But, They Don’t Have Gurley

I was thinking about the Missouri game last night as I was driving home from a late night meeting.  Somewhere around McDonough, I had a moment of clarity.

Missouri couldn’t beat a mediocre Big 10 team without Todd Gurley.

How can they beat a mediocre SEC team with Todd Gurley?

Missouri gave up 241 yards rushing to Indiana, and the Hoosiers’ leading rusher Tevin Coleman had 19 carries and 132 yards (6.9).  He even broke a long run of 49 yards. 

Now, I watch as much college football as my wife and 2-year-old will allow.  Admittedly, I can say I had no clue who Indiana’s leading rusher was in that game before going back and looking at the box score.  So this may be an ignorant statement since I’ve never seen Coleman play, but I can all but guarantee you he isn’t as good as Gurley.

Georgia is playing good football in areas that have traditionally plagued us.  We are one of the fewest penalized teams in the league, we are on the plus side of turnover margin (about equal with Missouri), and our OFFENSIVE line is doing a good job in run blocking and pass protection (only given up 6 sacks).

Just looking through some of the stats at http://www.cfbstats.com, Georgia and Missouri pretty even statistically.

Both teams have a single bad loss.  Georgia lost to South Carolina, who is losing to everyone.  Missouri’s lone loss was to Indiana, which was beaten by Bowling Green.

Missouri had to struggle to beat South Carolina.  Georgia really struggled, but was successful, in losing to South Carolina.

The difference in this game should be Todd Gurley.  Both teams are very even.  It is on the road, but it is an early kick off, so that is a wash, too.

Georgia has Todd Gurley.  Missouri doesn’t.  Georgia should win simply because of that.





1 Response to “But, They Don’t Have Gurley”

  1. 1 Bulldawg Bill October 8, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Ignorant …but accurate!!

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