Now, Mason Is The Best Choice

Hutson Mason went 22/28 with 156 yards passing and 1 TD with 0 interceptions against Missouri. This was an outstanding performance for the embattled quarterback.   Throwing it nearly 30 times, while completing ~78% of passes and 0 picks is quite impressive.   He deserves kudos for a great performance.

I came out strong a couple of weeks ago against Mason. Once you come out that strong, it is hard to go back on it.   I’ve been wrong before, and I’m not afraid to say when I was wrong.  Matter of fact, I still stand firmly behind what I said.  I still believe, despite the excellent performance Saturday, that at some point over the course of the season your quarterback is going to have to stretch the field and win a game for you.  I still don’t think Mason can do that.

But something different has happened. With Todd Gurley out of the mix for an undetermined amount of time, Mason becomes the best option. With Gurley, Brice Ramsey could learn his way with the best player in America to help take the pressure off.   Without Gurley, Mason is needed to be the field general and game manager.

Basically, someone to be there who knows what the hell they are doing.

So while I still believe what I said a couple of weeks ago, and nothing Mason has done changed my mind, with the changing situation Mason is the currently the best option we have.

So far, so good.



4 Responses to “Now, Mason Is The Best Choice”

  1. 1 hometeamdawg October 13, 2014 at 10:49 am

    I also came to this realization this weekend. We may not be able to make a team defend the field beyond 30 yards vertically, but we can make them defend it sideline to sideline and up the middle. We just need MM and JSW to present the fear of a short to medium pass that can be turned into a homerun. HM is unquestionably the QB.

  2. 2 Earl October 13, 2014 at 11:09 am

    I have been proven right, the team just wins more with Hutson Mason at Qb than they did with AMurray. I think we were 4-3 after 7 games last year right? What, 6-1 now? Gurley, no Gurley, doesn’t matter to Hutson. I’d argue Hutson played better without Gurley. Never was true of AMurray, who fell apart without Gurley like last year vs Mizzou with AMurray’s 3 turnovers.

    Consider in 2 years with Gurley, AMurray never averaged more than 36 points per game, where Hutson is at 43 points per game. Why? He’s more accurate, and he turns the ball over less, knows the offense better, and is more poised in big games.

    He has gone up vs 2 top 25 pass defenses, and is 2-0 vs both.

    vs ranked teams, he is No 4 in accuracy, No 1 in turnovers.

    When Gurley goes down, he responds by having the best game of his life, and puts up a No 4 in nation quarterback rating:

    He is now No 28 in qbr rating in the nation.

    And he is 5-1 in 2014.

    Nice to see you on the Hutson Mason bandwagon.

  3. 3 Austen Bannan October 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    I think I agree. I’d still give Ramsey one or two meaningful drives where we can test out the vertical game, but I feel slightly better about Mason for now. With a healthy Chubby, Michel, and Marshall, however, I think our running attack would still be strong enough without Gurley to give Ramsey more playing time. Bauta wouldn’t be terrible as an option either, as we could really turn into a bit of an option read running juggernaut.

  4. 4 BrownHat October 13, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Been impressed with Mason, love his leadership, no game was bigger to lock the East up and here we were w/o Gurley and Boom, Hutson shows up and completes 78% of his passes, on the road, vs a ranked team. Amazing. Love the way this offense just scores, hitting over 43 points a game. but wow, w/o Gurley? 34 points and complete cool? Amazing. Been a while since we had a Qb play like that in big games, maybe Shokley or Greene. I smell and SEC Championship, but we gotta get past Arky, Florida & Auburn first But no doubt, everybody is now a Hutson Mason fan.

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