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False Identity

I know that many of you readers of the blog use pseudonyms. I’m sure there are some of you who also pretend to be someone you’re not. That’s ok, we all use pseudonyms as our names, for a variety of reasons. It’s all fun and games, the wide world of the internet, right?

Well….sometimes that gets taken to a different level. Check out this fascinating story. Our state senate is……………..(finish that thought yourself.) One of my favorite blogs, Peach Pundit, had the story also.

You can’t make this stuff up.



It just gets better.


Dukes of Hazzard Meets Mayberry Meets Twiggs County

I really didn’t have a good title for this post. And I really have nothing to add. You’ll just have to read it yourself. Good work, Twiggers. Don’t mess with rural cops, lawyers or judges. You’ll always “be had” in the end.


It’s About That Time

Ahh, the Thursday before Georgia-Florida.

I was on 341 yesterday, from Macon to Jessup and back, and saw droves of Dawgs headed towards the coast as they got their weekend started off early. There is simply nothing quite like Georgia-Florida. It’s the best weekend of the year. It was therapeutic seeing the UGA flags blowing in the wind as Bulldog Nation relocates for a weekend. I just love Georgia-Florida.

We’re getting a slightly later start than normal this year, but we’ll all be on SSI as normal, and head down to JAX bright and early on Saturday.

Safe travels for those of you headed down today and tomorrow. Go Dawgs! Gators wear jean shorts!


King’s arrest, suspension magnifies a bigger problem in Athens

When it comes to recruiting, Georgia’s biggest disadvantage isn’t the school’s higher admission compared to other schools wearing orange. It isn’t Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. It isn’t the past couple of season being sub-par.

The biggest hurdle Georgia has to overcome lies within the Athens-Clarke County and UGA police department.

Before going any further, let’s clarify one thing. This is not a ‘let’s bash the police’ post. The service that law enforcement provide to our communities is invaluable, and we at TGT are grateful for the protection that they provide on multiple levels.

But in Athens, local law enforcement is also a detriment to the athletic department and the university overall. Some ‘journalists’ like to tout that UGA’s football program has run out of control with 11 arrests this year. But a simple look at the details would reveal that of these transgressions, a majority of them are a result of a suspended driver’s license or forgetting to pay traffic tickets. But negative press is negative press, and it’s forced Mark Richt to rule with a heavier fist and hand down a two-game suspension to Caleb King being jailed for not having paid a traffic ticket.

We’re not saying that not paying traffic tickets is ok. It’s not. But the fact of the matter is that while athletes and UGA students are hounded by local officials hungry to make extra revenue, similar offense for other athletes at other schools are either swept under the rug or witnesses in Knoxville or Gainesville conveniently forget the details of an incident.

Isn’t it a cruel twist of irony that on the same day King is suspended, Florida reinstates Chris Rainey, who sent threatening text messages?

The bottom line is this – there is a culture of fear apparent between UGA students and athletes and law enforcement in Athens. Frankly, it’s hard to fault any athlete not wanting to spend four years in Athens because they fear being arrested for an offense that in many other place results in a monetary fine.

Until the University and local law enforcement can figure out how to cooperate, the Bulldogs will find themselves at a disadvantage.

– Lugnut Dawg


I won’t say much, largely because I don’t have much time. I do want to address something that has been driving me crazy though. A lot of people have said/are saying that had we had AJ these past 3 games, the outcome would have been different.

That is simply not true. Yes, AJ is our best player and is one of the elite players in America. But he DOES NOT make our offense. SEC defenses are good enough to limit individuals. It would have been nice to have had him, but it wouldn’t have resulted in any wins. One wide receiver can’t do that. And defenses can stop one guy.

I have talked to over a dozen football coaches the last 2 weeks about this, each of whom played college ball. Every one of them said the same thing- that AJ would not have changed the result of any game so far this season. One could argue that against SC he may have had a slight difference, but the point is that their D would have alienated AJ and left him worthless since all they have to worry about is that one guy.

Sorry, don’t have time to expand more, but I just had to get that off my chest. If you think I’m wrong, ask anybody with a true football IQ and they will quickly correct you. Not having AJ is not one of our main problems. Not having anybody else as a threat is.


Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of the Grit Tree.  We all think it has been a pretty good first year, and we thank everyone for reading our opinions.

Go Dawgs!

The Grit Tree

On Wilcox-Fitzgerald and Marshall

I’m guessing many (some/most?) of you have heard about the shoving match that went on after the Wilcox-Fitzgerald scrimmage last Friday. The AJC did a piece on it, but it was pretty broad.

I’ll recap what happened quickly, then talk about possible outcomes, specifically concerning Marshall.

Fitzgerald, a powerhouse AA school, played Wilcox, an up-and-coming powerhouse in A in a scrimmage. The two communities of Rochelle and Fitzgerald are only a few miles apart and there is a large sense of rivalry between the two schools, even though they don’t play each other every year.

They played what was a pretty close game up until the end. With just a few seconds left in the third quarter (JV was to play the 4th alone), Fitzgerald was up by a couple of scores and decided to throw a long bomb. They scored, essentially running up the score in a scrimmage. It was really no big deal at that point, but it is frustrating to the opposing team when that is done, especially in a scrimmage. A point to note here is that Wilcox has to play its players on both sides of the ball the entire game, and Fitz only has one or two guys who go both ways. Wilcox already had some JV guys in at this point. But I digress.

After the game while shaking hands, Wilcox coach said something to the effect of “Thanks for running up the score”, to which HC Pruitt from Fitzgerald replied with some language I’m not going to repeat. Of course tempers flared, guys went to swinging, and things got ugly. There’s actually a funny part here; one of the bozo officials threw a flag during the mess. I guess he thought that would stop the melee.       

That’s a quick recap of what went down. You can hear varying stories, and what I gave you is not very detailed (for a reason), but that’s essentially what caused the brawl.

Now, it is my understanding that the GHSA has reviewed the tape and is taking no further action since it was not a GHSA sanctioned event. However, the individual schools involved have some tough decisions to make. There are many things that have to be considered, such as did any players hit coaches and does that constitute as a student hitting a teacher, are any actions taken towards coaches that were using foul language, and what type of punishment is going to be levied for fighting on school property?

I can say this, officials within both school systems are not happy. They also face tough decisions, because both of these teams are poised to contend for State Championships in their classifications. Furthermore, they both have kids who are going to play ball at the next level in 2011.

So, as far as UGA is concerned, what is going to happen with Nick Marshall? Who knows at this point? It’s my understanding that it is solely in the schools hands right now. Maybe nothing. Maybe a multi-game suspension. It’s not clear. It could be worse, but I hope not. I hope that the situation resolves itself and it can be handled internally in both systems. I also hope that for the coaches involved that nothing major happens, because both coaches are really good guys.

More on Marshall: He really is a good kid. Folks from Wilcox County will tell you that he’s not a trouble maker. However, as we can all relate to, some of his influences have short tempers, and in a situation like this emotions can escalate. I can relate back many years ago when I played HS ball. I was not a great football player by any means, but I know that when things got heated on the field, you get that “teammate first” mentality. It’s hard to show maturity at 17 years old, especially when you have a rivalry and you feed off the emotions of other players and the coaches. I really don’t fault any of the players too much here; it never should have reached that point. The coaches have to show more responsibility.

Which leads to another point: I have a suspicion that if any disciplinary actions are taken, the coaches will be involved to some extent. This whole exchange was started by them, and the players got involved in the aftermath.

It may all blow over, who knows. I simply wanted to put some things out there that maybe helped clear up the subject as well as defend Nick Marshall a little bit. There will be negative things said about him and his involvement in the coming days, but I really feel that it is unjustified at this point. He is a good kid, and will make a great Dawg.

If and when more things come from this, I’ll attempt to clear up the jumble above.