Thoughts From Auburn

A few quick thoughts:

*Very good, much needed win.  This is one of the worst Auburn teams Georgia is going to see, which is saying something because there have been some bad ones.  But it is still Auburn and Georgia took care of business.

*Despite what folks say, it was a win in a “big game”.

*I thought the offense, while it didn’t convert on the goal line, did a fine job.  At least, good enough.  No turnovers, had first downs, moved the chains and controlled the clock.  You don’t have to win every game by scoring 30.  The defense played fantastic and the offense did what it was supposed to do to help the defense.  There are going to be those games where you have to score 30 to win, it is just the nature of today’s college football.  Saturday wasn’t one of those days.

*Georgia had drives  of 4 minutes, 7 minutes, and 6.5 minutes in the first half.  If the offense had done that once against Tennessee, I think Georgia probably wins that game.  That was about 60% of the first half.  Georgia had the ball for 35 minutes.

*Can we just say that Gus Malzahn is overrated?  When will more people come on board with that?

*The offense, overall, has not been good.  But we saw what kind of weapon McKenzie could be.  The end around at the goal line was the perfect call at the time because we were having a hard time getting short yardage up the middle.  He had the dynamic punt return, and a few key catches to move the chains.  I’m not sure it would have made a huge difference, but Chubb’s absence has gotten all the attention.  I wonder how much McKenzie’s injury has slowed the offense down?  It probably wouldn’t matter because Shotty wouldn’t know how to use him, and this is more evidence that Richt is more involved in the game planning/play calling.

*I doubt Pruitt will be back next year, but man whatever it takes we need him.  There was one time when Lorenzo Carter was pushing an Auburn runner out of bounds, I think it was Johnson, and he actually held him up and didn’t push him down.  This disciplined aggression and metal focus is a little thing that Pruitt’s unit does well at, and it doesn’t seem they make bone headed mistakes like we’ve seen out of the defense under Grantham and Willie.

Overall, a good day to be a Georgia Bulldog!


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