Why Go After The Sure Thing?

Back in college, I had a roommate for two years. One of my best friends, a groomsman in my wedding, and we still talk regularly.

Like most college guys, we were never going to be considered poster children for cleanliness. However, anytime my roommate cleaned up, and I’m talking mopping, vacuuming, the whole nine yards,  I knew one of two things: he had a test and was procrastinating studying, or he was going to go out and had intentions of bringing a girl home.

He was a good looking guy, had charisma, and of course always had good luck with girls. When he would go out, he would go out with lofty ambition, and go for the hottest girls. Sometimes, though, old lady luck wasn’t smiling down on him. But he never came home empty handed. He had a couple of “sure things” he would call upon.

I had another friend. He didn’t care. He just went after the first girl that gave him any attention. His standards were lower and it was about quantity. I’m sure any of you can relate and have had similar friends in your group.

I say all that not to reminisce about the good ole days.

If Georgia’s stated goal is to win championships, and (justifiably) just fired a coach like Mark Richt because he didn’t win enough championships, why are we targeting the sure thing?

Like the Senator said this morning, Kirby Smart is the frontrunner. Hell, he appears to be the only runner. But…:

McGarity knows he’s offering a plum job and that if Smart can’t bring himself to shake hands – and that wouldn’t be the first time Kirby’s walked away from Athens – there will be plenty of other candidates willing to step up and take his place.

But there are risks for both, too.  Smart’s waited for his opportunity at Georgia for a while, and now Mark Richt is gone.  If he doesn’t take the job and Georgia’s next choice turns out to be a good hire, that opportunity may be gone forever.  Is that something you really want to risk?

If Georgia is in fact this top place, why start out with the sure thing? Why not go to Brian Kelly, Jimbo Fisher, Mark Dantonio, David Shaw, etc… , offer the keys to the kingdom, and make them tell you no? If this is such an attractive place, why start with the sure thing?

Everyone has their “source on the inside”. Everyone knows someone. I am 100% convinced the next UGA head coach will be Kirby Smart. Everyone from the janitor’s third cousin once removed’s wife to ESPN is saying Kirby is the guy. I will support him and hope we do well.

But I wish Georgia would shoot for the moon first before just settling for the sure thing. Like my roommate in college, sometimes it works out pretty well.




2 Responses to “Why Go After The Sure Thing?”

  1. 1 Texas Dawg December 1, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Maybe McGarity is like my old roommate at UGA. His philosophy was to go ugly early and drink them pretty. Some fear rejection and want to have the sure thing. Maybe McGarity has security issues and fears the other would turn him down and the rest of the class would laugh at him.

  2. 2 Donnie December 1, 2015 at 11:14 am

    I have said the same thing since Sunday when the news broke. If this is a top 10 job like most people seem to think, then why not go for a proven head coach.

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