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I Could Be The Best In The SEC, but Then I Got High

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First before I rip into Crowell, let’s dispell any internet message board rumor with facts and precendence.  I am no lawyer, although Kensingtondawg pretends to be sometime.

There is speculation that perhaps Georiga Coach Mark Richt knew the “positive” drug test results before Saturday’s game against the Gators.

(Allow me to ramble for a second:  does it not bother you that people refer to test results backwards?  “Your cancer tests came back negative” is  a good thing, but testing positive is a bad thing.  Very confusing.  A little hang up I have about the medical profession, and another reason our English language is tricky.)

At no time in his tenure at UGA has Mark Richt ever skirted discipline.  While other blue and orange schools to the south of us have relatively light discipline, there is one thing that Mark Richt has never done, and that is skirt discipline, and Lord knows he has had plenty of opportunities to dole it out.

It doesn’t matter when a player commits an infraction, the penalty has always been the next game.  Claude Felton addressed this yesterday (I couldn’t find his quote I saw somewhere) as did Greg McGarity:

Athletic director Greg McGarity said “absolutely not,” when asked Tuesday if discipline was held over until after the Florida game.

“This had nothing to do with the Florida game or anything,” McGarity said. “It was all timing.”

Georgia said it has strict policies that suspensions “as a result of team or Athletic Association policies are immediate and occur at the next scheduled competition.”

Most folks seem to hold Greg McGarity in high regard, Claude Felton is the most respected SID in the country, and Mark Richt has never skirted discipline no matter who the next oppent was.  The rule of missing the next scheduled competition has been seen before, and it hasn’t matterd if it was against a directional FCS team or a BCS team:

Tripp Chandler was suspended the first game of 2007, when the opening opponent was Oklahoma State.

Fred Munzenmaier was suspended two games, one of which was South Carolina, for talking smack to a cop following an alcohol related arrest in 2008.

-Justin Houston was suspended for the first two games of the 2009 season against top ten ranked Oklahoma State and SEC Division foe South Carolina, despite being the only scholarship defensive end with any game time playing experience.

Most Georgia folks were concnerned that Cornelius Washington’s suspension would hurt the pass rush against Tennessee.  It ended up not mattering, but UGA suspended one of its best pass rushers before going on the road to play a team with a good quarterback.

Sure, most transgressions take place in the off season, and most of the time the next opponent is a cupcake team where it really doesn’t matter.  But there have been instances where the suspensions have been against legitimate teams, so to think that Richt is cherry picking punishment is a bit of a conspiracy theory.  Sure, Richt’s seat has never been as hot as it was before Saturday, and this was a year UGA most definately HAD to beat Florida.   I don’t think Richt would decieve us at this point, when he hasn’t done that in his 10 previous seasons.

I am not one of those who love Richt becuase he is a good person.  Sure, him being a good guy and doing good things is a cherry on top, but I am not one who says we should keep Richt just becuase he is  a good guy.  But of al the on and off the field issues the last few years, one thing Richt has that is his Ace in the hole is he has always done the right thing.  What has kept him out of the administration’s dog house during the down years is his tremendous amout of good will he has stockpiled, from the early victories and the fact he has not embarrassed the University.  The Georgia fans (the ones who pay the large donations, anyway) are by and large old, white, upper class, conservative people.  I don’t think they would look to fondly on losing to the Gators, but I also don’t think they would look to fondly on lying and being dishonest, either.  When Mark Richt is being scrutinized the most, I just don’t see him selling out, regardless of the Gators being the next game or not.

I don’t know the procedures for drug tests, but I don’t think Richt would lie to us.  I think he has proven to do the right thing, and I think he and the Athletic Deparment have earned the benefit of the doubt here.

Now, onto Crowell:

What an idiot.  Crowell has the talent to be an elite SEC runningback.  But he has already been in Richt’s dog house once this season, and this surely will keep him in it for a little while longer.  Isiah Crowell, statiscially speaking is having a good year, being the 5th best running back in the SEC.  The folks ahead of him are no slouches-Marcus Lattimore, Trent Richardson and Michael Dyer.  I believe Richardson is down to just a few more games at Alabama, and Lattimore will surely only play one more year at South Carolina.  In just a season or two, Crowell has the talent and potential to become the BEST running back in the SEC.  His problems have been his durability.  But that was expected this preseason, coming from a AA high shcool to the SEC.  He needed time to get conditioned and get up to the speed of SEC play.

Short term, this is not a problem for UGA.  We caught a huge break by playing New Mexico State.  Crowell was only going to get 10-16 carries (he got 16 vs Coastal Carolina, and this late in the season, you’d expcet him to get less).  LSU had players suspended two weeks ago for Auburn, and they are in a National Title hunt.  This doesn’t derail the chances of UGA to win the SEC East or win 10 games in a rebound season.

But get out of the weeds and look at it long term?  Can Isiah Crowell be the best running back in the SEC if he doesn’t have his crap together?  Will he be Weshaun Ealey Part II?  You know, these guys are 18 year old kids.  I am not going to cast stones at them.  I never smoked pot or even got arrested, but I did other things that I am sure if I was under the same microscope the football players are under I would have gotten in trouble. I drank cold beer (gasp!) before I was 21.  I cut classes.  We all did.  These guys are going to make mistakes, and he is paying the price.  If you randomly drug tested the whole student body at Georgia, or just the fraternity houses or dorms, I am sure there would be a lot postive test results.  He is a 5 star recruit playing running back at the same school where Herschel Walker played.  His scrutiny is high.

But what is alarming that he has already gotten in some kind of trouble once.  Crowell isn’t just like everyone else.  This is twice in his freshman year he has found trouble.  If Crowell is going to be an elite player, ergo if UGA is going to be an elite program again, then Crowell has got to recognize he is not like everyone else.  Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in the Toby McGuire Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility.  Crowell has to grow up fast, man up and learn his responsibility, or UGA is going to be in bad shape.  Not this season, but not too far down the road.  And not just for UGA’s or Mark Richt’s sake.  Crowell no more wants to be playing at Georgia Southern or Jacksonville State no more than I want another hole in my head.


False Identity

I know that many of you readers of the blog use pseudonyms. I’m sure there are some of you who also pretend to be someone you’re not. That’s ok, we all use pseudonyms as our names, for a variety of reasons. It’s all fun and games, the wide world of the internet, right?

Well….sometimes that gets taken to a different level. Check out this fascinating story. Our state senate is……………..(finish that thought yourself.) One of my favorite blogs, Peach Pundit, had the story also.

You can’t make this stuff up.



It just gets better.

Hartman Fund Changes

Today is the final day to purchase your tickets for the 2011 and the powers at be over at the Athletic Association have decided to shut down their website.  So if you are like me and forgot until today to renew your tickets you may be surprised when you try and go to and the site has been removed.  The new official sports site is  Hell of a day to make a switch but the IT department never asked my opinion.

Dukes of Hazzard Meets Mayberry Meets Twiggs County

I really didn’t have a good title for this post. And I really have nothing to add. You’ll just have to read it yourself. Good work, Twiggers. Don’t mess with rural cops, lawyers or judges. You’ll always “be had” in the end.


Say Goodbye to the Sweater Vest

I just can’t foresee this ending well for Corbin’s favorite coach, Jim “Sweater Vest” Tressel. As the lies build up, the picture gets bleaker for The Ohio State University.

For the first time in years the most overrated team in America won’t open up as favorites to make the MNC game. I hate to find happiness in others misery, but I just can’t help myself.

Have a wonderful, pollinated weekend.


Difference of Opinion

I am not a Jay Cutler guy. He’d be one of the last qb’s I’d choose in the NFL for my team. That said, I wanted to scream yesterday as the talking heads and pundits around America talked uncontrollably about him not playing the 2nd half of Sunday’s game against the Packers.

The talk started immediately on Sunday as folks sitting at home in their overstuffed sofas, mouth full of chips, began calling him a wimp and a coward. On Monday, it’s all anyone talked or wrote about. A bunch of “Joe 6-packs” calling this NFL QB out for a knee injury. I’ve got two words for that: Busch league.

There are many things that bother me about this situation. First of all, if you watched any of that first half, you saw Cutler getting pounded, just as he did all season long behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league. However, he kept grinding and fighting. Then his knee gets blown (2nd degree sprain/tear, if you’ve never had that then shut up). He goes out and tries to play before halftime, then talks his way onto the field after halftime. His first throw he can’t even plant, short hops an 8 yard pass, and is pulled. The Head Coach made that decision, with his advice coming from the doctors. Lovie Smith thought, correctly so, that his quarterback who can’t plant and throw, needed to come out in order for them to win. Yet Cutler is the one who is hanged for it.

The other thing that is driving me nuts is people talking about the “perception.” Jay Cutler has been the same stoic person since he was at Vandy. It’s just who he is. He’s not your Aaron Rodgers who fist pumps and jumps on his linemen. It’s just not his personality. Brian Ulracher is the vocal leader of the Bears, not Cutler. Yet folks are saying Cutler laid down because he was not fired up on the sideline. If you follow the Bears one bit, you know that it is just his personality. Period. America loves the “Cinderella” comeback story, but what America does not understand is that some of that is put on, and it doesn’t involve a knee. Playing with a broken thumb is not the same as playing with a torn knee.

I played ¾ of a season in high school with two broken toes. It hurt like the devil, but I could still play. Everyone plays football hurt. There’s not a player in the NFL who suits up a game not hurt to some extent. But knees are different. I also had to undergo knee surgery in high school due to a football injury. The knee is that one thing that limits you more than any other injury. I played with a concussion (not smart), broken fingers, and all sorts of ailments. But with the knee, there’s no playing. You can try, but it doesn’t work. Most importantly, it doesn’t give your team the best chance to win.

I understand that I am digressing, almost to the point of a rant. The fact of the matter is, it has driven me crazy to witness folks sit behind a computer or in front of a microphone and bash Jay Cutler for something out of his control. There is ZERO chance Jay Cutler was going to lay down in that situation unless he absolutely had to. You don’t get to that level as an NFL QB and not be a tremendous competitor. It just does not happen. That may be the most absurd part of this whole argument to me. Just put yourself in that mindset if you can. Do you really get to the pinnacle of the NFL not wanting to play? NO! The weak are the ones who don’t make it to the NFL. There are hundreds of quarterbacks in America who have great skills. Only a select few have the drive to get to that upper echelon of starting NFL QB’s.

Jay Cutler was near tears due to frustration of hearing people say these insane things. I can only imagine his pain; to know something that the public doesn’t understand, yet not be able to explain it. Forget the idiots like Dion Sanders who tweet from their home; I guarantee that clown wouldn’t have been playing with a torn MCL. The bottom line is, when you get taken out by the coach and training staff due to a severe knee injury and get hung publicly by it, that is just wrong. Forget the fact that he’s diabetic, and that plays into his stoic nature on the sideline. The bottom line is that everyone, from Mike Ditka to Joe 6-pack, needs to get a life and get over this. We don’t care if you played football hurt, everyone does. But you cannot play quarterback, especially in the NFL, with a 2nd degree sprain on your MCL.

I apologize for my rant, but it’s therapy for the soul.


Check, please!

Question of the Day

Which is worse:

The Seahawks being allowed to host an NFL playoff game or UConn being allowed to  participate in the Fiesta Bowl?

I’d be curious to see your response.


Auburn Is A Curse Word

I have always had a healthy respect for Auburn. Like many, I consider them our “sister school”. UGA and Auburn share a lot of tradition. We’ve traded coaches and recruits over the decades. They’re the school that most resembles UGA. I even pull for them to win 9-10 times a year.

I’ve got a lot of friends who are graduates of Auburn. When I was an undergrad, I made some close friends who were in my fraternity at Auburn. During the offseason, we would meet up occasionally and have a good time. They were like us. My in-laws are Auburn grads (something I’ve had to deal with, but it’s been a friendly relationship.) Like me, they pull for UGA most every weekend but one. I go to Sunday School with a couple of Auburn grads. It’s always been a very friendly rivalry. I never shared the hatred of them that T. Kyle King does.

On Saturday, that changed. I’ve never in my life been so furious with an opponent. Never did UF make me so mad, despite running up scores, doing the Chomp, and generally being a classless bunch. Never have I hated Tech the way I despised Auburn on Saturday. Tennessee has come close on occasion, but my blood never boiled the way it did on Saturday.

On Saturday, I lost every ounce of respect I’ve ever had for Auburn. It takes a lot to come down from a fairly tall pedestal they had built as “the other team I pull for if somehow Georgia can’t win it all.” But they did it in one day.

I dislike their coach. Their team is full of thugs. I hope Cam Newton doesn’t win the Heisman, is implicated of all his wrong doings, and has a terrible NFL career. I would have been seriously injured had I been in the presence of Nick Fairley on Saturday, because I would have tried to take on a young man who could break me in half with one hand tied behind his back. But I would have tried.

I’ve wished the worst upon Tennessee, Florida and Tech my whole life. Never have I wanted them to win a single game. I now throw Auburn into that category. I’ve never wanted something bad to happen to a program the way I do Auburn right now. The pain from Saturday has clearly not subsided.

I know it’s not Christian-like to hold such a grudge, but I simply can’t help it. The way in which they carried themselves was as classless as I’ve ever seen. I prayed on Sunday morning that I not hold such hard feelings in my heart for a group of individuals, but those feelings have not left. Thankfully God provides grace and forgiveness, because I sure need it.

2 weeks ago, I was hoping Auburn would beat Alabama. Now, I hope Bama beats the brakes off of them. I hope they cripple them and beat them by 3 scores. And I hope they get the chance to keep their starters in the game to the very end, even though they shouldn’t. And then I hope South Carolina embarrasses them in the SECCG. I hope Garcia has a career day against their secondary. I hope Lattimore runs for 200 yards.  And whoever Auburn plays in a bowl game, may they beat them like a drum.

Maybe the feelings will subside. I know, and God knows, that it’s not Christian-like to hold such a grudge, and I hope that I’m forgiven. But right now, Auburn is a curse word in my household. I don’t like the feeling I have for them. It’s not right to have such strong feelings towards anyone. But I can’t help it.

I’ll take Mark Richt and his Christian attitude and actions any day of the week over a team that behaves the way Auburn did on Saturday. I’ve been on the fence about CMR’s future, but right now I’ll take him and the class he brings to the program over anyone else in America. I’d rather be classy and 5-6 than be represented the way Auburn was on Saturday. There is more to life than winning football games. (I know someone will bring up rushing the field against Florida, but that’s an exception) I would be ashamed if I was an Auburn dad trying to teach my son the wonderful life lessons you can learn from SEC football right now.

Roll Tide. Beat them senseless. Go Cocks. Get that SEC Championship you’ve waited so long for.

Go Dawgs!


UGA Engineering

I’m all for doing things better than the nerds from Atlanta. I don’t like them or their stupid car. Thus, I’m happy that UGA is going to offer your slightly more socially literate engineers a place to study and learn. Well, I’m not happy at all actually. But I guess I’m glad that aspiring engineers have somewhere to go besides Tech and Southern.

HOWEVER… seems like an odd time to be starting a brand new, and very expensive, degree program, especially during a time of massive budget cuts across the University system. State Rep. Earl Erhart sums up my feelings pretty well, and I hope others feel the same way, when he says:

“They obviously are flush with cash. If they do put something up for cuts, this better be the first thing. I better not hear of anything about cutting 4-H or any other program.”

Again, I’m all for having a prosperous engineering program at UGA outside of your traditional Ag Engineering. It just seems like an odd time to push it through. That Michael Adams is a card, ain’t he?


p.s. To be honest, I’m actually pretty furious about this. In the article, you’ll read where President Adams says they will run the programs using existing money. This after we’ve been told time and time again that we have no money, that the most expansive school in the state of Georgia has been cut to the bare bones, and programs that affect every single county are run dry. But we’ve got several million to sink into something that somebody else already does pretty well, regardless of how bad we hate them. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Just stay away from Cooperative Extension next time you look for cuts, prez.