Why The Angst?

Judging from Twitter and private conversations, there is considerable angst out in the Dawgnation.


I have realized I have become schizophrenic when it comes to my UGA Fandom.  I have the two Corbindawgs on my shoulder.  One is the positive, upbeat one that you’ve come to know and love.  On the other shoulder is a bitter, salty, negative Corbindawg.

Think to the episode of Seinfeld with the two, um, “Jerrys” playing chess.

Allow me to explain my frustration, and hopefully this is true of you, reader.

First off, let’s get this out of the way.

We won Saturday.

Winning is the most important thing.  An ugly win sure as hell beats a close, dare I say it, “good” loss.  Would you had rather won on Saturday, or came up just short like Oregon or Mississippi State?

I am grateful for a win.  Especially in a place that has been a shop of horrors.  This team can win everywhere in the SEC.  Columbia, SC has been difficult, and so is Nashville.  But  Baton Rouge?  Check.  Tuscaloosa?  Been there, done that in back to back trips.  Auburn?  Knoxville?   No worries.

But up in Nashville, weird things happen.  So I am glad we won.  The national pollsters didn’t penalize Georgia for the poor showing, either.

Georgia is 2-0 and in the top 10.  Would you rather trade places with Mississippi State, Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, South Carolina, or even LSU right now?  On LUS-at least our quarterback throws the ball.  LSU almost lost to Mississippi State because they went Ted Cruz conservative Saturday night.

Georgia has a blemish at quarterback, but seems to be the least blemished of many other teams in the SEC.

Winning ugly beats losing pretty.  I am glad that social media wasn’t around in 2003 after beating UAB 16-13.  I am glad that it wasn’t around during the magical run in 2002 when every game seemed to be an ugly, ugly game.  Ugly games that Georgia won.

And I’ll go a step forward and say this kind of game was probably a game Georgia would lose a few years ago.

So Georgia won.  Why the angst?

Because it is just the same old, same old.

The general angst today is similar to the angst after the Tennessee game last season.  Remember that one?  We won.  We beat Tennessee.  Tennessee was a team that dominated Georgia for an entire decade prior to Mark Richt’s arrival.  With the victory against the Volunteers last season, Mark Richt moved to 10-4 against Tennessee, and won 5 consecutive games.  Shouldn’t that had been cause for celebration?

It wasn’t.  Because the devil is in the details.  I was at a low point after the Tennessee game.  Georgia had just lost to South Carolina and narrowly squeaked by Tennessee.  Then, some 12 days later, the Todd Gurley news broke.

I was near despondent.  The season felt like it was going in the crapper, and we’d be a 7-5 team.  If you say you didn’t feel that way,  you are lying.

Things turned around, and Georgia ended up having an OK season.  Sure, the annual bed wetting occurred against Florida and that hurt, and the sting of the Tech loss is still felt.  But the Georgia team that ran out on the field against Missouri, Arkansas and Auburn wasn’t the same team that needed a fumbled recovery TD to ice the game against Tennessee.

Maybe Georgia beats South Carolina.  Maybe, just maybe, they beat Alabama.  But what is so frustrating is the shit we saw on Saturday is the same shit we’ve seen before.  It is the same problems we’ve seen game after game, year after year.

Georgia beat Vanderbilt by 17 points.  It needed three interceptions, one of which was in the end zone and another that was run back for a score, to do so.  It needed a punt return for a touchdown.  It needed Jordan Jenkins and Leonard Floyd to play out of their minds.

The devil is in the details. 

Does anyone on the team know how to competently field a pooch kick?  How many times have we seen that similar situation play out?   Just off the top of my head, I remember doing the same thing against Kentucky (twice, if not mistaken) and once against Tech.


How many times have we seen other mistakes?

This team can be great.  This team should be great.  Is it too much to ask for them to be great all the time?

That is where I get back to.  The angst out in the Bulldog Nation is this is same story we’ve seen over and over and over again.

We won this time. Will we win again?

Paul Westerdawg used an analogy of a pregnant women looking for cupcakes to describe the quarterback situation.

I feel like Georgia is that pretty girl you knew in high school (or to prove I’m not a sexist, that good looking guy).  They got by because they were pretty, and they let the smart kids do the work for them.  They simply just got by for no other reason than they were able to and no one challenged them.

When it comes time for them to do it themselves, how do they do?  They usually fail.

You’re on Facebook.   You know the folks I’m talking about.  How many people did you go to high school with that seemingly had it all-the looks, the popularity, the cool car, the cool parents that let them do whatever they wanted?  I bet a lot of these same folks in your friend list are probably not doing much these days.  When they were tested in life, and had to get by on something other than superficial talents, they stumbled.  I had my 10 year reunion a couple of years ago, and many of these “cool kids” hadn’t grown up or developed into productive adults.

Screwing around against Vanderbilt won’t cause you to face any consequences because you have Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins.

When the Ole Ball Coach and Alabama come to town, you better be ready.

Am I despondent like I was last season?  No, not yet.

Am I frustrated?  Yeah, I am.  Why?

Because I’ve seen this story before.

I hope this one has a different ending.


2 Responses to “Why The Angst?”

  1. 1 Rob September 14, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    If you say this is the same ole thing I have one question: why a different outcome?

    It seems that UGA fans are doing their best to put the lemonade back into lemons!!! Why use fact we had 3 ints to make a negative comment about the game? Didn’t bama not to long ago dominate with mediocre qb play, great RBs, and aggressive defense? You are lying if you say at any moment during that game you honestly felt there was a good chance we would lose. Sure there were moments of worry but every time the team responded with a exclamation point(see iMacs return, Ganus int, sanders int, or even LAMBERT FINISHING 11-14 after starting 0-7!!!”

    UGA fans need stop stop whining and be happy we have started the season 2-0 and ranked 7th in the nation.

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