First Thoughts on Brian Schottenheimer as OC

News broke yesterday of Brian Schottenheimer’s hiring to replace Mike Bobo as Georgia’s offensive coordinator.’
My response:


I had thought that Georgia would land Mike Bloomgren from Stanford, or Kurt Roper. I had heard Schottenheimer’s name mentioned as a possible candidate, but I didn’t think that would transpire.

But it did, so we have to go from there.

I’m still not sure what to think. I don’t know anything about him, really. I know he has experience in the NFL, but to mixed results. I don’t think lack of success in the NFL is any indicator of what he could do in college. In the NFL, so much is dependent on a competent front office and elite quarterback play. A good coach can get fired because of poor front office decisions (see what just happened with the Falcons).

If he was as mediocre as his resume appears, he wouldn’t be an OC in the NFL for almost 10 years. As good a football coach as there is in Jeff Fisher wouldn’t hired him-nor retained him.

We’ll have to just wait and see.

A lot of people are pointing to his lack of recruiting experience as a reason to be somewhat skeptical, but I’m not all that concerned about that. First off, (presumably) John Lilly and Bryan McClendon are still on staff, and those guys are great recruiters. So not much of a drop off there. And for all of Todd Grantham’s faults, he was a good recruiter himself. Now I believe that recruiting (among other things) has improved under Jeremy Pruitt, but Grantham’s recruiting wasn’t bad. Tray Matthews, Josh Harvey Clemons, Jordan Jenkins, Damian Swann, Leonard Floyd, Jordan Jenkins were all brought in under Grantham.

Sure, he won’t be as good a recruiter as Mike Bobo was, but few people could be.

My main question for Schott (I am tired of typing that long name) will be his scheme. Not the complexity of it, as the case was with Grantham. Quite the opposite: the simplicity.

I don’t watch a lot of the NFL. I watch it some, but not religiously like Georgia, SEC and College Football as a whole. But what I watch it is obvious that everyone does the same things. You could watch almost any two NFL teams (with a few exceptions), and take the jerseys off, and it would look identical. It would be difficult to discern who is who. Everything is done so similar.

Teams run the same offenses, same schemes, etc. It all looks the same.

Can a NFL mind have the capacity for abstract thought?

Look at Sony Michel as an example. He is a special back. I think Chubb is the man, but Michel is a special, unique talent. He is not the kind of back you want to run behind a fullback between the tackles every time he touches the ball. But he is a dangerous weapon. Bobo found ways to utilize his talents-giving him sweeps in motion, Wildcat runs, lining him up as the slot receiver and throwing him the ball, etc.

Will Schott know how to use guys that aren’t the cookie cutter ‘pro-style” guys he finds in the pros?

I like a pro-style offense and am glad that Georgia runs it. I’m not advocating to run some type of gimmicky offense.
But when our offense was really at its most dynamic and when Bobo really showed he was emerging as the elite offensive coordinator in the country, the offense was more than a vanilla pro-style attack. Think back to 2012 and the first part of 2013-the offense would come out in a spread look one series, then be in a power formation the next. Murray was a good enough QB to adapt to the change of pace, and Gurley was a good enough back to be versatile enough to run out of multiple formations.  It was hard to prepare for, since it could all change at any given moment.

I don’t know if that will be the case with Schott. Time will tell. But I saw enough of LSU play to know that an NFL offensive mind can have trouble changing things up to make the offense work. I kept waiting for Les Miles to pull another rabbit from his hat to help his struggling offense at times this season. It never really happened. Mark freaking Richt rolled the dice more than Les Miles this season.

I’m not hating on the hire. I’ve got some questions. We’ll see in about 8 months how it all shakes out.



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