South Carolina Preview

I didn’t watch the South Carolina-Kentucky game last week. I was watching the Michigan State-Oregon and LSU-Mississippi State games because I had a, err, vested interest in those games’ outcomes (and I came away half-happy).

Skip to the bottom after the bold type if you want the nuts and bolts.

At any rate, it is hard to gauge most teams out there, because for the most part, the level of competition has been sub-par. I love, but this early in the season, it is hard to get an accurate read on most teams.

That is not necessarily the case with South Carolina. They have played two Power 5 teams, and are lucky to not be 0-2.

Georgia has played two inferior opponents, but I think time will prove the Vanderbilt defense is quite competent.

With that said, here we go looking at the matchups…

First and foremost, I hope for a win. If we win every game ugly, I’ll be bitching and moaning with a smile on my face 12 weeks from now.

Based on watching South Carolina attempt to defend North Carolina’s running game, I just don’t see how they stop Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. I just don’t see it happening. The Gamecocks are (with a small sample size) giving up 200 rushing yards per game and are nearly giving up 6 yards per carry. Georgia has gotten 262 yards per game on the ground at this point, at almost 7 yards a carry.

Georgia has the capability to, and should, run all over South Carolina. Seeing how none of the offenses South Carolina has faced have backs like ours, I feel this is a very safe assumption to make.

And I don’t see how South Carolina will score on our defense. Georgia may not have the best defense in the country. Hell, they probably don’t have the best defense in the SEC (we’ll see on that). But what they do have is several elite linebackers that can stop the run and rush the passer.

While Georgia doesn’t throw the ball well, South Carolina’s passing threat isn’t much better. I think it is fair to say Georgia’s biggest weakness on defense is the secondary, which has shone chinks in the armor. I think poor Perry Orth will be hit one time by Jenkins/Floyd/Carter and that will be all she wrote.

So South Carolina’s defense won’t stop what we are good at, and Georgia’s defense is really good. Offensively South Carolina won’t be able to exploit our weaknesses on defense.

Sounds simple, right?

It should be. But it never is.

If Georgia doesn’t turn the ball over and give South Carolina free points, and doesn’t have disasters on Special Teams, this should be a rout.

 At some point, the above is going to happen. Every running back fumbles. Even great backs. It happens. Every quarterback, from Grayson Lambert to Joe Montana, will throw an interception. It will happen.

Every team has at some point a bad snap on a punt.

If just one of those things happens, we can recover. If we decide to make all our mistakes in one game, like Georgia has been known to do, it will be difficult to win.

It is really that simple.

I think we’ll have a pretty good idea by halftime, one way or another.


1 Response to “South Carolina Preview”

  1. 1 So, IL Dawg September 17, 2015 at 9:26 am

    Agree with everything except the fact the USC seems to play their best game of the year against UGA. So, they’ll put 8 or 9 in the box to stop the run and force us to pass. Sky Moore will shadow Chubb all day like he did Gurley. In the end, we have to capitalize on our scoring opportunities and hold the mistakes to a minimum. if we do that, it should be an easy win.

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