Face The Facts About Coach Richt

Bulldog fans fall in one of three camps today:

  1. You are sad/angry about Mark Richt’s departure
  2. You recognize it was time for Mark Richt’s departure
  3. You are thrilled about Mark Richt’s departure

I relate to #2.  I said after the Tennessee game that it was time for Coach Richt and the University of Georgia to part ways.  If you are in camp #1, I won’t argue with you.  I won’t ridicule you.  I was with you until very recently.  However, things change.

But regardless of where you are at, there are some things that are facts that we all need to agree on:

  1. It was time for Mark Richt to go. He was given a second chance after 2010 to turn things around.  He did.  He signed Dream Teams and Ring Team classes.  There was talent brought in.  We were right there.  So excruciatingly close.  Things took a step back, and no coach deserves a third chance.   Just since 2008, look at some of the players that have come through Athens:

a. Matthew Stafford

b. Knowshon Moreno

c. A. J. Green

d. Todd Gurley

e. Jarvis Jones

f.Justin Houston

g. Drew Butler

h. Nick Chubb

i. Aaron Murray

These players are either in the conversation as all-time greats at UGA or the SEC, and/or are having successful NFL careers.  No SEC titles with these players.  You can say, “Yeah, but…”  No quarterback.  Good recruiting class coming in.  Catastrophic injuries.  Lacking administrative support until recently.  I get all that.  But losing games Georgia shouldn’t lose, and losing games in the way we lost them the same way over and over again isn’t a good look.

  1. His accomplishments should be celebrated. This is not like we are firing, say, a Will Muschamp, a Ron Zook or a Mike London.  Coach Richt elevated the program.  UGA had the most sustained success in its history under his leadership.   This is not a joyous day for UGA.
  1. It shouldn’t have ended this way for Mark Richt. It should have ended with him hoisting a crystal football.  It should have ended on a happy note.  He deserved that.  The fans deserved that.  But it had to end.  And it had to end now so we could get ready for the future.
  1. Kudos to Greg McGarity to have the cojones to make the tough decision. Even if you were the most ardent anti-Richt person, you are being disingenuous if you think firing a coach who wins 9.6 games per year and has dominated most of your rivals is an easy decision.
  1. But I really have strong doubts that Greg McGarity will make the right hire. And until some of the obstacles are removed from an administrative stand point, I’m not sure any coach will have as much success as Richt has had, or the success we covet.  There needs to be total, sweeping change in Butts-Mehre.
  1. I fully expect us to one day in the near future look back and say “What were we thinking?”
  1. Ultimately, bad coordinator hires doomed Coach Richt. He lost all the good will he had built up with Willie Martinez.  Brian Schottenhiemer was the nail in the coffin.
  1. Finally, Georgia will be great again.

You can be glad that there is a change, yet recognize the unfortunate circumstance this is.

I am reminded of the Greek myth of Icarus.  Icarus was warned not to fly too low or fly too high.  His ambition made him fly higher and higher, until his wings melted and he crashed down.  I hope that in chasing the Sun, we don’t crash down.

But, you have to try and get there.

Mark Richt was the coach of the program that I love.  As much as I wanted to see Coach Richt succeed, I’ll love Georgia football without him.    This is a sad day for the Bulldog Nation, but maybe the next coach can inspire the hope that Coach Richt once did 15 years ago, or hell, just three years ago.




11 Responses to “Face The Facts About Coach Richt”

  1. 1 Ant123 November 30, 2015 at 10:04 am

    The problem with your article is that over any 14 year span this is the greatest we have ever been in Football. There is a much greater chance we regress than progress. It seemed to me we were making progress. For the first time 8 years we had a respectable defense. The special teams coverage improved greatly by years end. We were young at most position groups. A second chance is not a second chance if he’s not allowed to complete his overhaul of the team. Especially since the Admin just started at the beginning of this year to spend the money necessary to compete with the better teams in the SEC.
    Our only large issues this year were we did not have a good qb, and our top running back got hurt, O-line was undersized up the middle. Coaching changes don’t change any of those. Are we saying after 13 years of coaching Richt forgot how to coach offense?
    You could blame Richt for recruiting Jacob Park, and Brice Ramsey. But every SEC school wanted them. After Park left we got Lambert. We appeared to play the best we had. I can’t fault the coach for that.
    Even with all of that we are on track to win 10. Most could not have done more with those circumstances. We know Richt knows QB’s and offense. The decision was plain Stupid by McGarity. If you check his record since he’s been the AD you will find that he is the one that should have lost his job.

  2. 2 Jp November 30, 2015 at 10:48 am

    Uga has never been great. Richt won more than anyone ever had with less resources 10-5 vs auburn 10-5 vs tenn 13-2 vs tech If u think you 2 sec and 5 east titles after never winning one for 20 years. Keep blogging because you don’t know Jac about football

  3. 3 Godawgsgo November 30, 2015 at 10:55 am

    I agree with your article 100%

  4. 5 Thetruth November 30, 2015 at 10:57 am

    McGarity had the balls to dismiss Richt? Give me a break. This spineless POS who for the last 5 years has been been in charge of the decline of all sports at UGA cow towed to the Fart Tarkenton crowd.
    It’s okay, because his ass will be gone faster than a JimmyJohns order as soon as this next coach has a 5-6 loss season, and it won’t be long.

  5. 7 1979 Dooley November 30, 2015 at 11:00 am

    McGarity is an idiot. And completely looked like it in the presser. Richt has brought sustained success to UGA that no predecessor could. In 108 years prior to Richt, we won 2 NC’s.Yet we expect Richt to win 2 or more in 15 years. People like you yammering away in the blogosphere helped drive the discontent. It’s ironic that the hottest name available as a coach today is the one we just fired. Butts-Mehre just fumbled the ball. And the 25% win at all cost portion of our fanbase helped it happen. I hope you enjoy the real definition of mediocrity. I sure won’t.

    • 8 Alkaline December 1, 2015 at 1:22 pm

      McGarity is definitely an idiot, and I do fear for what he’s unleashed here. But mediocrity should not be acceptable, either. I’ll agree that the 2002-05 era was the second-best 4-year period in UGA’s history, but what achievements from 2006-15 indicate “sustained” success?

      Since 2006 we finished in the Top 5 twice (5 years apart) and we had back-to-back SEC East titles at one point in there. Those were great, but hardly consistent when considered across 10+ years.

  6. 9 AuditDawg November 30, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    You missed one camp. Acknowledge that there were merits to the decision, but be absolutely pissed in how spineless McGarity was in making it.

    McGarity did the same song and dance as Alleva at LSU, he just didn’t put floaters out to the media. McGarity was hoping that Richt would lose more games so that it would make announcing the decision easier and Richt didn’t do him a solid there. The decision was made after the Florida game – he should have just nutted up, stop being a coward, and just fire the man. If the man can’t be man enough to just do that why should I trust him to get the next hire right? He wanted the job and the pay that comes with it – he should also deal with the responsibilities that come with the tough decisions and he punted. He let Richt twist in the wind for a month which, regardless of your feelings on Richt, he has earned better than that type of crappy treatment from his time here.

  7. 11 Virgil Seagle November 30, 2015 at 3:08 pm


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