Top Thursday Night Football Games in 2015

I love the Thursday night college football games.  Don’t misunderstand that love for ever wanting Georgia to play in one.  These little appetizers are often fun matchups to get you ready for the upcoming weekend, and since they usually involve teams that have no bearing on Georgia, it can be stress-free and you can watch it for simply the enjoyment of football.

This season, there are some clunkers, but there are some interesting games as well.  Here are the ESPN Thursday night football games ranked:

14. South Florida at UCF, 11/26

Thanksgiving night used to give us the Egg Bowl, or Texas A&M-Texas.  Last year we were treated to LSU at Texas A&M.  We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

13. Cincinnati at Memphis, 9/24

Almost put this one at the bottom, but I don’t know.  Who cares.

12. ECU at UCF, 11/19

ECU is a good squad, as is UCF.  Will be fun.

11. North Carolina at Pitt, 10/29 (DH)

Only put this one ahead of ECU/UCF because it involves two Power 5 teams.  That is about it.

10. Miami at Cincinnati, 10/1

If Miami under Al Golden is going to be good, this is the year.

9. Cal at UCLA, 10/22

Cal will put up some points.  They aren’t very good, but they can hang with UCLA with their offense.

8. North Carolina vs. South Carolina, 9/3 (DH)

A good chance to see how South Carolina looks early in the season.

7.TCU at Minnesota, 9/3 (DH)

Minnesota has gone 8-5 for three straight years, and was a fluke upset from Illinois away from going 9-4 last season.  Coach Jerry Kill has the Gophers playing pretty good B10 football, and it is just easy to root for him with his health problems.  I think TCU will light the Gophers up on Opening Night, but I expect the Gophers to come ready to play.

6. Washington at USC, 10/8

 USC is the West Coast’s version of Ohio State, and anytime they can lose would be extra sweet.

5. Mississippi State at Missouri, 11/5

Hopefully this game won’t have any scoreboard watching implications involved, and Georgia is coming off effectively clinching the SEC East after Jacksonville.  But this game will probably have the Bulldog Nation pulling for the other Bulldogs.

4. Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech, 11/12

It’s time for Virginia Tech to get back to respectability. They always play Georgia Tech tough.  The Hokies’ defense is one of the few SEC-like defenses Georgia Tech plays regularly.  See how the Yellow Jackets do before they come to Athens.

3.UCLA at Stanford, 10/15

Quite possibly a preview of the Pac-12 Championship game.  I think Stanford is going to be really good this season.

2.Clemson at Louisville, 9/17

If Louisville gets past Auburn in Week 1, this will have added luster.  A good ACC matchup.

1. Oregon at Arizona State, 10/29 (DH)

This should be a fun, mindless game involving two teams that can put up points.  This will be a track meet, and it will serve as a fun, harmless, and entertaining appetizer going into the Cocktail Party weekend.

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