Only one thing matters

Will Mark Richt be the head coach here next year? Yes, despite what Bill Shanks wants to have to say about it.

Will Brian Schottenheimer be packed up the U-haul soon? Hopefully

Will Jeremy Pruitt be in Athens next year? Hopefully.

But none of the that really matters.

One thing matters right now, and it’s the same thing that matters now matter how good or bad that a season is.

Freaking Beat Tech.

I was in Athens last year. I had to watch the enginerds gleefully prance out of Sanford with a once every seven to eight years victory.

Some of you in the Atlanta area – and others on Facebook had to endure Techies crawling out of the woodwork.

Any time Georgia loses to Tech, it stings, because it should not happen on the football field. That’s why it means so much to GT when it does – because it does not happen often.

If you call yourself a Georgia fan, there can be no part in you that does not despise Georgia Tech and all that it stands for. And let’s not get into the Joke By Coke…

Has this season been a hard road? Absolutely so.

Let’s not make it worse by losing again to the maggots.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg





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