Georgia Needs To Make A Statement In Jacksonville

Like I said last week, I would happy with a one point win Saturday, but I really want blood.

Georgia is beginning to get the attention of the national pundits as a contender for the playoff.

I know this is a rivalry game, both teams will play hard, the Gators will play for their coach, blah, blah, blah. I’m not thinking we will go down there and step on their throat, although I’d love to see it. I am expecting another too close for comfort game.

But really. If the Dawgs are truly in the conversation for bigger plans outside another Florida bowl in early January, this is a game that Georgia not only needs to win, but needs to win big.

Rivalry game or not, a team with the talent this Georgia team has should beat a hapless team like Florida convincingly. If it was Georgia vs. Team X without the name on the uniform, the expectation Georgia should have is win this game walking away.

It needs to happen for our psyche.

But it also needs to happen to prove Georgia is ready to play and be mentioned among the elite.



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