Braves, SMH

So, the Braves signed Jeff Francoeur today to a minor league contract. I had finally started believing kensingtondawg may be right, and that the massive sell off was the thing to do. And maybe it was. But signings like this and Kelly Johnson leave me shaking my head at decisions of upper management. To me, this is another dumb signing that has marred our beloved franchise for a number of years. I realize it’s just a minor league deal, but still……

I disagreed with the sell off initially. I had hoped to take another angle at rebuilding. However, folks that know more than I do say we are headed in the right direction, and that our farm system is the best in baseball. That remains to be seen, but time will tell. We certainly rid ourselves of some monster contracts, but also rid ourselves of some all star talent along the way. We won’t compete in the foreseeable future. That’s fine. But to waste spend money on players like Frenchy and KJ defies any and all logic. Which is the problem. It’s poor decisions that has plagued our franchise for a decade, and I fear that it will lead to “more of the same” moving forward. 

I hope I’m wrong. I also realize I’m simply using this space to vent. But I’m frustrated with the Braves, and I just want them to win. I want my son to have the same experience I had as a little boy. And I’m scared he won’t. Here’s to me overreacting and the brass actually having a clue. 



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