Final Thoughts About Massive Showdown Tomorrow

Some final musings about tomorrow’s game…

  • I have been going back and forth all week about this game, but I finally came around to UGA winning about Wednesday. I thought that Georgia had too much speed.  Nick Chubb can break away, Sony Michel is explosive, and our receivers are fast.  Alabama isn’t as good as they have been in recent years.  They are still very good, but not the invincible juggernaut we’re used to seeing.
  • Then the rains came.  The rain shouldn’t hurt the home field atmosphere, despite University administration trying their best to.  But, the fact remains I am worried about the ferocity of the crowd in a hurricane.  I hope I am wrong.
  • And the wet weather might neutralize our biggest strength, the aforementioned speed.  If this game is going to be a slobber knocker, I tend to like Alabama’s chances.
  • What can Georgia do to win?  The same as what Alabama has to do:  stop the run.  Stop Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake.  If Alabama has trouble establishing their running game and placing the burden on Jake Coker to make plays, I like our pass rush to put pressure and force mistakes.  That is it.
  • This game is the biggest game of Georgia’s season so far.  Then, the Tennessee becomes the biggest game of Georgia’s season.  Then Missouri.  Then Florida.  Then Kentucky.  Then Auburn.  Then Georgia Tech.  Then what comes after that.  This is a HUGE game. But the talk is Georgia NEEDS TO WIN THIS GAME FOR LEGACY REASONS.  I can buy that, to an extent.  But this game is a game against a top 15 team.  We have played these games.   The 2012 South Carolina, Florida, Alabama games. The 2013 Clemson, South Carolina, LSU and Auburn games.  The 2014 Clemson and Auburn games.  In these past 9 games, Georgia is 5-4.  So it wouldn’t be the Jacksonville State over Auburn level of upset if Georgia does win.

The point is, Georgia has played in monster games recently.  Coach Richt has been around and has the scars to show victories and defeats.  The memes and narratives might lead you to believe that Georgia is new to this stage and Coach Richt needs to prove something.  Georgia has won big games before.  Georgia has lost big games before.  Mark Richt has led his team to close victories, close losses, blowout wins and blowout losses in similar situations.

I don’t want to downplay the importance of tomorrow’s game.  I am not attempting to hedge my emotions in case we lose.  If we win, we have to beat Tennessee-Georgia Tech.  If we lose, we have to beat Tennessee-Georgia Tech.

Tomorrow is the biggest game of the college football weekend, one of the biggest games of the 2015 season, and one of the most important games in Sanford Stadium in quite sometime, and one of the most important games Georgia has played-since the last time a game was must win.  Which if you believe the internet, was the Belk Bowl.

Let’s stick to a narrative about tomorrow.  But let’s stick to the right one.

The correct narrative is Georgia has a chance to be the new top dog in the SEC by beating Alabama…for the next week. It would make a huge statement to win, but this is one game in early October.

Show up early.  Wear a rain coat.  Wear rubber boots.  Be loud.  Cheer on our beloved Dawgs to victory.

Most importantly, BELIEVE!!!!!

Final prediction:  Georgia 28, Alabama 17 on a Nick Chubb TD late to seal the deal.  


1 Response to “Final Thoughts About Massive Showdown Tomorrow”

  1. 1 john wingate October 2, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    Thanks, now I can sleep tonight!

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