What I Was Thinking

The Senator posted something that I had been thinking also.

In 2011, Florida was still in Muschamp’s first year, and Coach Richt was presumably coaching for his job.  He went for it on 4th down twice that led to touchdowns, and threw it to Chris Conley on 3rd and medium.  As Gary Danielson pointed out in the TV broadcast, those decisions are ones you make when you have to win.  It was a gutsy call that basically iced the game.  Had the pass gone incomplete-and Murray had something like 9 straight incompletions, you have stopped the clock for Florida.

Richt is at his best when he is either coaching with aggression and a chip on his shoulder-think Evil Richt-or has a shut down defense that can’t be scored upon.

In Jacksonville, one coach who was coaching for his job threw all caution to the wind, attempted a risky play, and it galvanized his team and completely turned momentum.  Another coach was playing too conservatively, and trying not to lose.  When it was all said and done, playing not to lose was what made the team lose.

No lofty goals are in place.  To even make it back to Atlanta, Georgia needs to beat Auburn and Kentucky AND have Missouri lose to mediocre Tennessee, Arkansas or Texas A&M.

I hope Coach Richt finds the aggression needed to get us 10 regular season wins, and not the conservative nature that will get us to 7 or 8.



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