NCAA HAS To #FreeGurley

So my Twitter feed has been blowing up this morning on the news that UGA has sent its reinstatement request to the NCAA.  It appears the school has uncovered all the evidence it needs and will be at the mercy of the NCAA to determine if the 2 game suspension was enough.

I think this means Gurley will be back for the Florida game.  Why would the NCAA not approve his reinstatement?

Think about it.  The NCAA has lost its battle in the court of public opinion.  There are probably more people out there that view President Obama more favorably than the NCAA.  That organization has been kicked around so much lately, would they really want another black eye on their already tarnished reputation?

Georgia suspended him for two games.  Why would the NCAA further punish him?  They don’t need anymore arrows slung their way.



2 Responses to “NCAA HAS To #FreeGurley”

  1. 1 Tuxedodawg October 22, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Totally agree. Plus, I believe that UGA’s front office would not submit this paperwork without knowing it would be well received on the other end. They’re too thoughtful to expose Gurley to further punishment.

  2. 2 Dawg19 October 22, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    Because the NCAA has never forgiven Georgia for suing them in the 80’s over television rights and winning. They gladly gave AJ a four-game suspension and I expect nothing less in this situation. I hate to be a pessimist on this but the NCAA is not run by reasonable people.

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