The Best Case Scenario Is The Big Picture

It appears Georgia wasn’t as good as we all thought we were after blanking Missouri and pasting Arkansas.  I’m convinced we aren’t as bad as it looked against Florida.  So where do we go from here?

Of course, the best case scenario would be to have crazy 2007-type things continue to happen, and Georgia somehow backdoor its way not only to the SEC Championship but the Playoff.  I’m not going to kid myself to think that is a possibility, but if we are going to talk best case scenarios, then I guess that is it.

The most realistic best case situation would be to find a way to beat Kentucky and Tech, keep it close against Auburn, and win the Bowl game to go something like 9-4 or 10-3.

I guess, considering that UGA had to replace a legend at QB with someone who can’t consistently make the SEC throws, had its receiving and running back corps depleted due to injury and other “issues”, and were trying to break in a new defense without a secondary…I guess you couldn’t be all that upset.

If this scenario plays out, when I am soul searching in April and May, I can take an honest look and not be too disappointed after the emotional reaction wanes. At least that is what I’m hoping.

But don’t get me wrong.  I’m upset.  Coach Richt and I aren’t on good terms right now, and I might be his biggest fan.  I’m as close to hopping onboard the “Fire Mark Richt” bandwagon as I’ve ever been.  When you’ve lost Corbindawg, you’ve lost the Bulldawg Nation.

I’m at a fragile state right now, and after a couple of nights sleep on the game I’m trying to reconcile everything and look at the big picture.  I’m a big picture guy, but it is hard.

I’m in a dark place.

The worst possible situation would be for the team to faceplant and to have to make a change at head coach.

Many of you out there would probably love for that to happen, but let’s use our noggins.  We have two excellent coordinators, and most importantly, an outstanding recruiting class lined up.  Defense is the biggest problem area on the team, and while Pruitt is a great coordinator, he doesn’t have the horses.  This class should address that.  Of the 23 commitments, 12 are defensive players, and 7 are defensive linemen.   The Dawgs have also have commitments from some VHT WR, OL, and the star of the class is big boy Trenton Thompson from Albany.

If things go south, I can’t say right now where I’d be at.  But I do know this.  There is about to be an infusion of talent.  Talent that can come in and help right away and be major contributors for the next couple of years.  There is an investment here, and there might be a payoff soon.







5 Responses to “The Best Case Scenario Is The Big Picture”

  1. 1 So. IL Dawg November 4, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Great points. I see us winning out. That stadium will be electric when Gurley comes back; so beating Auburn is definitely a possibility. this team remembers what happened last year. We owe them big time. Hopefully, the Dawgs can use the game in Jax to motivate them for the rest of the year. Win out and see what happens. there’s still a ton of football with plenty of upsets yet to happen. I’m pulling for MIss St. to be undefeated when they face an angry UGA team in Atlanta.

  2. 2 Brandon November 4, 2014 at 9:36 am

    All this could happen… but IF we back our way into Atlanta again don’t be surprised if we come out with the same result as 2011/2012. We are just not that good this year. After replacing 3 starting OL, a QB who holds virtually every major SEC passing record, and an entire defensive backfield… (and returning starters from one of the worst D’s in the country) an entirely new staff….6-2 aint that bad. Now I’m not making any excuse for that bed $hitting that just happened Saturday in Jax, that was inexcusable… but firing the head coach over one lousy performance after two masterful ones is borderline crazy talk. Let Pruitt get his guys on D and lets actually get some talent back in the cupboard before jumping off the bridge just yet. Most people saw this team preseason as 9-3 or 8-4. Why has that changed so drastically now especially after our heisman leading RB was suspended for 4 games? Pour the kool – aid down the drain and lets enjoy what we’ve got for the last month of the season… its too short as it is. GO DAWGS

  3. 4 BobbyJoe November 4, 2014 at 10:20 am

    I feel like we let our expectations jump up just because we beat a bad Mizzou team and an Arkansas team that hasn’t beaten an SEC team in two years. We don’t have the same stable of running backs that we had in Sept. We don’t have a good QB, decent, but not good. Decent might even be too nice. Our defense is better and showing signs of improvement, but we shouldn’t have expected them to just crush souls. And for as good as Bobo has been I feel like he owes Murray a very sincere thank you card. The cocktail party was the first game of the season where Florida didn’t shit all over themselves and they ended up winning. Still have a good shot at winning 10 regular season games. If we win out and beat those assholes from the plains and the gnats I’ll be happy with the results of the season once we are looking back at it in June.

  4. 5 paul November 5, 2014 at 10:32 am

    Let’s assume absolute best case scenario. Georgia wins out. Missouri loses another game. Georgia goes to the SEC Championship and wins. We’re still not getting into the final four with two loses. We wouldn’t get in with two loses to decent teams. But with two loses to crappy teams, which is what we have, we especially ain’t getting in. Period.

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