A PSA About The Weather

Let’s be candid for a moment, shall we?
The weather Saturday is going to suck.
So what? If it is rainy, cold and dreary, I hope our fans still show up and GET LOUD!
A big key to victory Saturday is going to be a raucous home field advantage.
Georgia has done better in the big home games, and the improved environment at Sanford Stadium has assisted that improvement. South Carolina and LSU in 2013, Clemson and Auburn last year, and South Carolina two weeks ago were great environments.

Now, the University is going to try their best to dampen the mood. Shutting down tailgating on campus locations to protect the turf is ridiculous. PLANT MORE GRASS! Laying sod isn’t exactly rocket science. I’ve done it.  And not that expensive. Encouraging fans who don’t have tickets not to come to campus? Wanting fans to take Athens transit buses? Have you ever?

It’s gonna rain. Prepare accordingly. It’s called a raincoat. I bought a pair of duck boots yesterday. Been wanting to get some for a while and this pushed me over the top.

Wipe the sand out.

Anticipation for these kinds of games is what gets us through the cold days in February.

Get to campus. Drink booze. Be loud.

Rain be damned.



5 Responses to “A PSA About The Weather”

  1. 1 Sunny Days October 1, 2015 at 8:53 am

    your an idiott

  2. 3 RG October 1, 2015 at 9:44 am

    I agree! The message that went out to fans was worded in a way that made it seem like The University didn’t want fans coming to town. Bad PR move IMO.

  3. 4 Sharon P. Bowen October 1, 2015 at 10:20 am

    I am a DAWG FAN. I live in High Springs, FL north of “The Swamp” I had knee surgery at the Orthapedic Institute in Gainesville August 31, 2015. I have been going to physical therapy twice a week since then. They ALL eat, sleep, dream gator dreams in blue & orange !!! Tailgating is done with military precision. Teamwork begins at 5:00 AM with wave one going to the UF campus and staking out their turf. Wave two arrives at 7:00 to set up gear. Wave three begins cooking with a theme. Last week was “fry day” !! You bring it we’ll fry it !!! They fried 2 turkeys, 5 chickens & more !!! Gator fans are dedicated, serious & fun !!! They do their part to support team & coaches all week & on game day !!!
    FL DEFEATED TN last Saturday !!!
    It was not possible without the FANS IN THE STANDS !!!
    One guy said “It was the most exciting sporting event he’s ever seen!”
    I’d like to see one in Athens on Saturday !!!

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