Taking The Show On The Road

I’m excited about getting down to the Cocktail Party.  My wife has been under the weather, but she is healed now and we are ready to go.  We are dropping the baby off with Grandma, and we are looking forward to a fun grown up weekend.

Anytime you can see the Dawgs play is a glorious thing, but the trip of Georgia-Florida weekend is extra special.

Since my freshman year in 2003, I’ve been to every game except 2009 and 2011, when I was so pissed off at the previous years’ results I refused to go back down.

The games are fun.  The atmosphere in the stadium is so unique.  There ain’t nothing better than walking out of there victors.  And there is nothing worse than walking out a loser.

The tailgates are fun.  Sometimes, a little too fun.

Ok, most times.

Ok, every time.

Everyone has their own traditions and things they do every year.  Things you look forward to.

This year, our normal crowd has been whittled down.  Many of the regulars and friends you might only see at the GA/FL tailgate aren’t going down this year.  New jobs out of state, babies, and other obligations are keeping many of our crew off the banks fo the St. John’s River.

Don’t worry.  Granite and I will do our part.  What seems like we do every year, Granite and I will leave SSI early Saturday monring, meet up with everyone in our caravan at the gas station on the Jekyll exit, and then caravan together to our tailgate spot in one of the sketchiest places in the state of Florida.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’m traveling around the state with work the rest of the week, and heading out early Friday morning to SSI.

I’m going to go ahead and pack my bags tonight.  I’m ready to get down there.

Are you?

Go Dawgs!



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