKinney is in a runoff with an earthling named Hank Johnson, a former DeKalb County commissioner. Currently stumping the district for the ambassador is media publicity hound Cindy Sheehan, as well as Darth Vader and E.T., the Extra Terrestrial — none of whom are qualified to vote in the district. Needless to say, I have a great interest in the outcome of this race. The ambassador is worth a minimum of four columns a year — six, if she slaps a police officer.

The primary results have been a bit unsettling for me. If I lose Ray McBerry, Ralph Reed and our Ambassador to Outer Space as regular column fodder, this would leave me with only President Peanut and his unsolicited and self-important pronouncements, bleeding heart liberals who think George Bush is responsible for all the world’s ills, including psoriasis, and people who talk too loud on their cell phones in the checkout line at the grocery store. If that happens, I just may be forced to spay dogs for a living.

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It’s About That Time

Ahh, the Thursday before Georgia-Florida.

I was on 341 yesterday, from Macon to Jessup and back, and saw droves of Dawgs headed towards the coast as they got their weekend started off early. There is simply nothing quite like Georgia-Florida. It’s the best weekend of the year. It was therapeutic seeing the UGA flags blowing in the wind as Bulldog Nation relocates for a weekend. I just love Georgia-Florida.

We’re getting a slightly later start than normal this year, but we’ll all be on SSI as normal, and head down to JAX bright and early on Saturday.

Safe travels for those of you headed down today and tomorrow. Go Dawgs! Gators wear jean shorts!