A Look At Kentucky

I made a mistake.  I really did.

Like the Georgia defense, I took Florida for granted.  I’m guilty as charged.

Like many of you, I was hoping we would destroy Florida, and thought we might.  But I truly was expecting a hard-hitting and hard-fought game.  I thought Florida could beat us; I absolutely, positively did not think they would beat us.

I thought we’d beat Florida, beat Kentucky, and have a monster game with Auburn under the lights of Sanford Stadium.  I was already thinking of Auburn, taking for granted that Florida could not only whip our ass, but simply beat us.

I’m not going to make that mistake again.  Clearly, our Dawgs aren’t good enough to overlook anyone.

Now, Kentucky is still Kentucky.  Coach Mark Stoops is doing a fine job in Lexington, but they still aren’t quite there yet.

But if anyone  thinks that because the uniform says Georgia and theirs says Kentucky that will be enough to win, well Kentucky will beat us.

They should’ve beaten Florida, beat South Carolina, and then gave Mississippi State all they could handle.

In conference games, Kentucky is only scoring 22 points per game, while Georgia is scoring 35.  That fits about with Georgia’s average of scoring defense in SEC play, which is 26 ppg.  Kentucky is giving up 31 points.

What might be good news, is Kentucky doesn’t run the ball particularly well, 130 ypg in Conference, nor do they stop the run very well.  In conference play Kentucky has gotten gashed for 226 ypg.

Kentucky’s biggest strength is their pass defense, only giving up 183 yards through the air.   Surprisingly, in conference play, Georgia is giving up less than 200 yards per game.  How about that weak secondary?

Two areas I like to look at are penalties and turnover margin.  I think this is a good indicator of if teams are prone to make mental mistakes or shoot themselves in the foot.

Georgia is 1st in the conference in turnover margin, and Kentucky is 3rd.

Kentucky gets more penalties than Georgia…though the difference isn’t all that much.  So these two areas are basically a wash.

It is going to be a cold day Saturday in Lexington.  Good thing Georgia took a trip to Florida to become acquainted with the cold.

It seems this is a good match up for Georgia to get right…but Georgia can’t afford not to take this game seriously.






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