Has the Secondary Become the New Offensive Line?

For years and years, it has seemed that the offensive line was the one position that has always plauged Georgia.  Beginning in 2007, every year it seems that we are just one catostraphic injury away from being in serious trouble on the 0-line.  In 2009, Georgia was best in the SEC in sacks allowed.  In 2011, Georgia was near dead last in the Conference with 33 sacks.  Of course, Murray detractors point to him not being very good as a reason why he threw so many interceptions that season, and not to the fact he was under constant duress.  Injuries, attrition, and just not recruiting well

However, it seems that this season Georgia’s offensive line is playing much better than normal.  Having a special back like Todd Gurley makes the running game look stronger, and of course we don’t throw it much so therefore there are less opportunities for sacks, but I’ve been overall pleased with the line play.

It seems now that the secondary has become the booger bear.  In the 2012 season, things were so dire becuase of suspensions that Connor Norman was your starting safety at Missouri and Malcolm Mitchell had to start the season at corner.  Last season the lumps they took are well documented.  None of the starters outside Damian Swann are back from last season, and it clearly shows.  Injuries, (LOTS of) attrition, and not recruiting well have brought us to this point.



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