Another Big Game

Usually, when Alabama and Georgia meet up, it is a huge deal.
In 2002, we all remember Georgia being “man enough” to get their first ever win in Tuscaloosa. This game featured one of many spectacular David Greene-orchestrated game winning drives.
2003, Alabama was feeling the effects of their probation, and a Coach Fran had one foot out the door and was just overmatched. Not exactly a classic.
The 2007 game was a big game. Though Alabama would eventually go on to go a disappointing 6-6 in Saban’s inaugural campaign, they were better early in the season. They had just upset Arkansas earlier (trusting my memory-the week before perhaps?) and College Gameday was in town. This was my last college semester we took a road trip there and had a helluva time. Great game, too, with the overtime win.
2008 was another mammoth game, and unfortunately we all know how that’s game went. It was the game that vaulted Alabama to the National Stage, and the game that literally cast a “black” shadow over Georgia’s program for many years to come. That day was the day when the warts on Mark Richt’s program were on full display, and honestly have been fighting ever since to remove.
2012. What can I say? I still haven’t had the heart to watch the replay of that game. 
Saturday will be another big deal. Unlike others, I am not using hyperbole to say this is MOST IMPORTANT GAME EVER FOR MARK RICHT’S LEGACY CLICK HERE AND READ WHY, but it is huge.
It doesn’t happen often. But when Georgia and Alabama square off, it is a big deal. Saturday is no exception.

1 Response to “Another Big Game”

  1. 1 Mike Cooley October 1, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    What I don’t understand is so many people already hedging with comments like, “It would be great to win this game but if we lose it really doesn’t matter because we can still win the east.” The last part of that sentence is true but we are kidding ourselves to say that it doesn’t matter if we lose. It does. Think how great it will be for this team if we win. And I think we are going to win. The reason I believe we will is because I get the feeling we are focusing on us this year rather than the opponent better than we have at any point in the past. And for shit’s sake people, get to the game and be loud. It’s just rain.

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