SEC Races Will Go Down To Wire

With all due respect to South Carolina, Kentucky or Florida, who aren’t technically eliminated from the SEC Eastern Division race, I think it is very safe to say that  Missouri and Georgia are the only teams who have a chance to make a return trip back to Atlanta.

Georgia has three conference games left-vs Florida, at Kentucky, and Auburn.

Missouri has five conference games left-Vanderbilt, Kentucky, at Texas A&M, at Tennessee, Arkansas.

While Missouri is capable of losing one or two of their remaining 5 games, Georgia is capable of losing one or more of their remaining three games. So to say the East is locked down is still quite premature, although either Missouri or Georgia will be playing an Alabama or Mississippi school in Atlanta.

At this point, I think I give the nod to the Georgia Bulldogs. I think it is safe to assume victories against Florida and Kentucky, with Auburn being the tossup. I can assume Missouri victories over Vanderbilt and Kentucky, with A&M, Tennessee and Arkansas being toss up games. The latter group of teams all look beatable for Missouri. However, Missouri could lose any number of those games. If Missouri wins out, and Georgia loses again, Missouri goes back to Atlanta. It is just too murky to tell.

Over in the Central Time Zone, things are even more muddled.  Auburn looks the least likely to make it to Atlanta. The Tigers have road tests against Alabama, Georgia and Ole Miss.

Ole Miss has to play at LSU, Auburn, at Arkansas and Mississippi State. Ole Miss should dispatch the Bayou Bengals this weekend.

Alabama has to get by LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn. Don’t cout out the Crimson Tide to run the table.

Mississippi State has Arkansas, Auburn and Ole Miss.

So really, at this point, it is still up in the air.

If you had to put a gun to my head and make me offer a prediction, I would say that it will be Georgia and Ole Miss in Atlanta. Ole Miss can lose to Auburn and beat Mississippi State and still get in. Of course, Mississippi State can lose to Alabama and still get in by winning the Egg Bowl. Based on their athletic defense, I will give the nod to Ole Miss. Slightly.

Two things are certain. Nothing is for certain and this is going to be an exciting final 6 weeks of the season. Holy Cow!



1 Response to “SEC Races Will Go Down To Wire”

  1. 1 So. IL Dawg October 21, 2014 at 10:35 am

    I’m not so sure Ole Miss wins in death valley on Sat. LSU is much improved with Fournette running the ball and the defense is starting to play better.

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