Nick Saban is Full of Shit

About 7 months ago, UGA defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor was arrested for allegedly choking and hitting his girlfriend in a dorm.  Taylor, by the way, is 6’5, 330 lbs.  So, as Mark Richt always does when it comes to violent crimes, kicked Taylor off the team.

About 5 months ago, in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal, Alabama brings in a speaker about domestic violence. 

Way to go Coach Saban.  Trying to be proactive and help educate your players to be better men.  I’m sure the positive PR you program received didn’t come into consideration for this decision.

Fast forward to the present day.

Former UGA defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor was admitted to Alabama and will be eligible to play right away.

Is this decision based on giving a kid a second chance or trying to get a monster defensive lineman?

You really want to know when Georgia’s 2014 season went south?  When Taylor was dismissed.  I’m not saying that the already improved defense would’ve been leaps and bounds better with Taylor, and I’m not saying that Georgia wouldn’t have found a way to follow its formula to lose 3 games.  But I do think that Taylor could have been a difference maker on this team and his presence might have made a difference at some point this season.

I really like the policy Alabama has.  We are going to educate our players and tell them how bad domestic violence is….but….if a great big defensive lineman that can play nose guard for us can come in and help us out, then we’ll look past his troubled past.

Just how disingenuous can you be?  Just when I thought they couldn’t get any more full of shit over in T-Town, I’m proven wrong.



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