Hard To Fight The Narrative

You know, after the Tennessee game I came out strong saying Mark Richt and UGA needed to part ways, and I haven’t backed down one bit from that statement (and  won’t, until there are reasons for optimism again).  Make no mistake about it:  2015 is a very disappointing season, and even if Georgia wins out, not all 10 win season are created equal.  Just like not all 8 win seasons are equal.  This is a bad year.

I am not one of these fools that are hoping Georgia loses for a change to take place.  I was living and dying on every play Saturday, just as I would if Georgia and Auburn’s seasons had transpired like both teams fans had hoped.

Though this won’t fit the narrative people try to push, beating Auburn was a “big” game for many reasons.  Coach Richt and his team came ready to play in the “big” game.

As I said in my post arguing why it is time to part ways, I spent a good deal of time going into the good of Coach Richt, and also the false narratives that people point to.

One that I didn’t touch on was that Coach Richt seems aloof, disengaged, or simply doesn’t care about the team winning.  That is one that I find complete hogwash.

But what happened Saturday against Auburn, two Saturdays against Kentucky, and three weeks ago against Florida make it hard to disprove that narrative.

Coach Richt clearly likes his CEO role, much like his mentor Bobby Bowden.  Coach Richt lets his assistants and coordinators run their units, and gives them autonomy.  I believe that Pruitt, Grantham, Martinez and Van Gorder had complete reign over the defense, and that Bobo had full control of the offense.

But this season, the offense was not working out.

Though the point totals and yardage didn’t reflect smashing success, I thought the offense played very well against Auburn, overall.  There were three offensive possessions in the first half, all of which went for sustained drives and ate time off the clock, which helped keep Auburn’s off the field and our defense rested.  The play calling at the goal line was suspect on the second drive, but you had to like the aggressiveness of going for it 4th down twice and eating up nearly 7 minutes.  The third possession of the first half went for 12 plays and ate nearly 6 and a half minutes.

Against Kentucky, Georgia mixed in the Wildcat.  Against Auburn, you saw passes to the tight end and fullback.  You even saw a Quayvon Hicks carry for a first down!

And Richt seemed more active on the sideline.  At least it seemed that way to me.  He had the play sheet and seemed like he was more involved with the game.  And running up the middle to set up a field goal in the 4th quarter was classic Richt.

Something just seems a little different over the last couple of weeks.  Maybe it is because the quality of opponents and the defenses are not as good as what we saw in October.  Maybe.  But I also think that Richt has gotten more involved.

Why did it take until the tenth game of the season for something different to take place?

I’m glad we won.  But to those people that are always saying that Richt seems disengaged, it is hard to argue against that when it took ten games to do something different from what wasn’t working.


2 Responses to “Hard To Fight The Narrative”

  1. 1 fell in buttsmehre November 16, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    I agree with your overall point here but we only gained 243 yards of offense Saturday against a defense that has played very poorly this year.

    • 2 Corbindawg November 16, 2015 at 12:51 pm

      It was ugly, but I think it was meant to be. Look at the drive summaries. The offense didn’t have a lot of yards and scored a lot, but I think some of that was intentional.

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