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Richt can only do so much

According to one columnist, it’s time for CMR to either make players stop misbehaving off the field or he should leave the University and quit embarrassing it, with the argument also made that nothing like this happened when Pollack and Greene were around…..anyone ever heard of this guy named Odell?

To suggest that this problem is a UGA-only issue is silly. You saw it at Tennessee last week. It happens at other schools too with players such as Florida’s Ronnie ‘Machine Gun’ Wilson.

The “Fire Coach Richt” crowd can try to use this as an excuse to send Richt packing all they want, but they’re just spouting off dead air. In this era of not having athletic dorms, players cannot be watched by coaches 24/7. The coaching staff can tell players all they want about not getting into trouble, but they cannot be there looking over their shoulders all the time.

-Lugnut Dawg


Dawgs unable to handle prosperity

You know all that laughing and cojoling about Tennessee’s off-field problems many of us enjoyed yesterday? It seems that it’s the Dawgs’ turn on the police blotter. Seriously, how hard is it to stay out of trouble and just be keep your nose clean for three more weeks?

Ultimately, this means that Dontavious Jackson and Tavarres King may or may not play in the first few games of the year. If either player is suspended, it would be more hurtful for King. Other than A.J. Green, the field is wide open for players to contribute at receiver. King was among the leading contenders, but if he misses a game or two, that could clear the way for the likes of wootentheballcarrier, aka Rantavious Wooten to step up more in addition to Kris Durham, Marlon Brown or Israel Troupe.

It isn’t quite as hurtful for Jackson with Caleb King and Washaun Ealey ahead of him at tailback, but it certainly won’t help him get a few touches as the year goes on.

Lugnut Dawg

Brawlin’ in Knoxvegas

Apparently there was a no-holds barred brawl at a bar in Knoxville, injuring an off-duty cop. Numerous UT players are among those involved, including Da’Rick Rogers.

This is a tough time of the year for everyone incollege football. Fans can’t wait for preseason to arrive, players are antsy and coaches worry about what kind of trouble players might get into.

It has become inevitable that if you are an SEC school, offseason problems of some sort are likely. It’s just a matter of minimizing it.

What’s Your Selling Point?

Heard an entertaining story this morning at breakfast about Coach Kirby Smart. It appears that last week he was driving through south GA headed to Rochelle to visit with Nick Marshall when a trooper pulled him over for doing 85 in a 55 outside of Cordele.

The trooper, being a big Bulldog fan and a fan of college football in general, recognized Kirby immediately. The Bama gear probably helped, but what really sealed the deal was the fact that he recognized Kirby from his playing days in the SW corner of the state. Apparently they had played high school ball against one another.

Long story short, Smart asked if the guy could help him out. The trooper told him he wasn’t sure, since 85 in a 55 would qualify him as a super speeder. He asked if Kirby was headed to visit Nick Marshall, to which Smart said he was. Thinking fast, the trooper said he’d help CKS out if he’d do one thing. He asked Kirby to get out of the vehicle, so he did. Kirby was led to the patrol car and was ordered to look into the camera and say “Go Dawgs!” The story I was told was that Smart even gave a few barks.

I wish we could find this on video, but that will probably never surface. However, it is troopers like this guy who make me proud to be a Dawg. If it were me in Florida, I’d pay the ticket before ever giving the Gator chomp. Thanks for selling out Kirby, you made my day. I hope CTG wouldn’t do the same.

Go Dawgs!


Monday Re-Cap

What a great day of sports yesterday!

The legend of J-Hey Kid continues to grow. If the poor kid ever lives up to these expectations, he’ll go down as one of the greats. When he ripped that ball over the right field fence, deep into the bullpen, I’m not sure Turner Field has ever been louder. I was listening to the call on the radio (103.9 FM if you’re in the mid-state) and it sounded like pandemonium had broken loose. Later, when I caught the replay on television, the place was bananas. And yes, I’ll admit, he’s got me giddy too. Kid can play. I think my favorite part was the greeting he got from Chipper. Don’t you love baseball?

Lost in the madness of all that is J-Hey Kid, the Braves went on to rout the Cubbies by a count of 16-5! I couldn’t have scripted a better opening day game. Well, maybe I could have. Derek Lowe could have not given up 5 ER, but other than that, what a game! And Yunel is on my fantasy team this year, so the 5 RBI sure were helpful.

Finally, and then I’ll quit talking about the Braves (do I sound like your preacher on Easter morning?) I have a question. Corbin- how do we curb our enthusiasm when J-Hey looks so dadgum good? It’s impossible not to be excited about this kid!

On to basketball: The Dukies broke the hearts of many Americans last night with their thriller over Butler. This was one of the best Nat’l Championship games I have seen in quite some time. Mike Golic quoted someone (I can’t remember who) best this morning when he said “When the basketball didn’t go in, Duke won one of the best Championship games ever. Had the basketball fallen, Butler would have won The Best Championship game ever.” I have to agree. A thriller to the end. And you have to give it to the kids from Butler. They never let Duke intimidate, and they gave the Blue Devils all they wanted and more. In the end, Duke was just too good. This was a year when we didn’t have any really great teams, but a lot of good ones. It was a great ending to a great tourney. But it would have been even better had the Bulldogs, the Butler Bulldogs that is, had won.


I love Masters week. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year. I hope my fiance hasn’t read this far, so I’ll say it. I hope Tiger wins this week. I’ve never pulled for Tiger in the Masters once. I’m a Lefty fan myself. But Tiger needs this. Yeah, he screwed up. He made a mistake a lot of mistakes that most of us will never make. But I feel like he truly regrets it. He’s not an actor, he’s an athlete and a businessman. If he’s got me fooled, then kudos to him. But I think he realizes the magnitude of his mistakes. He’s the one who has to live with them, not me nor you nor the TMZ’s of the world. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about the sex scandal. I want to see Tiger play golf, make birdies, and ignite the crowd with a Tiger Pump after a birdie on #16.

Speaking of the Masters, here’s a fun little game to play while at work.

And there was some news from UGA football in the midst of everything else too. The creeps in the taxi were not UGA football players. That makes me feel much better.

And Montez Robinson is no longer a Dawg. You know, this does anger me a little. PWD said it best. Maybe I’m wrong, but if God had blessed me with the athletic ability he did Mr. Robinson, I think I would have found a way to not be a screw up. Good riddance to you, sir. As SB said, it’s a bigger loss for him than it is the squad. Of course, if you read DH’s take, it may soften you up some. I get that some kids aren’t blessed with all that I was. I had two parents tell me they loved me every day, even when I was a major screw up at times. But I’ve also known kids who had drunks for parents or had no parents that turned out to be pretty decent people. And I’ve known folks who grew up with everything they could ever want and turn into scumbags. So, ultimately I think Montez should be held responsible for his decisions. He was surrounded by good people, and could have chosen to surround himself more. He wasn’t back on the streets. He was living in Athens, GA, and was living pretty high on the hog. So, in the end, I do find it hard to feel very sorry for him. He’s not the only kid on the team that came from a troubled past. Yeah, I hate that it happened, but we all have the opportunity to make our own choices, and thus, we are a product of those. He made some poor ones, and now what was once a pretty successful road has turned into a tough row to hoe for this kid. I do wish you luck, Montez, and may this be the wakeup call you needed, but I’m glad you’re not on our team anymore.

Ok, I’ve got that off my chest. Today won’t be quite the sports day for us. I guess you could watch UConn beat Stanford tonight, but is a 30 point win in a women’s basketball game that much fun to watch? The Braves are off, but there are some other games on. It’s probably a good day of rest for us though. Enjoy your Masters Tuesday!


Why Crime Rates in Macon are High

Again, this really has nothing to do with anything UGA related or southern.   It’s Friday and incredibly slow.

Proceed with caution, Ucheedawg’s mom…

I read this article in the Macon Telegraph‘s online edition and just laughed out loud. 

If you have been up and down I-75, you’ll see the billboards advertising the “massage parolors” scatterd from Macon to Tifton.  An undercover police officer apparently went to see if the lady would play along, and allegedly she would.  According to the story, the officer waited until the act was over before calling for back up. 

In Macon, they have recently voted on a propety tax increase.  I see how they are spending my money.

The Macon Police Department probably gets this type of training…


Go Dawgs

National Signing Day

One of the biggest day’s of the year for college football fans is finally here, National Signing Day! It could be a little more interesting than recent years for the Dawgs. I know for sure that Bernie and David Hale are on site at Butts-Mehre. We couldn’t make it, too many other obligations. But I will keep an open thread going throughout the day for you, but I’m relying on the aforementioned bloggers and 960theref for most of my news. And here’s DH’s twitter link for  up-to-date news. Enjoy, we’ll keep you posted.

On a side-note, I am going to postpone the final write-up in my mini-series on rural recruiting until tomorrow. Too much going on today to finish it up. Focusing on NSD today.

On another side note, we will not have Lewis Grizzard Wednesday today, for the same reasons as listed above. I’m guessing that you won’t need it to get you through the hump day this week. We’ll have a special tomorrow.

Update 1: Michael Bennett and Brandon Burrows signed early this morning. Welcome aboard guys!

Update 2: Kenarious Gates has signed with UGA.

960the ref is already playing Chicken Little. We’ll see.

Update 3: TJ Stripling is in, and CTG is excited. Says he wants several guys like him every year. This is a good sign.

Sounds bleak for Rogers from what I’m hearing. I view it as his loss more than ours, but more on that later.

Chattanooga paper is already counting it’s chickens about Da’Rick.

Update 4: Hutson Mason and Mark Deas have sent in their letters. No surprises there, but we’re glad to have them on board!

Update 5: Mike Thornton, big DT from Stephenson, signed with UGA! Great news for Dawgs! And RB Ken Malcome has signed on as well. And both Ogletrees.

Update 6: Da’Rick Rogers has chosen UT. Dern.

Stepping away for a while, follow Bernie’s Journal and DH. They’re all over signing day. We’ll come back with a re-cap around mid-day and then a wrap up this evening.


Looks like we’re all but wrapped up with signing day at UGA. 18 commits, 16 coming in today. Could be a late surprise or 2, but not making any promises. There is one name out there of which I am personally very excited about, but it will have to remain a teaser right now until I can get some confirmation. May have to go to GMC first, which is what I have expected all along. I’ll let you know as I learn more. Where we are now:

  • Garrison Smith- DT from Douglas HS
  • Mike Thornton- DT from Stephenson HS
  • Brent Benedict- OL from Jacksonville
  • Dexter Morant- DE from Manning, SC
  • Derek Owens- DB from Jacksonville
  • Ken Malcome- RB from SW Dekalb
  • Jalen Fields- DE from Dalton High
  • Alexander and Alec Ogletree- LB and DB from Newnan HS
  • Hutson Mason- QB from Lassiter High
  • Marc Deas- DB from Kissimmee, FL
  • Kenarious Gates- OT from Greenville High
  • TJ Stripling- DE from SW Dekalb
  • Demetre Baker- LB from Orange Park, FL
  • Brandon Burrows- DE from Walton HS
  • Michael Bennett- WR from Alpharetta HS
  • Kolton Houston- OL from Buford High
  • Jakar Hamilton- Safety transferring from GMC

Looks like a better class than most are giving us credit for. We’ll have a wrap later this evening after the dust has settled. Quick thought- looks like a very defensive heavy class this year. Not all bad though. Losing Rogers may hurt, but that is yet to be seen. I hope Rambo takes care of that for us next year.