Thoughts On Auburn

A few thoughts on a glorious gameday in Athens…


-Three of the biggest plays of the game didn’t count for anything, but got the crowd ramped up.  I said if Gurley takes his first kick off to the house, the place would come unglued.  I saw the hole open up and he was gone.  Unfortunately, the penalty negated it.  When I saw the flag, I stopped roaring and started cussing, but the electric play still got the fans excited.  The fake punt was the same way.  It was a ballsy play call that showed Georgia was playing to win the game.  Finally, the screen pass that Chubb stepped out-of-bounds on was an awesome run. He lowered his shoulder and delivered the boom.

-The crowd was awesome.  When our fans are committed to creating an electric environment, Sanford Stadium is a great sports venue.  Wish it happened more often.

-Evil Richt > Agressive Richt > Passive Richt.  When Richt coaches to win and not to lose, he is at his best.  I wish we saw this more often, too.

-Mason would have had a monster day if his receivers could have caught the ball.

-I knew Auburn was in trouble when, and I can’t remember exactly the time this happened without looking it up, but they threw the ball on three straight plays to go three and out.  It happened early in the game.  It showed they were taken out of their gameplan.

-Speaking of Auburn….I still think they are a very good team.  The grind of the SEC just caught up to them.  But Malzahn, and I’ve said this before, can’t seem to make good adjustments as the game goes on.  The first series they scored.  When he gets off the script, the in-game adjustments aren’t there.  It hasn’t been as bad as it was when he was the coordinator for Chizik, but we saw that again on Saturday.

-Our offensive line is playing as well as it has since probably 2005 or 2006.

-I’m sure I’ll go more into this later, but it just really, really sucks for Gurley.  Can’t say anything else about it.

-I’m going to say what you all are thinking, but because it hurts too bad, I am only going to say it once:  how in the hell did we lose to Florida?  WTF.

-The irony of Herrara getting an interception when he just should have dropped the ball was not lost on me.

A few more things to talk about later but Saturday was a complete day.  Great tailgating, saw some old friends who I haven’t seen in while, and the Dawgs capped off a great weekend with an awesome performance.

Go Dawgs!




3 Responses to “Thoughts On Auburn”

  1. 1 Bulldawg Bill November 17, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Did anyone else see Auburn as quitting when they went for it on 4th and long from about midfield with around 5 minutes left in the 3rd?? Instead of punting us deep? I get the impression they knew there was no stopping our offense.

  2. 2 dawgdaddy November 17, 2014 at 11:24 am

    I know several of their defensive players were wanting no part of Gurley and Chubb in the 4th quarter, they were tired of getting dragged around or bowled over.

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