One Thing Is For Sure-Georgia Defense Will Rise To the Occassion

Look guys, the UGA offense is what it is.  11 games in, a Tiger isn’t changing it’s stripes.  It is a poorer version of what we saw from 2001-2004.  Except this time, you don’t have a 100% shut down defense, there are many liabilities on special teams, and a quarterback who isn’t capable of making the necessary plays to win when the game is on the line.

Basically, we are Iowa circa every year except 2009 and 2015.

Let’s just choose not to get into the up and down nature of the special teams.

But the defense, while not as violent and dominant as it was earlier this decade, is still having a damn fine season.  The only blemish was the Tennessee game, and really, the offense did nothing to help them out.  Tennessee ran nearly 100 plays.  If the Georgia offense could muster a first down or control the clock a little bit, like we saw against Auburn, Georgia would have won the Tennessee game.  I 100% believe that.

Georgia should win Saturday.  And the defense will do its part to stop the triple option.  They did well against Georgia Southern, and that was a nice tune up for Tech.  I think Southern is better than Tech.

Georgia coordinators-hell, all coordinators for that matter-have a hard time against Paul Johnson’s triple option offense the first time they’ve seen it.  As Nick Saban said, Georgia Southern ran through the vaulted Alabama defense like shit through a tin horn when they faced off in 2011.  If you aren’t used to it, it causes problems.

In 2008, in Johnson’s first year, Georgia Tech rolled up 409 yards rushing and 45 points against Georgia and Willie Martinez.  The next season, Johnson’s best Tech team only mustered 24 points and 205 rushing yards against one of the worst Georgia defenses in the history of the program.

In 2010, the first year under Todd Grantham,  Tech rolled up 411 yards and 34 points in a wild game against Georgia.  The next year, Tech only managed 243 yards and 17 points.  In 2012, Tech got 306 yards on the ground on 67 carries and only 10 points.  In 2013, Tech did put up 27 points in regulation but only 263 yards on the ground (but did have 232 yards passing that game).

Last year , the first under Pruitt, Tech put up just 24 points in regulation but got 399 yards on the ground.  And Pruitt never saw Tech while he was at Florida State.

Last week against Southern, Georgia’s defense only gave up 7 points and 233 yards rushing to Georgia Southern’s triple option attack.

So I fully anticipate Georgia’s defense to contain Georgia Tech.  If they score more than 13 points and have more than 250 yards rushing, I’ll be surprised.

Cut and paste from any other post this year:

Georgia’s defense should be fine Saturday.  If the offense or special teams turn the ball over and put (insert team) in easy scoring situations, this could get away from the Dawgs. 

It really is a broken record, isn’t it?




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