Rally Around The New Breed Of Bulldogs

Glory Glory to Ole Georgia. Heroes have graced the field before you.

Men with hearts, bodies, and minds for which the entire Bulldog Nation can be justifiably proud.

The tradition of unbridled excellence demonstrated by these individuals and many others spans more than a full century.

And now a new breed of Bulldogs stands ready to take the field of battle, to assume the reigns of their Georgia fore bearers, and continue that tradition.  Understanding that there no is tradition more worthy of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia.

As we prepare for another meeting Between the Hedges, let all the Bulldog faithful rally behind the men who now wear the red and black, with two words, two simple words which express the sentiments of the entire Bulldog Nation. 

 Go Dawgs!

My first ever game at Sanford Stadium was way back during my freshman year of high school in 1999.  I don’t even know the opponent.  I do remember going back in 2000 to see us beat New Mexico State.  I went again in 2001 to see UGA beat Houston in the game that was supposed to be on the weekend after 9/11 and was postponed to December.

You know, I was in high school.  I didn’t tailgate, and did all the “touristy” things.  Went to the Dawg Walk and saw the Uga graves.  Just went, more or less, and didn’t really understand it all.

I remember my first ever game in college.  Sitting down in Section 112 next to the Redcoats, I really heard the Larry Munson pregame for the first time. As Georgia fans, we are (rightfully) accused of living in the past.  This has been a complaint of mine for quite some time.  I have to say, though, that the pregame with the Battle Hymn solo and Larry Munson’s echoing voice sends shivers down my spine. There isn’t much more I remember about that freshman year, but I remember that.  I was hooked.

Those words ring true today, more so than they ever had.  Though SEC and National Championships haven’t occurred in Athens as often as we desire recently, Georgia is still considered, I would think by most, an “elite”, “blue blood” program in the college football world.  In the past 14 seasons, Georgia has ended the season ranked in the top 10 on 8 occasions.  Georgia has finished ranked in the top 5 three times, with finishes of 2, 3 and 4.

I think Todd Gurley is best player to play at Georgia since I have been closely following the Bulldogs.  Better than David Pollack, Jarvis Jones, Matthew Stafford, and even A.J. Green.

Not only was he immensely talented, he seemed like a genuine good, humble person.  When he was being interviewed after getting drafted by the Rams, and choked up a little bit, I got choked up along with him.

I get frustrated.  I see the likes of Justin Houston, Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, A.J. Green, Blair Walsh, etc…recently pass through Athens and have stellar collegiate careers, then go on and have stellar NFL careers.  There has been so much talent at this school in the past 10 years.

And no SEC championships to show for it.

Yes, it is frustrating.

Ultimately to win a National Championship in college, especially in the old BCS system, requires some degree of luck.  But the bottom line is that at least one of those seasons that ended with a #2, 3 or 4 ranking should have ended with a #1.  Some of it can be blamed on bad circumstances.  Some can be blamed on bad luck.  Some of it can be blamed on poor individual play from the players.  Some of it can be blamed on the coaching.  Some of it can be blamed for institutional and administrative shortcomings.  There is blame to be cast on the shortcomings.

Back to Gurley.  His freshman year, he carried the ball 222 times for 1,385 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Nick Chubb in his freshman year carried the ball 219 times for 1,547 yards and 14 touchdowns.

As much as I loved watching Todd Gurley play, his time has come and gone.

A new breed of Bulldogs is prepared to assume the tradition of their Georgia forbearers.

It’s time.  It’s here.

Appreciate the past.  Relish in the good memories.  But for all intents and purposes, forget it.  Forget the good.  Forget the bad.

Let’s all rally around the new breed of Bulldogs.

Go Dawgs!


2 Responses to “Rally Around The New Breed Of Bulldogs”

  1. 1 AceDawg September 3, 2015 at 10:51 am

    And the new UGA as well – Que! I wish he’d take the reins against SC or Bama, but that may be too early.

  2. 2 Brandon September 3, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    I’ve been blessed enough to have season tickets in my family since I was about 5 or 6 (28 now). And every home opener, ever year, I lose it after Larry’s speech to the battle hymn and the “Its Saturday in Athens” video that follows shortly thereafter. 8 months worth of pent up pride and emotion spill out of me like a teenage girl that didn’t get asked to the prom. 2 days from now will be no different. And I can’t freaking wait. GO DAWGS

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