Time To Start Hating The Gators

It is never too early to start hating the Gators, and we have a bye week to hate them extra.

Currently, Coach Richt is 46-24 against Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Clemson and South Carolina.

1/3 of the losses to the main rivals have come at the hands of the Gators.  Coach Richt is only 5-8 against Florida, but Georgia has gone 5-5 in the last 10 games. It now has a chance to go 6-5 over the last 11. The narrative in Jacksonville has changed. It is glorious.  Sure, there were some stinkers in there, but the Dawgs have now erased the nightmare that was the 1990s. The ghost of Steve Spurrier is forgotten.

If Mark Richt never gets his National Title, one thing he can hang his hat on is the ability to beat his rivals, and for also turning around Georgia’s fortunes in the Cocktail Party.

The largest margin of vicory for Georgia over that span was the 2007 victory. Georgia overwhelmed the Gators 42-30 in one of the most fun football games I’ve ever attended.

The 2004 game was a closer game than it should have been. The lame duck Zook Gators put up a good fight but David Greene and company over matched the Gators 31-24.

The 2011 team won a hard fought game and was just the tougher team, fighting a 24-20 win.

In 2012, the most important win for Coach Richt in the series, two heavy weight teams slugged it out with Georgia winning a close 17-9 game over the #2 ranked Gators and all but clinched the SEC East and a trip to the de facto National Championship game against Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

Last season, the injury-riddled Georgia team raced out to a 23-3 halftime lead over the injury-riddled Florida team, then had to hold on to a 23-20 win.

The last three games, the margin of victory for the Bulldogs has been a combined 15 points.

Needless to say, the games have been tough. Even when Georgia was losing a lot this decade, the Cocktail Party has been a low-scoring, close affair. 9 times since 2002, the game has been decided by a touchdown or less. The 2007 game was the most lopsided victory for the Dawgs with 12 points, and 2009 and 2009 were big wins for the Gators, winning 49-10 and 41-17, respectively.

I’m a child of the 1990s, so I’m not going to complain for one minute about the close games victories. A win is a win. I’ve been to Jacksonville 9 times since my freshman year in 2003. 4 of those times I’ve walked out of Alltel Stadium a winner. It makes the long, hung over drive home Sunday much better those 4 times than the 5 times you lose.

I don’t expect the Gators to roll over and take a whipping without a fight November 1. The only thing they can hope to do this season is ruin their rivals’ season. So any W is going to be sweet.

But I must say, I want to destroy the Gators. I want to beat them unmercifully. I want this to be an huge ass whippin’. Because during this stretch of wins, the only thing Georgia hasn’t done was whip the Gators like they have whipped us so many times.

Last year was the year for payback. It didn’t happen.

This season, I want blood.

I want Florida fans to ask themselves the same thing I have (and you all have too at some point) leaving Everbank Field/Alltel Stadium:

Why do I keep coming down here?

I want it to hurt.


1 Response to “Time To Start Hating The Gators”

  1. 1 HirsuiteDawg October 22, 2014 at 10:26 am

    One point win would be great! A hundred point win wouldn’t be enough

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